You’ve Answered Some Tough Questions… But These Are Tougher Yet, Leading To An Examined Life


The feedback has been great on the tough questions. So here is another bunch.
Asking questions for the examined life... Great stuff.

    1. Do I listen to others? What do they have to say about that? Am I listening to how what they say fit? Am I listening to what they are up to this time? Am I listening if I agree or not? Am I really listening or just waiting for them to finish so I can speak?
    2. Do I pray only when I want something? Do I see people only when I need or what something? Do I think only of myself? Do I think of prayer as a food order at McDonald's?

  1. Do I procrastinate? Or just putting off things? Do things pile up around me? Dreams, plans, aspirations... in a pile of broken dreams?
  2. Do I read enough? Other than the sports papers. Other than the gossip papers. Other than other people's blogs. Do I ever finish a book? Or do I have piles of books... that I had no patience to read the whole thing?
  3. Do I smile more than I frown? It's not your fault, you say? Is the world a nasty place and unless you frown it may get worse? Are you one of those people that make sure the world knows that it could be better?
  4. Do I spend enough time with my family? Do I spend too much time with my family? Do I have a life independent of my family? Do I have an identity, a personality, an aspiration for my own life, for my own expansion, for my own relationship with life?
  5. Do I stand up for myself? Or do I allow other people to walk all over me? Do I choose where to eat, what to eat, or do I follow other people's lead slavishly? Do I behave as if I were as important, as valid as other people, or do I act out a script that says I am less than and then sulk?
  6. Do I surround myself with good people? Or am I looking for people that will look up to me, so I don't have to get bigger? Smarter? More educated? Better?
  7. Do I take risks? Or am I walking in the middle of the road, always the same thing... that after I die people will say: here goes someone who didn't make waves and didn't live... not really?
  8. Do I take time out for myself? Or am I the last person I will take time for? Is that because if I took time for myself then I would have to, maybe, produce something or make something of myself?
  9. Do I thank people enough? Or do I only notice what I do for people? Do I consider that my contribution is more important than theirs? That they owe me but I don't owe them? Am I afraid to thank they because then they would know that I have noticed what they have given me, and now it's my turn to do or give something?

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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