Transformation: Making the impossible possible

paradigm-shift-cartoonWe all live in a paradigm. It is our model of reality. Our paradigm is bordered and separated from higher paradigms by all the things that we know. Not what we believe, but what we know. Beliefs are content in a paradigm, but don’t define it. The paradigm defines the content, the paradigm defines the beliefs.

While I am not sure that there are parallel universes, there are definitely higher paradigms that we can visit and find out where we are erring in our own paradigm.

But most of us while we visit, we have a Transformative 1 or transformational experience: a glimpse at a paradigm where what is impossible at the moment, is possible. It may be followed, maybe not. May just be an insight, but not an enlargement of the current paradigm, it won’t last, it won’t take, it is like a seed dropped on the sidewalk: it won’t become transformation.

The Quantum Jumping 2 program cleverly makes use of this ability, but never tells you the truth: having an experience will not transform your current reality, only if you act on the new knowledge, only if you use it to enlarge the paradigm you live in will create a real transformation and a possibility of real change.

Transformation: Making the impossible possible. Making the hard doable. Making the suppressed expressed. In the next paradigm it’s possible, maybe even easy

Transformation, as a word, is thrown around in a frenzy of hype… but transformation is a very specific and very rare phenomenon.

Transformation is making the yet impossible possible. Transformation is a result of your paradigm enlarged by the insight you had… a tear in the fabric of the border in the paradigm, through which you see the larger one where what’s impossible in your paradigm is possible in the larger paradigm. It alters what you know thus enlarges your paradigm. We are talking experiential knowledge here, not book knowledge, not mind knowledge, but something that you know because you experienced it.

What is possible and what is impossible are also thrown about randomly, capriciously.

Possible, impossible

Possible means, for the person who says it, that it can be done, that the person KNOWS it can be done. Believing something to be possible is not the same. Belief is not real knowledge. You need to be able to see it as so.

Many things may be possible for other people, but not for you. Or for other people but not your partner, friend, or boss.

Inside the paradigm you live, that “possibility” is not really a possibility, as far as you are concerned.

Until you see that action, that result possible for you, you won’t really test it, you won’t approach it… it is really impossible, so why bother?


What is a paradigm?

Your paradigm has an invisible boundary, the wall of the bubble you live in, the world you live in. 3 The boundary is made up of everything that you know. You know it by virtue of having said that, having heard that, or having resisted it. Yes, resistance makes things real for you.

Each person lives in their own paradigm, thinking that’s all there is, that other people live in the same paradigm, but neither of those is true.

You designed your paradigm by the things you “know”. All the things you said, all the things you heard and taken as true, all the things you taken and resisted. Your paradigm is pretty “set” and enlarging it is the job of transformation.

Bigger paradigm, smaller paradigm — like bubbles “nested” in each other… not parallel

When you raise your vibration, your paradigm gets bigger. What is possible is a function of the paradigm. If the action/result is possible in your paradigm, i.e. it makes sense, if it matches what you know, then you’ll say it’s possible.

Important: you cannot see the next paradigm from your current paradigm. You can talk about it, believe it, dream about it, but it is not possible, it will not give you the playground where you can act consistently with it, until you get there through the painful process of attempting the impossible. Sorry to burst your bubble.

For example when gurus talk about love, they talk about it from a paradigm much smaller than the paradigm where love is available. It is all talk, no reality.

Love becomes possible around 500 vibration paradigm, and if you read my vibrational reviews, hardly anyone lives in that paradigm, at this point of time it’s a group of 8 people, including myself.

Paradigm Shift: is that a good way to express what happens?

Given the way I describe the growing of the paradigm, the expression “paradigm shift” is a big fat b.s.



how transformation comes about?

Transformation comes from taking an action that is not possible in your paradigm and getting an impossible result.

If you can see that a wrong knowledge was in the way, you may get a transformation: i.e. your paradigm grows a bubble over the “wound” the impossible result caused, and your new paradigm includes the new possibility.

Very few people every grow, ever enlarge their paradigm. Why? Because they misidentify the cause of the “breakthrough result” or consider is a divine intervention, a happy accident, a miracle, and not something that was bound to happen once you approach the impossible as if it were not real.

I have had very few transformations in my first 25 years of participating in transformational programs. Two within two weeks of participating, and then another one two years later, and then nothing for 16 years, and then two more on the heel of each other.

Transformation is not a dime a dozen: it is a rare gem.

Transformation is allowing the road to meet your feet in a place where there was no road. It upsets the apple cart, you need to reorganize your world to include the new information.

Most (99.99999999%) people live their lives in an ever shrinking paradigm, where they spend their time gathering evidence that they can’t, that the world is a dangerous place, where they can only be liked if they are nice, smart, successful, and good looking.


Causing your own transformation, causing the transformation for others

As a transformational teacher my life is 99.99% failure to cause transformation for others. I need to be OK with that, or I become a fraud, a fake, a pretender like the rest of the teachers out there. I need to be OK with that, or I quit.

There was a Hungarian saying at the time I left Hungary: for the Hungarian “intelligencia” there are two roads: 1. alcoholism 2. the second one is unpassable.

It really talks to me. Transformation, causing transformation, is an upassable road. My job is to keep my paradigm (that tells me what’s possible and what isn’t), to keep my paradigm growing, or at least not shrinking, so I can continue seeing the possibility in you, instead of the impossibility.

I’ll be banging my head against the wall until the wall lets go.

In one of the unpopular Landmark seminars 4 there was an interaction: (I paraphrase so you can maybe get it, the original language is very weird and precise) If you are standing in front of what seems impossible, and keep standing there in spite of the fact that it seems impossible, people who observe you will get the possibility of possibility.

It is possible in my paradigm, it is doable, it is a done deal, no matter how the track record is trying to prove that it isn’t.

I am not the problem. It is the paradigm you live in that is the problem. Your paradigm doesn’t include many things that are possible, even likely, because of the nature of your paradigm.

By me standing, unfazed, 5in front of what is completely impossible from your paradigm, maybe, maybe, maybe, you will be willing to take the action necessary to prove an impossible possible.

How does this show up in movies, with other teachers?

Some of your healers and gurus were like me at some point in their lives. Then they cashed their chips in, and stopped standing for the impossible.

Some of the visionary movie makers did the same: stood for the impossible and then they created a franchise… and started to cater to the fantasy world of the small paradigmed people. People living big in their imagination, never challenging their current paradigm.

what is the relationship between your vibration and your current paradigm?

If you consider all that is knowable, all that is 1000, and you consider it the largest paradigm, the vibrational numbers show the concentric spheres in ever smaller size. The 1000 grows, it is not the largest sphere… Considering the 1000 as a limitation, as all that can be known, that is one of the reasons people’s vibration is falling.

900-ish, my vibration, on this date, is the size of about 30% of the whole sphere…

When your vibration is 200, is about 7% of the whole sphere… You could say that under 200 the view is similar to an ant’s view of the world of humans.

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  2. Burt Goldman’s… and at the moment I could not bring it up in my browser… :-( If I can’t find it for a long time, if the site is inactive, I’ll start teaching you what I consider the ultimate Paradigm Jumping method, where you consult your bigger self in the bigger paradigm about all the things that in your current paradigm look and feel literally impossible, or too hard to tackle. And although it is very transformative, having a real transformation from it is not as easy as it sounds, but possible.
  3. In the movie The Truman Show, the boundary could be the dome above the built “reality” of the show, that is all the reality our hero, Truman has. Only when things happen that don’t fit into that paradigm that she starts to investigate, and ultimately goes through the “door” to participate in a larger paradigm, the world outside of his bubble.
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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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2 thoughts on “Transformation: Making the impossible possible”

  1. This post has been incredibly helpful in sparking an inner resonance (as opposed to feeling like I know intellectually, or even fully understand what is being sparked) about one of my stuck points. It has to do with the yo-yo effect I experience sometimes. For example I might get a lived sense that something I want to create is possible, resistance and doubt melt away and I think ‘this is it, this time I’ll really make that breakthrough’. It lasts a while, and then the fear/resistance/doubt pings back in, and the possibility disappears, leaving me wondering if I imagined it. This is a cycle I have been observing for a few years now. I knew there was something (many!) things I was not understanding about what is going on, but with this article, and the energy from the Happiness Coaching, I feel the possibility of a widening of my paradigm, and perhaps breaking free of the yo-yo effect. Another very real change/effect from the coaching is that tomorrow I am starting some commissioned work, and my anxiety is totally manageable. As you suggested, I am feeling the fear as it comes up, but unusually, it is not overwhelming. No doubt there is stuff going on beneath the surface that I have not fully contacted, but I am doing my best to engage with this consciously. I feel that with your help Sophie, I have made a beginning that I can see and feel the benefit of. For a start, I am not spewing anxiety out into my family, and instead of procrastinating (as resistance) I am organised, and totally ready to begin work. Again, thank you so much.

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