Updated: Soul Correction: Finish What You Start

Finish what you start piling up the debts to the UniverseSoul Correction: Finish What You Start: the scam artist

More on this soul correction here

Update on 2/4/2020

The essence of this soul correction is this: you see what the completed task/project is… but you don’t do what you need to do to actually do what it takes.

You stop.

90% of the cases communication is missing. You are really good at talking, really lousy at communicating. Why? Because communication is risky. You need to be seen, and you try not to be seen.

What are you hiding? Something that to you seems hideous…

Unless you change your mind about what you think is bad, wrong, not OK about you, you will be stuck in not doing what it takes to have a life work, to have projects taken to fulfillment, to take care of yourself and your family.

It’s really simple…

New insight 3/29/2018

OK, the insight is similar to what I saw last time, but it’s, maybe a little more defined. Finish What You Start hasn’t had the courage to become a person. He looks outside to see if he is doing OK… needs approval.

At the merest suspicion that he should do something different, he is going to jump… and exhaust himself or herself. Doesn’t open up a conversation… and the people they live with learn to direct them with just a glance.

This is, by the way, the reason they don’t have fulfilled projects: they get distracted by their spouses, bosses, and don’t follow their inner calling… either don’t have the courage, or don’t have a calling…

New insight 10/7/2017

I break a lot of eggs every day. I like to eat the yolk separate from the white. So I separate them. The egg white is like snot… No definite shape, no commitment, sneaky.

This is how “Finish What You Start” behave, like the egg white… Avoid being called to account, avoid to be a person who can be counted on.

This seems to be the crux of this soul correction.

I see this soul correction on Scott toilet paper as well: it kinda sorta has a sheet size, it kinda sorta has perforation, but it won’t tear at the perforation… It tears where it wants to tear…

A “Finish What You Start” product, avoiding any accountability, whatsoever. lol… frustrating to me, who likes to have things done.

Looking at the vise… try to control egg whites with a vise… ugh, ugly.

New insight 5/20/2017 courtesy of a student:

Today some new things came to mind..
I realized that i live in a vise like pressure i put myself in.. i always do for some reason.. i’m looking at why. i feel its false adopted beliefs.

How i noticed is that thinking about all the reading and the diet the saying no to things and yes to others .. being disciplined and adding structure feels like work , like i have to make it happen.. then i remember my life before.. i was pulled in a thousand directions at once and completely running myself down on things i (wanted) to do..

So today i imagined what it would feel like if i didn’t have anything i had to do or not do.. i ended up thinking id have a nap or just go for a slow walk.. then i realized that the reading and listening and structure and the diet.. all the things i (have ) to do, will make my life so much easier and meaningful than it has been , and i started to actually feel like it is my vacation , my relief.

I’m not sure what it all means and i’m sure its not as meaningful the way iv put it here as it was to me today but its big for me.. i can just let these things in learning and doing flow.. just happen. I don’t need to force it.. its not hard its easier .. it’s the way out from my old tense stressful Unlife.

Also today i bought the mindset book. I ate a smaller dinner and i feel peaceful. I’m going to read the one thing book now.
Thank you and good morning.

He says it so well… and it is hard to formalize it, so I only attempt to do it here and now. The issue is with finishing it is that what started out as choice becomes, at a certain point, a prison, and a vise. Limiting. The pressure. Unpleasant. Escape. In hope of an easier life. In hope of excitement, stimulation.

If I had to risk an assessment what is weak, underdeveloped, and therefore the cause of this self-defeating behavior, I would say two things: 1. TLB… the person with this soul correction needs to do deliberate practice to increase their ability to be with pressure… any type of pressure, emotional, physical. Standing power. It can be increased, it is not a constant. 2. Once the person can see that TLB can be increased, it will pull with it, hopefully, their whole mindset into the growth mindset.

Because one of the unpleasant things they, in unevolved stages can’t be with, in the fixed mindset, that they are not already perfect, that they are not already a genius. They need to turn that into “I am perfect in the making, a genius in the making” the way the growth mindset people’s self-speak is.

This way they can divert their attention from themselves to what they are doing… hah, that will be the day I dance.

Update 7/10/2016:

suck-you-dryThe archetype is the flatterer scam artist.

If you are their victim: They will hook you with their compliments, flattery, while suck you dry, take you for your last dime, without ever caring about you, and without ever delivering on what they said they would do.

If you are the person with this soul correction: You find yourself with projects half started, never finished. You find yourself getting enough satisfaction out of buying a self-improvement program, but you don’t actually listen to it or use it.

Your self-image is “insignificant.” Maybe even weak, inconsequential, not important. Or you suffer from delusions of grandeur: you are or should be the best the best looking, the smartest, a hero… except that you are literally unwilling to do the work to make it happen… What’s in the way is that pesky “should already” be that. Or “it should be easy for me, even if it is hard for others”

You instinctively know who is a sucker, and you latch onto them. I must be a sucker: you are attracted to me… Why? How? I am sensitive to your flattery… that is MY weakness, and you know it.

It’s all a game.

Once you start working with your soul, you’ll see that it is an invented way: to avoid being responsible, avoid risk, avoid being seen, avoid life.

You bore a hole in your system to leak energy so you never have to measure up, never have to do anything, really. You keep up appearances by signing up, but to follow through? Not you. You may look bad, or people will find out that you can’t… or worse than that, they will find out that you can.

In simple and plain words: you are a con artist. You may have even fooled yourself.

You are miserable. The inauthenticity 2 of your life, the lack of integrity, and the constant nudging from the soul keep you out of balance, and unhappy.

You are the could have, should have, would have person.

Your choice: continue what you have been doing, or start facing the fact that from time to time you are going to look bad… that you will be tired, disappointed, sad, happy… alive.

What are you going to choose?

A lot of us would recognize this as a character defect. But it is not necessarily the behavior that we recognize that is the soul correction here.

The real soul correction is something really under the radar.

You make promises to the Universe that are sent out as an IOU, a bond. You cash it in (use the Light) and then you don’t pay up. You don’t deliver. You are in serious arrears with the Universe and unless you start meaning what you say, unless you stop falsifying results, unless you are willing to be weighed and fall short, you are going to play this game… which is, ultimately, will kill you.

Now, what will you choose? Life or death? Seriously!

So what is there to do? You need to have your debt, your undelivered promises cleared up. How do you do that? Find one trusted associate or friend who won’t judge you for what you have done. Won’t let you off the hook either. But help you do your soul’s correction instead.

Make a list of all the ways you have been deceiving the Universe, shortchanging the Universe, and “own it”.

The way to own anything is to say what you did without any because. Because means that you are the victim, which is letting yourself off the hook. Instead you want to say: I did that. I did that. I did that. Be specific. It is a finite list: you’ll be done before you know. When you are done, item by item, burn the pieces of paper with the list.

Then commit to play straight. No lies, no over-promising and under-delivering, no unfinished projects. No falsifying. No games. No lies. No falsehood. Then honor your commitment. If fall off the pony, you repeat: own it, burn it, recommit.

Then, prepare to be surprised. All the shenanigans of before gone, your fortune finally will start to look up and you will be rewarded for what you do. If you are willing to do what you promise to do, it will be enough for what you seek. I guarantee it.

For other soul corrections, visit this page. If you want to know your own soul correction (great guidance!) follow the instructions on that page.

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  1. inauthentic=not authentic. Authentic means: you are the same through and through. No fake, no pretense, no facade, it is you... transparent
  2. inauthentic=not authentic. Authentic means: you are the same through and through. No fake, no pretense, no facade, it is you… transparent

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3 thoughts on “Updated: Soul Correction: Finish What You Start”

  1. That is a dead on accurate assessment of me and my life. Wow! What an eye opener. My home and computers are filled with books and programs that I bought and started but never finished. This is true of so many areas of my life. Guess I have some correcting to do.

  2. Ouch! I have spent a lifetime not finishing what I started. The books I’ve read to get to the bottom of my behaviour have offered hundreds of pages of advice that simply hasn’t helped. I’ve never understood “fear of success” or “fear of failure” as explanations. Reading this article is the first time I’ve felt clarity about *why* I don’t finish what I start. I feel as though I’ve been found out. Thank you for making the unconscious conscious.

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