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A friend of mine, internet marketer, and an all over nice guy, is starting a brand new business. It is to create a promotional package for people who want to be considered experts in any field.

What he is doing could be incredibly valuable. What he is doing is this: giving people a chance to get to clarity. 1

Clarity about what? you ask…

Clarity about who you are… because unless you are clear about that, everything will be filtered through some kind of delusion.

the-opposite-of-clarity-morassAs long as you view yourself as not good enough, not what people expect, not what people like… you are not going to get any clarity. Until the Real Self and the Fake Self connect, you will live at the mercy of the “world”, of people, who are judgmental, and self-serving.

You will be a beggar, begging for attention, acknowledgment, appreciation, and success.

When the two Selves connect through the Unconditional Love of one Self to the Other Self, you are able to live life through your Real Self. You get virtually independent of the horizontal plane, the others/ You can get clear on what YOU want, what you are about, what you intend to do with your life.

  • Clarity of what’s important to you.
  • Clarity of what direction you want to go
  • Clarity of how much you are willing to risk, give up, etc. to get what you desire.

One huge step towards clarity

clarityOne huge step towards clarity, for me, was when I started to look who I enjoy to be with, who I enjoy to talk to. The crucial question to ask: would you enjoy having lunch with this person? Or you can ask: what kind of person do I ENJOY having lunch with.

Do you want to listen to what they have to say? Or are you talking the whole time?

Just looking at that one thing, the lunch thing, clarified a lot for me. I like interesting people who like to talk about more than themselves, their problems, etc. People who contribute to me, who widen my horizons. And definitely people who don’t want to sell me on anything.

I was thinking: what kind of person would be like that? And then, instead of looking for a “yes”, I started to look: who wouldn’t be like that… People who are sick only talk about that. People who are unsure of themselves, only talk about their successes, etc.

Often the “no’s” are clearer than the yes’s.

As an aside, as I am writing this, it occurred to me that all the mindset gurus, all the Law of attraction people emphasize that you should concentrate on the yes’s, and have a clear picture in your mind.

I have never been able to do that. In my world it is much much easier to know what you don’t like, what you don’t want, what kind of being you are not attracted to.

The next step about clarity

And that takes me to my next step about clarity: I have a direction: I want to live a life where I am in growth, that is interesting and full of challenges, but not the kind of challenges where I need to survive dealing with dorks, bores, and complainers. Challenges that grow me.

What I do in that life? Almost immaterial, but being able to use my innate strengths is a good component to include.

You see how I am attempting to get to becoming clear? Tweaking, I call it.


There is no instant clarity

There is no instant clarity, or if there is, it is almost always a wrong move, mind-based.

This process to move towards clarity is pretty much by feel… I don’t use my mind to get there. When I do, maybe it is personal, but when I do, I get cocky, and overconfident. It happened to me a few weeks ago, and it almost completely destroyed my Amazon business. I still haven’t even began to recover from it.

The mind and clarity: clarity is NOT a mind thing!

Now, there is another aspect to clarity that is worth mentioning: the mind wants you to be crystal clear before you start doing anything. Doesn’t it? Much procrastination comes from that.

So, to avoid that, I start to do something, I start, tentatively, move in one direction, do some steps, do some exploration, and watch. It is much like fishing. You probe and you probe and you probe. The ones that like probing catch a lot of fish. The ones that lead with their minds, sit there all day, or give up too early.

One more thing: you can see that I had no clarity when I started this article: I didn’t know what exactly I wanted to tell you. What does this mean?

Clarity is a distinction

Let me teach you something: clarity is a distinction. As I said before, when you put a distinction as the focus of inquiry for your life, when you put this distinction as the backdrop/context of your life until you see it enough that you will recognize it even in the dark, stuff that you never expected to show up will show up.

ClarityCloudMostly what will surprise you is the stuff that comes out from the invisible: either in your blind spot, or in the “I didn’t know that I didn’t know”.

All power comes from the invisible

Now, the most important stuff that came up in this inquiry, for me, just a second ago, is this long forgotten Landmark distinction: resolving breakdowns.

My natural inclination, or we would be more precise to say, my machine’s natural inclination is to go discouraged when something doesn’t go according to plan, according to expectation.

It is a difficult place to recover from. It feels like you have lost, it’s over, and you’ll never mount to anything, no matter how many people think you are great (in my case, lol).

It is machine-like, I don’t have to decide to go there… it is a default.

I have screwed up something in my Amazon business, I got overconfident, I didn’t look before I leapt, and now I am in trouble, I am not selling much, but more importantly, I landed in my default state: discouraged, deflated, etc.

The Landmark distinction that came up, as a result of this inquiry about clarity is called “resolving breakdowns”.

Resolving Breakdowns

clarityIt says: breakdowns are a function of a commitment. Meaning: unless you had a commitment to a certain outcome, you won’t experience breakdowns, you’ll experience devastation…

I looked, and I found my commitment: to be able to reach millions of people with my energy remedies. Oh, ok, so I had a breakdown. hm… what does that mean?

It means, that when you had a breakdown, a setback, you can go back to the drawing board with the original commitment (instead of what everyone wants to do, fix the problem) and start over.

  1. In my case: what is the commitment. Millions exposed to energy remedies
  2. what is the plan? What is the possibility? Making enough money from this business to be able to be financially independent.
  3. What is the proof that it is possible? Lots of people make money with the methods I learned, and lots of people sell products for the issues I have a product for… so it is possible to sell well with good marketing
  4. What is the course of action I need to take? Start marketing all the products as if they were new… and for that I have a method.

No more despair, no more discouragement, I know what to do.

And this is what I call clarity… Clarity is a really good thing. It is not independent of your languaging, if you don’t say you are clear, you probably can’t see that you are.


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  1. Clarity is tricky. You need to be on a high level of vibration, with a high level of awareness to have clarity. It is much like being able to be in the middle of stuff and at the same time have the bird’s eye view, so you can see the map, the environment, that is so hard to see in the middle of things. This is the real bi-location, that any human being can do, you don’t need any mystical experience… lol. It is just that a different aspect of you is doing the two kinds of looking. Simple. Elegant. Worth learning it.

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