If you can’t move from A to B… The Too Direct Approach To Anything

hammer_break1I just finished watching a long (2 and a half hour long!) webinar, and one of the phrases that I want to borrow from there, is this: it’s not you, it’s your approach that makes you get less out of life than you could.

One of these approaches I see often that rob you of success is:

The Too Direct Approach To Things

One of the mistakes, one of the false beliefs, one of the erroneous ideas your paradigm gives you is to attempt to get from point A to point B through the straight, direct route.

But… No Problem Can Be Solved From The Same Level Of Consciousness That Created It 1

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Almost every time when you attempt to “fix” something through fixing what is wrong, you are using this strategy, this false belief, and you create a bigger problem.

The shortest distance between point A and B may be a straight line, but not when it comes to traveling the distance.

And especially when it’s a project, the short distance, although it is very seductive, leads to a stalemate.

The “reason” this is so is because in real life you need to get ready, you need to get in line with, you need to get aligned with your destination.

tumblr_l8z2j006aQ1qdas6ko1_500When T. Harv Eker said that the point of making millions isn’t making of them, but the journey one has to take to become the kind of person who can, at will, generate millions, through their knowledge, their personality, the value of their offerings.

If you look at life through that quote, if you use that quote as a filter, you can see that the straight line may make you a millionaire, but a millionaire who is not ready for their millions, therefore the millions, unearned, will make you miserable… wishing you were never born.

Same with falling into a relationship, falling into a job, losing weight not with your effort, but with drugs, getting “healing” through the actions of another person, doctor, healer, activator, whatever.

Getting something without earning it is a two bit solution

Most people that come to my site, most people that come to me are looking for a two-bit solution to a many-bit issue. This is the type of solutions most gurus offer, promise, and of course they lie…. while they take, smilingly, your money, your time, your hopes and your dreams.

When you deal with two-bit issues, dropping off a package at the post office, picking up bread at the store, etc. then two-bit solutions are perfect.

But when the issue is not two-bit, and most issues aren’t, these issues have many moving parts, the the forced two-bit solutions are like cleaning a window with a hammer. On one hand it solves the issue of not being able to see out, but it also destroys the window…

If your desires are not two-bit, then you need to warm up to the idea, that two-bit solutions are the enemy, instead of your friends.

If you buy courses, books, solutions that you hope will take you directly to your dream, you are washing your windows with a hammer.

Your solution, the course, the book, coaching program, counseling, activator may attempt to take you on a journey, but your paradigm, the simplistic, two-bit paradigm, your problem-solution paradigm prevent you from allowing the solution to take you on a journey of self-growth, self-discovery, assisting to find a real solution by becoming a match to your dream.

I have a friend who is like this. We’ve been friends for seven years, and in seven years I haven’t made a difference for him, even though we speak every week. This morning I promised him to attempt to find a way, a method, that would allow him to go beyond two-bit solutions. I promised that I would test methods to move him outside of the paradigm of two bit solutions, to create tears in the fabric of his paradigm, so he can finally become bigger than he has been, so he can start using the myriads of solutions he has spent his money on, so he can become an expanding human being.

If you would be interested in partaking in this experiment, please let me know by commenting below. You can comment anonymously, by the way. If you are not willing to comment, don’t bother to email me, it automatically disqualifies you: you won’t be suitable, you are not even two-bit.

Download the pdf version of this articlethe-too-direct-approach-to-anything
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  1. What does No Problem Can Be Solved From The Same Level Of Consciousness That Created It mean… It means that the thinking, the vibration, the consciousness, the attitude that cause the problem in the first place cannot find a solution that is not the next, bigger problem. In a way of a metaphor: if you create i.e. see a problem on the pedestrian level, you cannot solve it on the same level, because you will only see from that level what you saw before. You need to elevate yourself at least to the second floor level of consciousness, so you can see more, more of the picture, not just what you saw before. In my programs, with my activators, many people can move to a higher level of observation, so their problems disappear as a problem, or they can find a solution that will not bite them in the rear end.

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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22 thoughts on “If you can’t move from A to B… The Too Direct Approach To Anything”

  1. I am most interested in this experiment. I understand from my own experience that I am not “aligned with my destination,” that I have been using two-bit solutions to solve my many-bit issues. *The light starts to go on …

  2. I found your site yesterday…it was open all night so that I could go straight to it this morning, and I found your “two-bit” explanation and solution of yesterday 5/11/14. I have been “washing my windows with a hammer” all my life and definitely leading a “two-bit” existence. I have a new determination…please sign me up, and many, many thanks for this meaningful, insightful site!

  3. Sophie I would be interested in participating. I’ve given our last correspondence a lot of thought and am trying to wrap my brain around stepping out and making small changes so I’m not just reliving the same scenario over and over. This could be a great way to continue that process. Thanks for the opportunity.

  4. Hi Sophie I was so inspired by your post about “context” and how you created a powerful context for yourself to keep going in spite of the attacks by dark energies. I could not create an inspiring context for myself no matter how hard I tried… and I realize now after reading this post that i’m stuck in my limited paradigms and addicted to 2-bit solutions. Please I would like to participate in the experiment

  5. Yes. My mind doesn’t want it and is actually afraid of moving out of my two-bit paradigm. But I, my Self, do want it.

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