The Validation Challenge nearly impossible for people

One of the problems that people in the Validation Challenge have is that they use the focused mind to look. In the ‘learning to learn’ course we learned that the mind can be in the focused state and in the unfocused state. Mine is in the unfocused state 91% of the time. Even when I … Continue reading “The Validation Challenge nearly impossible for people”

So you want to be a winner? Let’s see how to go about it

Let’s say you would like to be a winner… Create yourself as a winner… What do you need to chuck, discard, leave behind, toss if you really want to create yourself?

Do you have a friend you can discuss things with?

Occasionally I am struck with the sense that I have no one to talk to. Some things, like should I do this, should I say yes or no, would be great for me to talk through. Choice is: selecting freely, after consideration. Choice is when it is not your reasons that choose but you, yourself. … Continue reading “Do you have a friend you can discuss things with?”

Equality: All men are created equal… true or false?

All men are created equal. That is the design. Whether you are a Bible reader, where The Book of Genesis says that when God created the world, God created humanity ‘in the Divine Image.’ or you look at the DNA and see that all humans have essentially the same DNA… we are equal, but some … Continue reading “Equality: All men are created equal… true or false?”

Are you homo sapiens or human being? Let’s look…

What is the evolutionary difference between homo sapiens and human being? Homo Sapiens is the evolutionary level where current humanity is. There is no one at the present time beyond that level. I guess the famous and made up story of the 100th monkey is about an evolutionary leap, but it hasn’t happened.

Second wind, second chance

Do you have the fighting spirit? Have you ever accessed your second wind? I am sure you were immediately thinking of fighting, and not spirit… and you are about to hang up… and go do something mundane and maybe even boring to calm down your spirit that wants to come alive… ‘go back to sleep. … Continue reading “Second wind, second chance”

Want to grow? Master outcome independence!

Zen: Chop wood, carry water. An outcome independent series of actions. Outcome independence . Western Culture: What is your why? Create big audacious goals, take bold actions… One is outcome independent with an overarching goal of inner peace. Not now, not at this moment, but for life. The other is outcome dependent, judging every step … Continue reading “Want to grow? Master outcome independence!”

Are 30 day challenges worth doing? Are 66 days better?

Somehow it seems that 30 days are almost enough to establish a habit… even though other reports say: it takes 66 days. One of my old students who had not participated in anything I offered for 8 years now, decided to join the Validation Challenge. The discipline of doing something daily and get daily feedback … Continue reading “Are 30 day challenges worth doing? Are 66 days better?”

You are like a dog wagged by its tail. The Mind is the tail…

You live as an object in a world of objects… an object with a mind, but nevertheless an object. Your mind serves one purpose only: to live really like a machine, protecting itself, being self-concerned. Because if you are an object in a world of object, then every other object is a threat to you, … Continue reading “You are like a dog wagged by its tail. The Mind is the tail…”

Seeing sideways… looking sideways… visual field

Look sideways… meaning: see things sideways… not only straight ahead. This is what Future Self suggested to the three entrepreneurial students on the call and later to me.