Soul correction: 27. Silent Partner… ‘I’ll take it

This soul correction is difficult for me… And somehow people with this soul correction come to my like bee to honey.

Something about me being overly generous, over-eager to give you what I have is very attractive to a Silent Partner.

A new insight is that the Silent Partner person refuses to allow their soul and their ego to form the “tumbleweed” that can take them to a life that is worth living.

The soul and the ego, the white wolf and the dark wolf.


Updated and a brand new interpretation: 9/6/2016
Soul Correction: Silent Partner: The Key To Being A Winner In Life completely resisted and refused.

Getting the essence of a soul correction is difficult, because it is tricky… and this one, Silent Partner, may be the trickiest of all. This update is the essence… as of today…

This is the soul correction where everyone bends over backwards to help a person, including the Universe, but the person got stuck at 3-year old… where they don’t need any help. They want to do it by themselves…

If that is not clear, the hallmark of a 3-year old is to not let you tie their shoe laces, because they already know… not. They stop asking why questions, or any questions, because they already know… or if they don’t… they pretend that they do.

Belligerent, forcefully independent, unwilling to accept help or support, no friends, no real associations… because they are the martyrs of the Universe… Self appointed martyrs, basking in it, and covering up the glee with smoke screens of fear… They love it.

soul correction soul correction, or tikkun is a kabbalistic concept. In spite of what you feel, your soul is not all good… It is, actually, all about itself, all about receiving… Kabbalah says that the original souls… the vessel was created to receive for the sake of The Creator, so that the Creator has an outlet for its giving nature… so the vessel was all about receiving. Then the Big Bang happened, because the soul experienced bread of shame and refused to receive any more. The purpose of soul correction is to transform desire to receive for the self alone to desire to receive for the sake of sharing.
kabbalah Kabbalah is a 5000 year old knowledge tradition about how the Universe works. Its truth value is thirty percent (very high, given how much is unknowable).
tikkun Tikkun is the Aramaic word for soul correction.

Except that they don’t amount to anything… because no man is an island, and no man knows everything. Also, unless you learn something new, you’ll only do what you already know to do, the safe and the irrelevant. You blame it on fear, but you never acknowledge the fact that your fierce determination to not accept help and NOT LEARN ANYTHING THAT NEEDS ANOTHER PERSON’S HELP is the core issue here… Arrogance and lack of humility.

Now, whether that, the arrogance is the deepest issue… I don’t think so. I think underneath it all there may be an unwillingness to be vulnerable and depend on another for support… so that is fear, but not the smokescreen fear, but the lack of trust fear… fearing one’s own independence and freedom.

But, unfortunately, there is no prison as deep and secure as the prison you built for yourself.

How do you get out? You practice being vulnerable… little by little, degree to degree… so you can make your prison as big as the whole wide world.

Here starts the original post… quite outdated, I am afraid….

wind in your face is how most people liveIt’s true… most people live like they are alone. Left to their own devices, to struggle, to eke out a living for themselves, to take care of everyone else but themselves. The wind is always blowing in their face.

May the road rise to meet you.
May the wind be ever at your back
May the Good Lord keep you in the hollow of His hand.
May your heart be as warm as your hearthstone.
And when you come to die
may the wail of the poor
be the only sorrow
you’ll leave behind.
May God bless you always.
“An Irish Wish”

On the flip side, they hope to be rescued by the knight in shining armor, they hope for a miracle. It is all flashy and very very significant.
Download the pdf version of this article at the end of the article
Let’s take a person, for contrast, who lives in the reality of “Silent Partner.”

the wind is in the back of the one with the Silent Partner helping him to winThis person’s circumstances may be very similar or maybe even “worse” than the average person above.

But they have an ace up their sleeve. They have a secret weapon. They know something that no one can see, even themselves can’t see. But it is as real as anything: they live in a benevolent, supportive universe.

They ask for and experience support in everything they do. They are the runner with the wind in their back. They are the winners in life.

Are they any smarter than the “most people” of the first story? Who knows. But everything they do, every moment of every day, is done in the ever present sense that they are not alone. That an invisible power is on their side, aiding them in everything they do.

When things don’t turn out, they can look at what they did and learn from it. That invisible power was intent to teach them a lesson on how to do it better next time.

the person with a silent partner can gather enough momentum to be a full out winner They can’t fail, so they can go to places that sound risky… but they know that they will either succeed or learn a valuable lesson.

Let’s take a person in business. He is in the same business as the other, same skills, same economy. But our person wins every time. People choose to do business with him instead of the “competitor.”

Why? Because our person has a silent partner. He doesn’t jump on every customer, every opportunity. He doesn’t have to squeeze every dime out of an opportunity. He lives in the win-win, give-and-take world of people who can’t fail.

When he meets people, he doesn’t have to litter the space with self-promotion. They have time to develop relationships, look at people, care, and help if they can.

How come? They have a Silent Partner. But this Silent Partner isn’t just giving money, they are giving certainty that they can’t fail.

Winners win as a matter of fact. They may win in the face of incredible odds, but that is only in the eye of the outsider: for the winner who has the Silent Partner, nothing is ‘incredible odds’… If they are meant to win, they will go for it.

And they win. Win in business, win in knowledge, win in relationship, win in health, win in life.

Because they have a Silent Partner.

The two scenarios above are the unevolved and the evolved version of the same soul-correction.

The unevolved is fiercely independent, and refuses to accept support from anyone. They are either martyrs proud of their sacrificial nature, or wearing their martyr cloak unwillingly while play computer games or while away their lives…

The evolved lives a magical life… no martyr, no shoulds, just magic…

So what did the evolution take? Surrender the self-image of the martyr.

To prepare yourself for the Silent Partner, you need to get rid of your needing to, wanting to, having to, and should attitudes. The best way I know how to do that is with the Unconditional Love Activator. But even with that, unless you consciously shave away the drama of the martyr… it won’t happen.

Giving up the past so you can have the future. Giving up the sob story so you can shine.

Go get that activator. With that, it will be easier to live like the truth: you have a Silent Partner… because you’ll know you do: in fact you’ll be certain.

New insights (2/23/12) One of the issues of this Soul Correction person is starting something. They want the wind to help them even when they don’t move.

In the domain of soul correction, you need to act first and then expect support. (The slogan I like best is this: you don’t have to get it perfect, you just have to get it going… This slogan helps you make a decision. Even moving in the wrong direction is useful… because the wind can make you move, and then course-correct. Self-trust is the key here… the capacity)

This Soul Correction is, in particular, weak at that. They are talented. They have the “wind” on their side, but their capacity to break through their fear, their sense of smallness, their fear of failure, especially making the wrong choice, is so strong, they only act naturally when it’s an emergency.

Which, pretty much, means that they will never actually experience the wind in their back, unless they learn to INCLUDE the fear, take it with them, and trust that everything can be handled when it comes up, even failure, mistakes, giants and dragons, dwarves, and fairies, lack of cash, even hunger.

There is no way to know ahead of time, what will happen, everyone takes the same risk, but this Soul Correction people want assurances that don’t exist.

They need to start small, and build up the capacity to take their fears with them.

Doing the “Ego strengthening” meditation is useful. All the “get up and go” energy will come from the Ego… and theirs is weak, and one-sided: ambition, the desire to conquer far away lands, see more, be more, have more has atrophied.

Isn’t it amazing that the “best” Soul Correction is given to people that will never need the wind in their back? Not funny…

Update December 25, 2012: As I am digging deeper and deeper into the cause of human misery, the cause of unhappiness, I have come to see that the reason the “Silent Partner” people don’t do things, or only do things that are predictable, is because they live their lives in the future, and not in the present. In the “what if…”

How do I mean? Everything is about success, everything is about accomplishing something, never about the doing. They are the people that totally miss the now, the present moment, the joy of doing. They try to impress you, with their beauty, their grace, their smarts, and are never spontaneous, never happy, never at ease.

My hunch, yet unexamined, that all soul corrections will boil down to this, but the focus of the ego-mind will be slightly different for each soul correction. But ultimately, the only way to attain to the soul correction is to restore the ability and the practice of being, being in the now, being unconcerned and unaffected by some future that may never come.

There is no fear in the present moment. There is no anguish in the present moment. There is no success and there is no failure in the present moment. Only doing. Looking. Feeling. Nothing is compared with anything else, things, including feelings are just “are” and no feeling is pleasant or unpleasant, even tastes, smells, temperatures are what they are, not in comparison to some other feeling, taste, smell, that is considered better.

At this point, society doesn’t support you in being in the present. Doesn’t support you to just be, to not be compared to others. Society doesn’t support you to just do, not for some purpose, reason, goal, or success, but for the sake of doing.

Society wants you to be miserable, anguished, this is how “progress” works.

In the revolutionary book from 1931, Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, it’s expressed in the rhyme that I’ll paraphrase here: if you mend your clothes, there will be no need for increased production or progress… Said in another way: if you are contented with what you have, you are a pariah, and are considered an enemy of society.

Here is Huxley’s Brave New World, read the pdf or listen to the mp3 side 1 and side 2

Update March 10/2013: The problem the Silent Partner person has is the same as the guy who prays every night to “god” to let him win the lottery. After a few years of that, out of the blue, “god” talks back and says: “Please meet me halfway: please buy a lottery ticket!” The Silent Partner is waiting for the other to take all the risk.

Or the guy who, during the flood, refuses any rescue, saying that god will save him. Eventually he drowns and dies. When arriving to heaven he complains to god that he didn’t come and rescue him… God answers (Silent Partner?): but what about the two boats and the helicopter I sent to rescue you? ha-ha not funny. Sinking in?

Starting point: fear, resistance, belligerence, fiercely independent…

For other soul corrections, visit this page. If you want to know your own soul correction (great guidance!) follow the instructions on that page.

Download the pdf version of this article silent-partner

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

10 thoughts on “Soul correction: 27. Silent Partner… ‘I’ll take it”

  1. Ok, Sophie, have read and re-read this several times…Take my fear with me eh?…Take action and know that I have support….I do remember a time that I did have loads of confidence, I was an aspiring baseball player and very talented, I believed i could be one of the best to ever play the game(and so did every one who saw me play)…then unexpectedly I was cut during try-outs for my high school team, told I was to small and weak, to hit the weights and come back next year!…I was never the same after that episode, and am realizing now that I have carried the feeling of imminent failure ever since…and have tried to suppress that feeling in any way possible. Allowing my life to be affected by this past event, holding me back, wind in my face ugh…This must be when what happened to take the wind from my sail…So now i will take action and use these tools to overcome this!…thanx for the great info here!

  2. OMG – you just described me down to a “T”! I always need to have everything worked out before I will take action, to have the money in the bank before I will spend it. The result is, I don’t do much – or achieve much – and have become quite “stuck”. Not a surprise really, but it didn’t occur to me until reading this!

    “Take the fear with me” – my body seems to understand what that means, while my head is working overtime trying to make sense of it! What is this “Ego strengthening” meditation you mentioned? I need to check that out…

    Thanks again for the insights Sophie. Seems I have an a-ha moment every time I read your blog 😉

  3. Debbie, you were on the connection call last night, am I correct? Now you know what the ego strengthening meditation is. It, by the way, works like a charm.

  4. Thursday, April 20, 21012
    Something happened to me yesterday that I was having a difficult time articulating and felt I perhaps needed to let it sit for a bit before I wrote about it.
    I’ve asked my soul to give me opportunities for correction.
    I’m wondering whether I missed a soul correction opportunity(ies)
    Here’s what happened:

    While in a doctor’s waiting room yesterday, I read a magazine article written by a vet about the potential dangers of feeding dogs a raw diet in a home with a baby. The vet said that besides the obvious hazards of handling raw meat, the dog could eat the meat and then lick the baby. The vet had experienced some devastating losses due to this.
    I immediately thought of my niece who is pregnant and feeds her dog raw chicken and that this was an opportunity for soul correction. Feeling it was important information to pass along to her, I thanked my soul, centered myself, making sure I was neutral… that the relaying of this information wasn’t gossipy or coming from a dominant place and called my sister-in-law, who is in constant contact with her daughter, my niece – who is very difficult to get a hold of. She was very appreciative.

    I went to run an errand and at the check-out desk, I was one of 4 women in the area (2 cashiers and another customer). The customer next to me was talking conversationally with the other cashier about feeding raw diets to dogs. (Wow) I immediately considered that this could be an opportunity for soul correction and the situation with my niece and this one were related. Was I correct in sharing in the first situation and shouldn’t in this one? Is it an opportunity to practice being aware of WHERE my conversation is coming from? Or is it an opportunity to not to join a conversation, connect with others… self-control, keep my mouth shut. (As I’m typing this, I am wincing that I missed my correction.) I was really confused as what to do… I asked my soul, and felt a “pull,” so I centered, felt I was neutral and detached. (I realize now that it didn’t occur to me to muscle test it… argh!) My intent was to be friendly and connect with others in a casual conversation, but now, I think part of my intention was to share the information… be helpful somehow.

    Now, after a day to think about it, I am feeling disappointed that I may have missed a golden opportunity for soul correction. (I am also aware that this feeling of disappointment is self-criticism in disguise.) OR, did I get the soul correction because what I relayed was coming from a neutral, detached place?

    Was my relaying of the information for my niece a good thing, while bringing the information up in conversation, although neutral, a missed opportunity for correction?

    Is my correction about being aware of the action, or the intention behind the action?

  5. this whole “saving the world” thing is the opposite of your soul correction.

    you need to do YOUR life, not others. YOU have a savior “racket” to avoid doing YOUR work.

    Mother Theresa has nothing over you, girl. No life, no worries.

  6. Before yesterday afternoon, I was aware that repeatedly failing to figure this soul correction was beginning to frustrate me. By this afternoon, I can tell you that I have come to realize that I down-play my gifts. Why? Because I am not impervious to fear– I don’t want to be a selfish, self-absorbed, stuck-up person who is oblivious to other people’s feelings. Also, because I feel guilty to have so much when I see people have so little. So I downplay every good thing I have, and I try to help. I can’t change the hardships of others, but I try… the wrong way… and I don’t fully enjoy and appreciate what I have as something I’ve EARNED. I’ve EARNED my gifts and I need to allow others to EARN theirs.

    This is how I came to that…
    Yesterday afternoon, we saw a high school production of Annie… I was really observing the actors playing their roles. There were many who you could tell were “acting” (putting on a pretense–inauthentic), 3 who were really good in their parts where you knew they were acting because their characterizations were over the top, and then there was this one exceptional actress… or WAS she acting? She seemed authentic… I really couldn’t tell if she was acting or if this was her natural way. Through this, I now see how I put on pretenses when I’m feeing guilty, unworthy and fearful. During the second act, there was an actor who I enjoyed SO much, all of a sudden I became aware that my hands were folded up under my chin and I was smiling ear to ear in absolute enjoyment. I didn’t know when I put my hands up there… I was “urgently” enjoying myself. Lol!

    I also felt other things… I was not impervious to feelings in my body (sinus) and noise and my right ear, although not painful, was buzzing louder than normal… it somehow made me sensitive to the feeling in my head that in the past was a precursor of vertigo.. but thankfully, it didn’t happen.

    Today, was Mitzvah Day at our synagogue. (my kind of day, right? Lol) I asked my soul to please send me obvious signs throughout the morning… things I could see… numbers (and I specified which numbers), coincidences, people) to help me finally be clear about my soul correction… PLEASE!
    It was such a fun, eye-opening day…
    As the jr. choir (that I co-lead) entertained workers as they sorted and boxed donated clothes, I played the guitar and sang with them. After this, I was asked if I had time to make “Happy Hats” (hats for sicks kids who’ve lost their hair), because not enough people signed up. When I got there, I was having SUCH fun, decorating hats and laughing with students and parents. Soon, some of my teenage students (girls) came in with a mom I’m friendly with. It was then that I became aware of the woman who was in charge of the project. She began describing to the teens, with the help of a poster, the children who needed the hats and why they needed them… all kinds of chemicals in household cleaning supplies and such which causes neurotoxicity… it was all diagramed out. After the woman was done talking about the neurotoxicities in make-up to the girls, I mentioned where they can enter the name of their product and see what was in it and the safety rating. The woman reacted to this… she got on her soapbox and began talking about the organization… saying it has a political agenda, yadda, yadda, yadda…. I shut up fast (shouldn’t have said a word) and realized she was a caricatured version of me when I’m like this. There is no fun, no light, very oppressive… talking AT you and almost with an air of “holier than thou” or a “know-it-all.” YUCK!!! ME? (Similarities to ME? Oh God…) We all sat down and began laughing, creating, getting ideas from each other… it was great. One of my students said to me, “I feel so sad for the kids who have to wear these.” (imagine the sun parting) I said, “Yeah… but we’re putting all this fun, happy energy into these hats… they’ll feel this energy for sure… it’s like we’re making magic hats!”

    I began thinking about this woman and how she is helping these kids, but she is such a downer! I also began thinking about other things too. Whenever we have someone in our house to do any work, I get really motivated to do work while they are doing work… I don’t want to look lazy… I don’t want them to feel badly… I want them to know that ultimately I believe we are equals… BOTTOM LINE?… I feel GUILTY. I feel guilty that they are working and I am relaxing. I flashed back to a bat mitzvah I sang for a few weeks ago where I drove up to the place and felt relief that I have a “reasonable” car… I thought, “They are paying me and if I had a car that was too expensive, they might think I charge too much.” NOW, I’m thinking… I EARNED all of this… regardless of what “this” is. I am WORTHY of being paid what I charge for what I do. When I am teaching, I am having fun, the kids are having fun, I am feeling worthy and I know I am very, very successful in this role and place… I’m also in an environment where my role is clear and I can be my spontaneous, flexible self within that structured space. When I’m at home, it’s unstructured because, although I love organization and structure, I find it difficult to maintain it that way for myself and my family. This, is why, plus my feeling of guilt and unworthiness, is why, I think, I become over-controlling and domineering.

    On my way home, my eyes “fell” on the license place of a car in front of me… it read: L26-ALK One of the numbers I mentioned to my soul that morning was the number 26. ALK are my initials. I am guessing that the letter, “L” could stand for Lotus. Lol! Good couple of days.

    As for tonight, I was not impervious to emotions twice. Once when my husband was balking at the estimate of the dentistry that was suggested for me… I felt really offended, feeling that he felt I was unworthy of the cost. And once when my parents were visiting… I was trying to figure out what I was feeling… guilt, anger, frustration… still working on that one.

  7. Realization today… I was taught that being selfish was not a good thing. And, through my “not wanting to be selfish,” I squelched my learning how to be self aware. I also notice self-criticism when I catch myself focusing on me or what I want.

  8. I’m not sure I’m missing a link or something or if I just haven’t gotten it yet but i sent in to get the Soul Correction, what my soul purpose is and haven’t received it et …..I don’t know how long it takes….i was just wondering if maybe I missed something. Thank you, Lisa

  9. you are missing what you are looking at.

    My hunch is that you did receive it, I sent it out 7 days ago, but you are expecting something other than what you got.
    your soul correction is the article you are commenting on.

    If you don’t understand, it is because your vibration is so low… 150… it doesn’t allow you to understand.

    Recommendation: get the Harmonize audio: it will help you raise your vibration enough so you actually can start to see what’s in front of you… until then you can’t see.

    This is my educated hunch.

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