How Does The Universe Get To You? Are You A Truth, A Beauty, Or A Goodness Person?

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the triangle is the truth, the circle is the beauty, the heart is the goodnessI’ve been weeping for an hour or so. It is the tears of the soul.

The trigger: thinking of Billy Elliot, well known to many: where the spirit had a chance to fully express itself through a human: a rare phenomenon: we seem to have a hard time hearing the gently nudging of the spirit. By spirit I really mean the soul: I use the words interchangeably. In Hebrew: ruah, neshama, nefesh: they are different states of the same soul: expressing where the soul is with regards to its correction, with regards to becoming like God. 4

The other movie is “Together,” a 2002 Chinese movie about a young violinist, whose father, tirelessly grooms him and pushes him to be a top performer. We, together with the boy, find out that his father is not his father. The man who brought him up since he was a few days old found him at a train station with a violin next to him. He searched for the mother in vain, and he took it on himself to bring up the boy the way the mother seemed to have asked him: to become a violinist. 5

We never find out the story behind the story, but the boy gets accepted for training by a top teacher in the capital, and is scheduled to do a huge public concert with a real orchestra.

Instead of going to perform, he allows the other student to fulfill her destiny and he, instead, goes to see his father out, who is going back to his village, now his “job” fulfilled, without him.

He plays to him at the train station. It is violent, it is magnificent, and it doesn’t make sense.

At least it didn’t make sense until today.

Actors are told what to do and not what to feel, and as an empath I felt nothing magnificent in the young actors’ feelings, so it left me confused.

Until today: I got that what he was doing is expressing his gratitude. For his life, for his chance to fulfill his destiny, for his soul to be fulfilled.

And with that act, allowing another to be in the limelight and saying thank you to his father, he fulfilled his correction as well.

And the third movie is Departures… a 2008 Japanese movie, that shows that your life’s passion, the way you serve life can be off-kilter… but pursuing that which calls to you leaves you happy, fulfilled, and a whole human being. 6

I have some more weeping to do… lol

The above was a “demonstration” of how the Universe moves you.

What do I mean my moving you?

What brings you to tears, to awe, to gratitude, to solemnity? That’s what I mean.

When you look at humanity, or any one human being, there are three ways to get to them… push their mushy button:

  1. through truth.
  2. through beauty
  3. through goodness.

Each person has a major way to be accessed, i.e. moved, and maybe a secondary way.

I am a 90% goodness moved person. The truth and goodness is just detectable.

Most of the people that congregate around me are like me. Why? because each “mode of access” has its language. I can barely get through to beauty and truth people.

I lived with a truth person… it was murder. He loved the brainy part of me… which I appreciate but don’t love.

What I love about myself is how I  fully, totally, and completely love people. How grief stricken I am when they don’t fully live their lives.

This is also the modality of the feelers. The kinesthetic people. The three dimensional experiencers.

The beauty people are non-verbal. Their whole being is visual, and it causes them pleasure, to see, to visualize.

They don’t appreciate me. I am crude, rude, forceful, and non-spiritual for them. Alas… because I have to offer them something: I need to find a beauty/goodness bridge person to teach me.

Beauty takes their breath away. And although I appreciate beauty, the aspect of the goodness is what moves me, even in the beauty. Or the aspect of the movement.

My favorite paintings are the ones where the painting seems to move. Van Gogh, Vasarely… some Modigliani. I need to experience movement to even see anything… like a cat. Lol.

The truth people live in their heads. They are moved by the beauty of the truth. They are moved by the perfection of the unfolding of a theory.

Of course, if you look at the above sentences, how I describe truth people, I use kinesthetic language: I have no access to truth in any other way.

One of my favorite movies is “The Knights of the South Bronx”

  • There is a character, a kindergartner, who plays chess as if he were playing with his toy soldiers. He sees the whole battle scene unfold in his minds eyes… He is my type of person.
  • Another chess player who just sees the positions of the strategy, my guess, would be a truth person.

Why is this important to you?

For the same reason it’s important to me.

Everything you ever wanted will come to you through people.

If you can’t connect to 66% of the people who bear gifts for you because of their different modes of being moved, you are out of luck.

I’ve been working on this for about 15 years… on and off…

Yesterday I realized that I need to get through to those people: Source didn’t give me the assignment to get through to people who are like me… The assignment was to get through to all people.

Darn… right? I have to start hopping.

If you are a truth person or if you are a beauty person with the ability to help me, I’d like to hear from you.

Please comment under this post and I promise to get back to you. Thank you.


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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

3 thoughts on “How Does The Universe Get To You? Are You A Truth, A Beauty, Or A Goodness Person?”

  1. Dear Sophie,
    I love what you have written here.
    Billy Elliot gets me every time, and Departures is one of my all time favourite films; I love the bit at the end when the man who has loved the woman who runs the bath-house, cremates her body….Makes me well up even now.

    I’m not 100% sure, but based on my understanding of what you have written, I think I’m a Beauty/Goodness person. I thought (the head again!) that I was a ‘truth’ person – but thanks to your post, I see that I am not! I love beauty in all its forms….and ugliness in the environment, in people, in action, greatly disturbs me. Goodness is a close second; my love of beauty sometimes has blinded me to the not-so-good ‘traits’ hidden within a beautiful person or place…leading me to pretend (or try to) that beauty wasn’t actually as vital to me as it really is. There is something about celebrating the gracious form of a horse, or elegant hands, or a rolling wooded hill, or a drop of rain upon a leaf, which really puts me into that sense of Connection. Just looking….I can experience the same feeling from being in the presence of good people, no matter how they look :))

    I have been in denial about my love of beauty because of being told it’s soppy/vain/frivolous and uncool, and so tried to become a rational ‘truth’ type. But in reality, I love the pre-Raphaelites and people like John Ruskin and William Morris who tried to restore the beauty of nature into industrial Britain.

  2. Think I must be a Truth person. Really enjoying your website, thanks.

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