The Unexamined Life Begins With The Unwillingness To Ask Tough Questions… Do You Know How To Ask Tough Questions?

asking questions is a sign of a good brain Here are 15 questions. They are not easy questions. It will take a little looking, a little pondering to answer them. Maybe even asking others… when the question asks for that.

I have some 50 more where these came from… at a later date I’ll publish those too.

    1. Am I aware that someone always has it worse than me? Or do I keep my attention on what I don’t have? Can I turn this around?
    2. Am I cheap? As in “cheap bastard.” Who am I cheap with? Am I cheap with myself?

  1. Am I doing what I really want to do? Do I really want to do what I do? Is it fulfilling? Am I really good at it? Am I giving 100%?
  2. Am I greedy? As in “wanting what belongs to others” leaving them with nothing?
  3. Am I healthy? As in vibrant, energetic, peaceful, expanding, and light-hearted?
  4. Am I honest? With others and in myself? Or do I consider twisting the truth, not talking about what isn’t true “not lying?”
  5. Am I negative? As in seeing what is wrong with people, myself, with life, with society, with government, with corporations, with the weather, with my landlord, with… If you can find just one wrong thing about any of them… consider that answer yes. 🙂
  6. Am I nice? Do I consider another’s feelings in my dealings with them? Am I too nice? Maybe even a nice machine?
  7. Am I open-minded? Can I master my judging and left brain tendencies long enough to at least hear and get what others are trying to say?
  8. Am I positive? I mean, am I expecting the best of myself and other people, or am I looking in the past and bad experience to conjure up the memories of what to expect?
  9. Am I satisfied with my appearance? Do others agree with me?
  10. Am I selfish? I mean in a healthy way: wanting the make the most of myself to make the most impact on the world?
  11. Am I successful? And if I am (or am not) whose measure did I use to determine that? Is being successful a function of the past or of the future?
  12. Do I annoy others? Did they say that? Or did I make that up?
  13. Do I ask enough questions? And if I do, are my questions to make certain that’s what I am thinking is correct, or is there real curiosity involved? And when people answer: am I interested in what they have to say?

Go for it. Ponder, think. Thinking is good for you. Get out of your tiny box.
And if you don’t mind, share. Share below. If you are generous, of course.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

3 thoughts on “The Unexamined Life Begins With The Unwillingness To Ask Tough Questions… Do You Know How To Ask Tough Questions?”

  1. Gleaning insight into myself asking these questions and answering them honestly.

  2. Have you read The Examined Life by Stephen Grosz? I found it a really good read and would be interested in your views. It is based on stories about people who have visited the author, a psychoanalyst. Quite eye opening what runs through people’s heads. Best wishes.

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