Depression: What Are The Signs Of Depression?

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the opposite of enthusiastic is called depressed... no soul withinDepression: What Are The Signs Of Depression? Your Purpose, Your Soul’s Purpose And How To Beat Depression

For most of my life I was depressed. My mother was depressed. I had a hard time going to bed and I had a hard time getting up. It took me a lot of coffee to get going. I felt heavy, sluggish, and life was an effort.

Depression is widespread, and hard to treat. 2

In most cases, the treatment is a tradeoff: you may get more mojo in your head but lose it down there, for example.

Looking at it as an empath, where I know more about your depression than you do, because I am not effected (especially if I can figure out that it is not mine!) and I can watch objectively what’s going on.

Now, this is not a dissertation that can cover all types of depression. Instead it will cover the most common. I am exposed to it every day, and I am getting more and more pieces of the puzzle.

I will relate to depression, or depression prone people through several criteria… stay with me.

Your attitude/relationship to life can be two kinds:

  1. Type 1. you are the cause of it all
  2. Type 2. you are the effect: you use the word “because” all the time. You are looking for meaning “What does that mean?” to decide how to feel about it

The first type is internally driven, and their occasional descent into depression is promptly ended by them taking the reign back.

Example: today is gloomy outside. It’s raining, it’s dark, and hopeless. The perfect setup for a gloomy, dark, hopeless day, right?

The first type guy wakes up and states: Woohoo, it’s heading to be a gloomy day! I’ll make it wonderful!

If you notice, the first type is not blind. He is not lying to himself. He is not even looking for the silver lining, or for the bight spots in the sky. He takes the weather as the weather is, and declares himself the creator of his day. Not the weather, not the sales successes, no. Himself.

depressed also means externally defined, a victim of circumstances The second type, of course, has the “magic words”: because, or therefore. It is magic, because it has power over him. He says: it’s a gloomy day, therefor it is going to be a depressing day.

The second type lives as if they had no power. No power source, no steering wheel, no switches, levers and dials.

They will be thrown about like dry leaves in the wind. Depressing, eh? Lol.

The second filter through which we’ll look is the amount of energy you are able to receive or activate

What is the size of your vessel aka desire?

Your desire or ambition is a determining factor with regards to your mood.

The bigger your desire the more pushing power you have.

  • You can stick with stuff longer and make them successful, without giving up.
  • You can stand in the face of no results longer.
  • You can go from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm. Winston Churchill said this, and unbeknownst to him he hit the nail on the head.

Enthusiasm means “the divine within”

You can call it Fighting Spirit, you can call it Life Force, you can call it Source Energy. It doesn’t matter what you call it, it is the same thing.

It is a force that propels you forward, to the direction of some fulfillment. It’s a drive. It’s spiritual. It’s some kind of success.

What most people miss is this:

You have to be able to conceive it, regard it as possible for you, regard it as a challenge, and (important!) be inspired, moved, touched and energized by the thought of reaching it.

Enthusiasm loves the process. If your desire is for a pile of money but not the process and work and effort of getting it, then it’s not enthusiasm, it’s a wish.

Desire is divine. Desire comes from the Soul: the aspect of you that wasn’t born when you were born, won’t die when you die, and (important!) has a very specific accomplishment in mind.

When your life is in harmony with the Soul’s plans then you are filled with enthusiasm.

When your life doesn’t include and serve to fulfill the Soul’s plan, then you get no support, you will be listless and purposeless.

Bummer, eh?

So how do you find out the Soul’s plan, and what does the Soul want from you anyway?

The entire purpose of creation, the sole purpose of humanity, is to help the souls do their work.

ride the horse in the direction it's going, or your life will stink You either ride the horse in the direction it’s going, or your life is going to stink!

So, get with it!

The Soul has a simple plan: the Soul has on single, but big character correction in mind. Examples: beat jealousy, speak your mind, stop fatal attraction, victory over addictions, connect to Source, fertility… or, very appropriate, dumping depression.

The life you were meant to live to accommodate the Soul’s plan can mean any activity: you can practice any of these new character traits in any occupation, you can speak up as a mom, and you can speak up as a CEO… can’t you? If that is your Soul’s correction, it will be near impossible, no matter what you do for a living.

We, hapless humans, always try to change the outside, wouldn’t you agree? Get married, find the perfect job, business, charity, whatever… It is all ineffective.

Your job is to do what you do and at the same time work with your soul to perform its correction.

I help you do both. I can help you find your Soul’s plan, and give you the outward steps that help that.

So that you can have the perfect co-creation of the perfectly satisfying life… so depression avoids you like a plague.

You see, the reason I can take on seemingly impossible tasks, tasks that 99% sure will fail, because that is not the point. While I am working on this task, I have my attention on the Soul’s purpose: “Forget thyself!” in my case, i.e. kill ego, kill self-importance, kill self-aggrandizing, kill the me-me-me, the I did it, etc. Monumental task, will keep me busy till I die. Whether I succeed in the outward task of reconnecting humanity with Source, or not.

If you are interested in getting your soul’s purpose, and be taught how to use it, etc, please send an email to

I will follow up with you in email. OK?

Depression really won’t stand a chance once I am done with you, lol.

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  1. Most depressed people feel like an empty shell... something that could be filled but isn't. No resources, no nothing. Blah.

    On the other hand grieving about the loss of a person, a job, etc. is short term and may not be true depression.

    Depression, in essence, can be called a personality trait... how someone rolls... It can be changed, but it requires work and commitment. Without changing the personality trait the person will hover on the border of depression, often dipping into it and staying there extended periods of time.

  2. Most depressed people feel like an empty shell… something that could be filled but isn’t. No resources, no nothing. Blah.

    On the other hand grieving about the loss of a person, a job, etc. is short term and may not be true depression.

    Depression, in essence, can be called a personality trait… how someone rolls… It can be changed, but it requires work and commitment. Without changing the personality trait the person will hover on the border of depression, often dipping into it and staying there extended periods of time.

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  1. I have been passive too long. Fuck it. Must make many more mistakes. Better to live and die than vegetate for eternity on life support. From the Book of Revelations:” So then because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spew you out of my mouth.” — Actually a call to be a sinner rather than a scarecrow. Fuck it, again. Fear of God and everything has driven me insane. Fuck that.

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