More Tough Questions for Self-Examination. Promised Results? Awakening? Quickening?


  1. Do I care about others? Do I pretend to care about others? Do I consider them human beings with the same rights as myself?
  2. Do I care what others think about me? Do I care too much what others think about me? Did I lose my sense of what I want because I care about what others think about me? Do others, in spite of me catering to what I think they want me to do, be, or have, ignore me, mistreat me, dump on me, criticize me?
  3. Do I complain? Sometimes? Or all the times? Do I think that if I complain enough life will change? People will change? I will change?
  4. Do I constantly dwell on the past? Compare now and the future with the past. Wonder if things are improving or deteriorating? Did I have an experience where I got stuck? Either because I did well, or because I did poorly?
  5. Do I donate enough to the less fortunate? Do I look who to donate to, or take my leftover, unused trash to the closest place that accepts it? Do I care about anyone other than myself?
  6. Do I forgive myself? For all the things I didn’t do. And for all the things I did do… and I am now ashamed of it?
  7. Do I have fun? I mean regularly. As a way of living life? Or do I do what most people do: have fun to be an event, an obsession, to make normal life bearable?
  8. Do I help others? Do I ever help for the sake of helping? Do I ever help because it’s an opportunity to learn something? Do I care how my help is received? What is my agenda in helping? And what is my justification when I don’t help?
  9. Do I hold grudges? I mean, do I eat the poison that I want those people to eat? If I am lucky it kills me fast, and then they will be crying…
  10. Do I judge others? Do I have an opinion about everyone? Do I think people are evil? Do I keep my attention on them, at the expense of everything else?
  11. Do I let other people’s negativity affect me? Because other people are negative, no question about that. I would never rain on anyone’s parade, but they do. They, they, they…
  12. Do I listen to my heart? And I don’t just mean check if I am still alive… lol. I mean do I do things against my “better judgment” where no one deserves anything from me, those bastards?
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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

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