More questions for self-reflection

toughquestions-orangeHere are more questions. Don’t do them as a quiz… Pick the question that feels the most confronting, the one that makes your belly dance… The purpose of the questions, the purpose of your “inquiry” is to know yourself, not to impress someone else!

    1. Do I share myself, my real self? Or do I withhold myself, protect myself, be aloof? When I do share: do I share to share, or do I share to complain, to get sympathy?
    2. Do I tweet posts, if I do, because I want to share them, because I am generous, or because I want to prove to someone that what I read about people fits them like a glove? I feel vindicated because I agree that they are creeps… lol, not that funny
    3. Do I care about others? Do I pretend to care about others? Do I consider them human beings with the same rights as myself? Or do I think that their feelings don’t really matter…?

  1. Do I care what others think about me? Do I care too much what others think about me? Did I lose my sense of what I want because I care about what others think about me? Do others, in spite of me catering to what I think they want me to do, be, or have, ignore me, mistreat me, dump on me, criticize me? Do I have a lose-lose situation, all my creation?
  2. Do I complain? Sometimes? Or all the times? Do I think that if I complain enough life will change? People will change? I will change? Do I know what a committed complaint is? Do I complain to the person can do something about the problem?
  3. Do I constantly dwell on the past? Compare now and the future with the past. Wonder if things are improving or deteriorating? Did I have an experience where I got stuck? Either because I did well, or because I did poorly?
  4. Do I donate enough to the less fortunate? Do I look who to donate to, or take my leftover, unused trash to the closest place that accepts it? Do I care about anyone other than myself? Do I donate to help? Do I donate to make myself feel better, maybe even superior?
  5. Do I forgive myself? For all the things I didn’t do. And for all the things I did do… and I am now ashamed of it? Feel guilty about, hide?
  6. Do I have fun? I mean regularly. Not as “let’s have fun” like a teenager, but as a way of living life? Or do I do what most people do: have fun to be an event, an obsession, to make normal life bearable?
  7. Do I help others? Do I ever help for the sake of helping? To move energy? Do I ever help because it’s an opportunity to learn something? Do I care how my help is received? What is my agenda in helping? And what is my justification when I don’t help?
  8. Do I hold grudges? I mean, do I eat the poison that I want those people to eat? Like: “If I am lucky it kills me fast, and then they will be crying…” way?
  9. Do I daydream about heroic acts, saving someone’s life and then be famous, or loved, or powerful?
  10. Do I judge others? Do I judge myself? Do I have an opinion about everyone? Do I think people are evil? Do I keep my attention on them, at the expense of moving forward in life?
  11. Do I let other people’s negativity affect me? Because other people are negative, no question about that. I would never rain on anyone’s parade, but they do. They, they, they…
  12. Do I listen to my heart? And I don’t just mean check if I am still alive… lol. I mean do I do things against my “better judgment” where no one deserves anything from me, those bastards?
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