No-share agreement

Please promise in the comments section that you won't share this or any other audio that you buy from me.
Thank you.

PS: As soon as I get notification that you commented... i.e. agreed not to share, I will manually approve the Big Bundle for you. Thank you.

101 thoughts on “No-share agreement”

    1. Thank you Brian. You’ll also find the link to register in the webinar. Refresh your browser, please.

    1. good to see you Will. in a sec, please refresh your browser. Also, don’t forget to sign up to the webinar next Wednesday. xoxo

    1. thank you, William. Please refresh your browser to see your new big bundle. also, you’ll see the link to the registration page for today’s webinar

  1. Hello Sophie,
    Yes I do hereby promise not to share these audios with anyone.Thankyou very much maam.

  2. hello Sophie, I agree not to share with anyone this audio or the other audios I buy from you.


    1. thank you Nancy. Let me know how you experience this monster of energy bundle

      It’s smart: it finds the issues. I just did it to re-presence myself to it. It told me my neck muscles are tight, and then it started to work on them… weird.

    1. thank you Zen. I’ll approve your purchase in a sec… but what did you buy? I thought I ask for this no-share specifically from purchasers of the big bundle… did you buy that? I have no record of that…

      1. Hi Sophie
        I logged in and this page came up. I thought it was something that I forgot to do for something else. I guess it is a sign I should get the big bundle.. I’ve just purchased it

    1. thank you Helen. The headphones are on the way from the store… so I’ll ship them sometime this coming week. Your access is ready

    1. thank you Sheila. I’ll post the new version of the Big Bundle in a little bit… and send you an email when I am done.

    1. Thank you Wes. I have added you to both the Big Bundle and the Big Big Bundle, the Big Bundle with HOE. It needs to be listened to through headphones for it to work.

    1. thank you Alvin. I trust you have been able to access your products. thank you for your purchase.

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