Updated: Happiness is an energetic phenomenon… remove blockages to restore the flow

restoring-the-flowHappiness is an energetic phenomenon, it is not a “feeling” per se, albeit it is a feeling of flow.

Well-being is also an energetic phenomenon… and just like happiness, it is a feeling of flow.

Flow is the undisturbed, unrestricted life force. It’s energetic. It is real. It is not a feeling… it cannot be pretended.

Your mind cannot pretend that there is flow, you cannot imagine flow and flow would happen. It happens the other way around: there is flow and then your mind catches up with it… only to often just block it again.

It is never what happens to you. It is never what happens to your body. It is always your resistance to what happens or wants to happen that blocks the flow.

But releasing resistance is not easy.

Even noticing that the flow is blocked is not easy for most people, because if you live through the mind you also try feeling through the mind, and the mind can’t feel. It can register a feeling, but more often than not, it doesn’t. Or it mis-identify it… but whatever the mind does: it is already late to the party… always.

water-flow-around-blockageResistance is energetic, and you can only find it if you look for it. Sit quietly, and move your attention (not the mind) down your body, slowly, to find blockages. There are always blockages, always.

Your posture is hunched to block something you don’t want to deal with, you don’t want to feel. Your breath is blocked so you don’t feel a feeling… mostly grief. You may have aches and pains, cramps, stabbing pains, dull pains, electric pains.

And these are just the physical manifestations of resistance.

Physical discomfort, tension, or pain is wonderful: it gives you the opportunity to prove to yourself that you can disappear resistance, at will.

In the exercise to disappear pain I demonstrate it to you, and unless your mind isn’t willing to let go, your body lets go of resistance and the pain disappears or becomes much lighter.

The mind, your filtering organ of perception, likes to hold onto stuff, including pain.

Lots of people identify themselves with pain, or being crippled, and they are unwilling to be pain free or un-crippled… because letting go of the identity they built is scary.

Flow is your natural state. When you are in flow your intelligence, your intellect, your body, your heart, your emotions are true: no pretense, no armor, no lies.

You, if you are part of the 99%, don’t want to know the truth about yourself, even if it means that knowing the truth would give you a chance to get better, smarter, bigger, braver, happier, more successful.

Enrolling in a coaching program is a threat to your identity. (Unless, of course, the coaching program is sold like Tai’s 67-steps program: more than 100 thousand people enrolled to date. But, interestingly, a program pretending to teach you to make more money is not politically incorrect, while my programs are… bummer, for me and you.) If you have been pretending that you are OK… that the cause of your unhappiness is outside of you, or outside of your power, then admitting that you could be happier seems to mean that you are a failure, that you need to change, that you are not OK.

One of the biggest discoveries of the 20th Century was that the opposite of great was not bad, but good enough. The book about it was called “Good to Great” and showed it in the context of companies that became complacent, and therefore mediocre…

And although the world, people live in quiet desperation, very few, less than one percent is willing to embark on a journey, learn new skills to remove themselves from the swamp that threatens to swallow them up.

destroy-what-destroys-youOsho says that until someone is miserable, they are not willing to do anything that would work. But my experience has been that even people who are miserable are only willing to do something for a short while, until they get up to the level of quiet desperation, and then they stop.

Why? I think it is a matter of Life Force: Life Force would push you all the way to great, but your Life Force is diminished, atrophied, barely blinking.

One of the most effective ways to fan the flame is the Effortless Abundance Activator, that has 168 blockage removal energies, precisely matched the 168 blockages I have identified.

In comparison, the Heaven on Earth is created to remove (to attack) 40 blockages.

When a blockage is removed, there is a sense of energy… some of the flow is restored. When all 168 blockages are removed, there is a sense of elation: it is like going from a dark cave to the bright white light of noon.

Luckily it happens gradually: the shock of going from zero to 100 miles an hour in a split second would shock your system if it didn’t happen blockage by blockage.

And at some point, after weeks of the energies nudging the blockages, you’ll find yourself ready to take on some tasks that you were too tired, too resigned, or too afraid to tackle.

That is when being in a coaching program may come handy: you’ll be ready to remove blockages at will, instead of just relying on the energies. Taking your life into your own hands.

Nothing more satisfying than that.

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