Are you rudderless, directionless, low on energy, or a floater?

directionlessI found myself directionless this morning.

Directionless means that I have no direction determined or found to take effective action towards.


Directionless is similar to a state of an army that has no battle to participate in. But that fact doesn’t mean that they don’t have a context: context is your right to exist. Without context you are a floater, a waste product that will dissolve into the water without ever experiencing living.

So what does the army do when there is no battle to fight? They keep in shape, they repair equipment, they practice, they learn so that when the fight comes, they are prepared in every way. They are in growth mode: always.

So what does directionless mean to me? It means that until I know which specific direction to move to, I continue my work in discovering what zaps people’s life force, what increases it, I continue to work on myself and increase my energy so when the “fight” comes, I can move fast and steady.


Rudderless means that you don’t know how to direct your vessel. Your attention span is short. Your ability to move your attention is lacking. Your energy level is low. Your ability to act committedly is missing.

Rudderless means you leak your energy every which way, and you spend your time leaking more, instead of doing the work of building yourself up.

In army analogy, rudderless means that the army has no leadership, has no scheduled workouts, boot camps, classes, equipment maintenance. They are not ready to fight, they are just hanging there… Utter confusion, utter inability leading to heavy losses.

Low on energy, low on life-force

Low on energy means that you may have a good context, you may have a good direction, but you are low on motive power, low on life force, and do nothing to increase it. You are a dreamer, you live in your mind, in your visualizations, in hope…


Floater means you have no direction, no context, and no energy. You go where the water pushes you.

Most people that visit my site are evenly distributed in these four groups.

Setting a direction is not something I teach often, but the Soaring Method was an example of that.

Setting a context is something I occasionally touch on… The Carrot and Stick series was a good example of that.

Increasing your energy is the main focus of my teachings: reclaiming your energy from all the leaks “modern” life, the current culture wants you to spring and be a sacrificial lamb.

energy-leaksWhat are the main signs of being low on energy, or have energy that is misdirected, misused, and useless?

  • Self-hate, self-disgust, self-doubt seems to be in every person I see
  • Being judgmental, comparing, redirecting self-hate is close second
  • Explaining, rationalizing, finding excuses for not doing anything worthwhile
  • Making weak attempts at fixing self or others
  • Being dutiful, picking up inspiration from outside sources
  • Playing the game of “I am at least as spiritual, loving, caring, winning, blah blah blah” as the best of you of Facebook, and other social circles
  • Pets, children, grandchildren and other clueless innocents to trade attention to warmth, affection, to feel worthy to be alive
  • oh… last but not least: talk talk talk… or type type type… read read read. worthless crap. The sign of delusions and lies… another major leak of energy

Doing anything in earnest? Oh no… that is not part of the signs.


dark-side-fed-by-leaksStop the leaks… the Happiness Coaching Program

In my newest, beginner level coaching series, the only topic allowed and practiced is living with permission, acceptance and allowing.

Path members get this program for free.

It’s $15 a month. The first session will be on Wednesday at 4 pm NY daylight time, that is 9 pm in the UK, and 10 pm in the rest of Europe, 1 pm in California.

I will add a Saturday evening session if enough people will need it. You can cancel any time. I also won’t force you to speak… this is a beginner’s class, you may not be ready. I’ll talk to people that ARE ready. This is not a teaching class, all teaching is done in a conversation.

emotional-energy-leaking-faucet1What do I predict can happen? What can you expect?

Resistance runs deep, and insights come with time and practice. The average time to alter your energy level sufficiently to be considered ready to “go to battle” is six month consistent work on letting go.

Can you do it? Yes. Will you do it? It’s really up to you. If you don’t have enough attention, if you don’t have enough energy to do this program, then probably nothing can help you… It is recommended that you start with the liquid energy remedies to start. Why? Because they can bring you up to a level where you can at least have a chance at winning at this “game of life”. to find a remedy that resonates with you.

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