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The Second Phase Activators, the 100 missing emotions activated Will Set You Free, Align You With The Original Design, Free Up Your Life To Be Yours, Instead Of Living a life of someone others want you to be

From: Sophie Benshitta Maven
Date: Friday, October 22, 2021

We live in the age of Facebook... We live in the age of Positive Thinking... We live in the age where the full range of human expression isn't available to you... you can't even observe and learn... just look at what expressions you see on the pages of the internet.

There are 100 positive emotions I have managed to see, and you may be able to see and recognize only a few...

Emotions are a manifestation of your inner world... and it is impoverished... You feel negative emotions stronger than positive ones... We have all become two-bit simpletons... smiling, frowning, smiling, frowning, but really nobody is home.

Most of us have no real idea about what being loved, loving, caring, empathy, compassion, inspiration, enthusiasm feels like... We ae not habitually experiencing any of those... while we crave to experience the whole range of human emotions, we feel only a fragment of the possible emotions, especially the "positive", uplifting emotions.

They are innate to you... and yet dormant.

The Second Phase Activators awaken them, and make them available as an emotion...

Example: without inspiration it is hard to do anything hard, trying, without inspiration everything feels like a chore, a should, a have-to, and you won't even go for it.

Without those emotions you feel limited, you feel deadened, and in fact you are... limited, deadened, and you don't feel alive... you don't feel ambition, another vital componente of a life worth living.

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Let's first clarify: what are activators, what are the phases, and why is this such a great opportunity?

What is an activator:

An activator is a series of declarations, straight from Source, downloaded to all aspects of a human, by Source. The aspects are the
1. conscious mind,
2. the other than conscious mind,
3. the ego, also called the Precious "I"
4. the soul, also called the Self
5. the history level, or muscle memory
6. the cellular level... also called the DNA.

Each activator is downloaded while you are connected to Source.

Why do you have to be connected to Source?

Because being connected puts you in a receptive theta brainwave state. The deeper your state, the less resistance your aspects will show to the activators.

Why any of your aspects would resist if the activator is good for all of you?

Because you have an identity... Your identity was developed by you to prove that you are a victim, that you are worthless, useless, and unloveable... or in my case... should be dead.

Your whole life, all your choices are based on that identity: and your ego doesn't want to accept anything counter to your identity... the ego is entirely that identity, so for the ego it feels like death.

This is why it is needed that you put yourself in deep theta state: in deep theta state Source energy can penetrate the barriers of the ego. In other brain states, alpha, beta, delta, it will not be able to affect change.

Other times your conscious mind, what you think you know, puts up the resistance, both when it agrees or when it disagrees... The correct state of the conscious mind during an activator download is deep reverie, half asleep half alert.

The other aspects of you don't put up any resistance. Proof to that is that even if your ego didn't allow the download, your blood relatives suddenly change: they got the download through your history level. Quite counter-intuitive, isn't it?

What are the phases of the Planetary Ascension?

Currently we are in phase six. Each phase requires a little bit more conscious intention from the person, a higher level of generating their own evolution. You can't start on a high level and expect results. Just like with a building, you need to build a healthy foundations. Lots of "transformational" programs fail because they build on shaky foundation.

The first phase

The first phase was planetary, and people didn't need to agree: it downloaded the capacity to connect to Source and to the Original Design. Only the capacity.

The second phase

The second phase is all the missing feelings and emotions that will make you able to live a life with joy, and vitality.
  • When you don't know what being loved feels like, then no matter who loves you and how much, you won't know.
  • If you don't know what being supported feels like, people show up to you as demanding and controlling.
  • If you don't know what generous feels like, you will perceive self-serving self-gratifying, domineering "help" as generous, but the help will be rejected by the recipient and make you an unwelcome companion.
  • And so it goes with the approximately 100 feelings and values in this category.

Why is getting these activators now such a great opportunity?

First off: you can wait. No harm done. But...

Why would you want to waste another minute of your life?

The best way to do this course is to give a whole week to each emotion

What is on the recordings? What will you be getting?

Each recorded session contains the whole energy, the whole activator of one or two emotions that are missing for you, that when you have them, will make you come alive.

I have seen this on everyone who has ever done this course.

It is a powerful meditation and a permanent change creator in you, on all levels.

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When I began the work on the Second Phase Activators in 2011, I muscle tested myself for 100 positive feelings and found that I was lacking 70 of the 100 feelings you need to live a great life.

I didn't know what it felt like to be loved, respected, honored. I didn't know what loyalty, dignity, elation felt like... I wasn't impervious to fear, threats, or anxiety, I was jerked around by my dramatic nature... 70 of the 100 capacities and feelings in total.

I created these downloads mainly for myself: so I can finally live a life fit for a human.

The changes I saw in myself were staggering. And then I used the "testers" and downloaded each activator to them, tweaking them as I went along, until the resistance didn't get triggered quite as often.

I saw dramatic changes on them and on their families. And they were permanent.

Some activator downloads have to be repeated quite a few times, using the replays, but eventually the activation crowds out the bad habits, the habitual behaviors, and the new knowledge becomes dominant both in speaking and in actions.

Become my partner by getting these activators so there is more pleasure in your life and less suffering on Earth!

The recordings are approximately 60 minute long.

What are you getting?

100 activators, 100 emotions... bought individually, each cost $17... a value of $1,700

Buy all 100.

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A great offer like this should come with an equally great guarantee.

Here is my guarantee: If after 30 days you don't think this class is worth 10 times what you paid then just send me an email and I'll refund your money immediately. No questions asked.

Bottom line is: you have nothing to lose and aliveness and soulfulness to gain.

PS: Can I just buy a single activator? Yes. You can buy a single call, and I'll add you to that webinar recording only. The cost is $17 per single activator. Let me know which ones... Or talk to me and I'll help you pick the most missing emotions.

Buy only the emotions you want

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Here is a list of emotions to choose from. There are more in the course...

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