Heaven on Earth Special...

From: Sophie Benshitta Maven

To celebrate April and the New Method of Connecting I am offering a

2 for 1 special

on the Heaven on Earth Energy Bundle in a Bottle (Remedy)

Only 100 0 more orders are accepted

Before the end of April: Order the normal remedy (2 oz) and get the double size (4 oz) instead. Or order the refill, and get two for one.

That means that US students can pay $12.50 including shipping and handling, and save $7.50 on the double size remedy: get enough remedy for two months. When you order the refill size: you get two for the price of one, so you save 20 bucks, now, you can't beat that! And I personally package your remedy: you can see how sloppy I can be... lol. I pretty much pay for some of your remedy... but it will be worth it for me on the long run!

Why am I doing this?

  1. I have equipped my home office with a way to print shipping labels, and the packages no longer have to be driven to the post office
  2. I have ordered a large quantity of bottles and envelopes: so the whole thing cost less. I am transferring the savings to you
  3. I want you to take your remedy, and maybe get some for your family too. Your life will be easier. Guaranteed.
  4. The new flat bottles are lighter and are the perfect shape to wear on your body and get your remedy in your shirt pocket: it actually works as well as drinking it, at least on some of the feelings, according to my tests

This special ends on April 30 midnight, EDT (NY daylight savings time) or when we run out of the 100 orders limit.

Sophie Benshitta Maven, sophie@yourvibration.com, Shortcuts Inc. 4465 E Genesee St #270, De Witt, NY 13214, voice mail: 312-277-6146
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