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Here is an identity, a life script I have been a slave to.

I am up against impossible odds… and yet I can win. Look a me! Look at me!

It’s both funny and tragic.

It was pointed out to me back 1987, but I wasn’t ready to get it.

I KNOW that if you look first, look at what is there to do, the layout, the situation, then the success is almost certain.

But where is the fun!? Screams the identity. Let’s make it hard and let’s win against impossible odds!

But no matter how smart you are, if you jump in without first looking, your chances for winning are only 30%, depending of course on the difficulty of the game.

Life could have been easy for me. But that early decision that fun is ONLY when you arrive bloodied and barely alive at the gate would not have it.

And like a good little slave bunny, I have been doing everything the identity, my slave driver tells me.

My middle name should be ‘Overcoming’. What you need to know about me is I manufacture obstacles to overcome… so I can be that Overcoming hero.

In that fight between the kid and the sumo wrestler, I am really the sumo wrestler, and circumstances are that kid…

Life is not that hard. You do your part and the waters of the Red Sea (Reed Sea?) open.

When I look at the many students I have ever trained, the number among them that was willing to do their part mirrors the situation in the world: there is the 1000 and then there is the eight billion.

Every person deals with the life script they decided on… and the nature of every life script is, interestingly, to do something other than your part. Pretend, complain, play possum, avoid responsibility.

So the one person who muscletest says is doing what is theirs to do is someone who maybe had one interaction with me, so I have no idea who that person is.

So yeah. Life is easy if and when you do what is yours to do.

And counter to what you think, you can do what is yours to do.

It takes two to tango. You are the one… life, others, tasks are the other.

Dance is a dance when you adjust your steps to there is grace, ease, and DANCE.

Just please know: how you have been ‘doing’ it is not it. Dance cannot be scripted. Also, dance cannot be all about you. Dance is not a fix…

Dance is a lot like marshal arts…

If you pretend, posture, or try to win every move, you lose.
If you are rigid… you lose.

Dance. Pull when you feel like pushing.

PS: Just identifying that I play life this way is starting to at least giving me a choice. Hardest thing I have ever done.

PPS: you don’t know what is yours to do? Here is a little help…

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