Restoring Coherence. Harness and redirect the energy instead of allowing it to diminish you

manage your attentionNot everything you feel is an emotion.

There are emotions and then there are the effects of emotions. But

all emotions can cause incoherence.

You know you are incoherent when your decisions are wrong, and take you down the path of self-destruction or hurting yourself or someone else. When you can’t hear what someone is saying. When you find your attention wandering. When you are not present.

Some emotions’ energy goes outward, other emotions’ energy goes inward.

Either type of emotions,

  • in a weak person, wreak havoc and cause devastation. A strong person can harness their outward emotions to move mountains, to accomplish, to achieve, to grow.
  • And a strong person can accept their inward going emotions as not necessary, not rolevant, and let them go.


  • Outward emotions are, for example, anger, rage, hate, frustration, and it takes a person who can pick their battles to concentrate their energy to a positive outcome.
  • Inward emotions are, for example, fear, anxiety, worry, jealousy, envy, regret, shame, etc. These, unharnessed,  are not useful, they definitely and always cause incoherence, and either destroy you, or make you shrink to near nothing.

hernessing angerHarnessing and redirecting strong energies, or taking the sting out of useless inward pointing energies takes recognition, energy, and practice.

And an even higher skill is to redirect fear based emotions to put a rocket in your butt… i.e. make them constructive.

But before you can do any of those, you need to restore coherence.

Allegedly the Buddha said that he had anger, spite, hate, etc. emotions, but they subsided so fast that an outsider could not detect it… The Buddha had the ultimate skill in restoring coherence… the smooth surface of the lake… you could say.

Coherence is attainable at any point, no matter what the emotion is.

Most people have never done it, most people have never even heard about it.

When I first arrived to Israel in 1982, what struck me most is women saying out loud: Ein li koah… meaning: I don’t have the energy, I can’t.

As an empath, I could tell that what was there underneath: incoherence mainly caused by a sense of overwhelm. That there was too much going on, that there was no rhyme and reason for what what was going on, and the people containing had no center, no Self.

A strong person means a person with a strong center.

There are lots of tiny distinctions that are needed to recognize and redirect energies… But the most important requirement of anyone attempting to develop a strong center is to manage your attention.

Horses that are put to work, race horses, horses that pull carriages, need to wear a blinder. Why? Because there is too much irrelevant information, energies that cause incoherence in the environment.

You need to invent your own blinders so you can stay in your center. It’s a proportions issue.

If you spend most of your time in your center, then you can have a strong center…

Your mind is NOT your center!

Tibetan monks look as if they had a strong center, but it is an illusion. You put a Tibetan monk on the subway platform in rush hour, and all that center disappears.

Yesterday I watched a video of marshal arts, sensei vs. student. The student had rage, but it was not directed at the opponent, because it conflicted with reverence. Incoherence resulted. A friend of the student skillfully acknowledged the reverence, and in that moment the anger could be redirected. The student beat the sensei.

Confusion, conflicting feelings are like the subway platform: take you out of your center.

You can only develop anything strong if it takes concentrated effort to maintain it. That is the principle of body building, and that is the principle of center-building.

The most important “aspect” of you that you need to be able to master is your attention.

301-redirect-directionsNowadays everyone seems to say, proudly, that they have ADD, but they are lying. It’s not ADD (ADD is a specific brain dysfunction). They are undisciplined, like an untrained dog, jumping on everyone…

It is time to learn to discipline yours attention, whether you are in public or alone.

And like with everything, it is easier to learn something with training wheels… My energy remedies are like training wheels: they make the distracting emotions weaker, so it takes less discipline to pull back your attention and stay in your center.

And I also provide a controlled environment: all and every one of my connection meditation videos will make it clear to you whether your attention is in your center or has wandered away. Once you are good at disciplining your attention when you are doing the meditation, you can graduate to “meditative living” which is a zen way of being: being unfrazzled by the environment and its millions of hooks to steal your Self.

Here are the remedies I recommend, on my Energy Remedies by Sophie site

And, or course, there is the all time winner: Harmonize your Vibration… it pulls your energy back into your center, 24 hours a day. The more you work WITH it, the better you become. It is like having someone help you do 200 crunches, while on your own you can only do 20.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

16 thoughts on “Restoring Coherence. Harness and redirect the energy instead of allowing it to diminish you”

  1. I feel a visceral greed to learn to discipline my attention when I read this post. I have been doing the first part (my version) of this training for a number of years, which has involved pruning; no television, gossip/mindless conversations, busy social schedule, friends that I am disharmonious with, white lies, junk food, pleasing people against my inner guidance, social media, half-assed commitments that I don’t care about etc. I am not saying I am perfect with all of the above, but the difference in my life is real and is its own reward, despite the people who have condemned me for the change. Change has slowed down, and I can see that I am ready for the next part, which is learning to manage my attention. Thanks for this post, it really hit home.

    Also a question Sophie. About a month ago you said that the only remedy I needed for now is HOE, which I have been using. How can I tell when it is time to use a new one?

  2. great share Catherine. I think you are ready for this step.

    You should try the Harmonizer. By the way, what is that strong blockage from the chest line to your throat? Is it “no matter what I do…” pretense?

  3. I was diagnosed with ADD about 7 years ago. I find it very difficult to concentrate. I also have a hard time communicating because it is difficult to come up with words especially when I am speaking. When I’m writing I have time to remember the words so it’s not as noticeable, but when I’m speaking it’s very difficult at times. I have some anxiety around it. I believe there is definitely a something going on in my brain that isn’t quite right. I try the connection meditation and I just can’t concentrate and or visualize. I’ve listened to the Harmonize at night while sleeping for a week and nothing changed am trying the abundance now.

  4. Deneen, the only valid diagnosis of ADD is brain scan, the type that Dr Daniel Amen uses, forgot its name… look it up

    With regards to the activators: they are not chemicals, and with someone as low a vibration as yours, it will take a lot of exposure, 24 hours a day, with the consciousness directed at acting in accordance.

  5. If you felt a strong blockage in the past few hours, I have been watching a movie (Danish, called ‘The Hunt’) about the mindless evil of groups. This has been on my mind since the last call I had with you. I resisted, and felt sick. It was odd, I caught myself doing this, but am still stuck with the blockage. Seeing is not enough to transform when the resistance is as strong as this.

    I will look for other things it could be, if you mean there is a blockage in that area generally.

  6. Also, I clicked on the ‘harmonise your vibration’ link at the end of the article, but it goes to a nearly blank page … I’ll have a look around in the morning. Thanks Sophie, goodnight.

  7. It’s called a Spect Brain Scan and I’m well aware of it and Dr. Amen’s work but I do not have $3000.00 on hand to have one done.
    As for the activators I do have them playing 24/7 but they are on in the bedroom so I would guess they are only effective while I’m in there.

  8. I thought that the avatar state audios were long range but I wasn’t sure if I understood that correctly. I have them playing from an old phone that I had lying around the house, but it just occurred to me that they are not hooked up to play from headphones, I just have it coming through the phone speaker, could this be the problem?

  9. I think that you are more of the problem: you are treating the avatar state audio as if it were a pill… that does the trick for you. I don’t mean it personally, and I don’t mean to put you down: most everyone who visits this site, most everyone who lives on the planet today thinks that you can grow spiritually by swallowing a pill, or playing an audio for a week.

    The harmonizer works best with your consciousness, but the consciousness that wants instant gratification isn’t a consciousness that works with the avatar state audios…

    I hate to disappoint you…

  10. I’m not disappointed, nor offended, I’m just confused. I don’t understand why you think I am expecting instant gratification. Quite honestly I don’t know what to expect, I just know that my vibration hasn’t improved. Instead of saying “I hate to disappoint you”, perhaps you could tell me how to go about raising it. I’m still eager to learn. I would think that I would be the kind of person that you would look at as a challenge. After all if you could make it simplistic enough for me to get it, then ‘most everyone that lives on the planet’ should be able to learn it. So, Teacher, teach.

  11. Deneen, you are not in any of my teaching programs. I just checked. You can only learn so much from scanning my articles. I am sorry, but I don’t use this platform to teach. I just write articles.

  12. I’m not in any of them (coaching programs) because they are offered at times I am working, as I work in the evenings. So reading the blog and doing the avatar audios are the only way I can learn at this time.

    And don’t sell yourself short, I have learned a lot from the articles. After all, I am still here, you haven’t scared me off with your, “tell me the truth even if it hurts”, style.

    I look at my emotions as indicators now, observing them, then learning from them. I try to catch myself and be more present as to what is really happening in the moment. And I’m catching myself when I start to complain and gossip, very huge for me.

    As I’m writing this I am struck with an Ah ha! moment and am embarrassed to say that I am learning more than I realized and perhaps the audios have had something to do with that. Hmmmm.

  13. This is really good… Every time someone asks “what are you getting out of this” you will ALWAYS have this insight. At least I do, every time. This is why I often share in articles things I learn: to strengthen that insight, to consciously get what I get, so I can get more of it.

    Congratulations. I bet there are a lot of people that never asked themselves this question, and could never see what they are getting, what is working, and what they should keep doing.

    This is really my first experience of you taking responsibility for what you are getting. Awesome starting point. Keep asking the question, the more you ask it the more you will be able to get, and the faster you are going to move.

    Thank you for sharing. I really appreciate it.

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