What's the truth about you?

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From: Sophie Benshitta Maven
Date: Thursday, June 30, 2022

Dear Friend,

My name is Sophie Benshitta Maven, and I am a coach.

I specialize in coaching people that are at the end of their ropes. Every single one of my students (give or take a few exceptions) come to me after they have exhausted their options, have tried program after program, modality after modality, to give them a way to turn their lives around and start to live a life that fulfills their soul, a life that is worth living.

Do you want to take a journey with me to find out about yourself and maybe turn around your life, if you so choose?

What's the truth about you? I mean, really... without BS, without psycho-babble... What is THE Truth about you?

Why is it that you are treading water, not being able to get from point A to point B? Why are you making one step forward and two steps back?

What is it about you that doesn't allow you to truly win in life? To feel loved, appreciated, and valued?

Why is it that at one moment you feel you are worth a lot of money, the other moment you feel worthless? Why is it that when push comes to shove, you sabotage yourself ?

What is it about you that keeps you the same, in spite of all the thoughts, promises? What is it about you that hinders your every desire, your every aspiration?

The small you that gets re-enforced by your spouse, your parents, your friends... the ordinary, the small you?

And why is it that you can't change, won't change, even though it would serve you, even though you may even want to?

You may have lots of reasons, but have you noticed that knowing YOUR reasons haven't made a difference? They haven't helped you to change your life?

Of course, if you knew where to look, you would be much clearer. Clearer about what?

You would be clearer about
  1. what is is that you hold self-evident, that you don't even examine, don't even try to change, because it is the TRUTH about you?
  2. what it is that you do that perpetuates that ugly TRUTH about you?
  3. what are the seemingly insignificant ways you re-enforce your world view, so there is no chance for you to change it to a healthier world view?
  4. what are the ways you keep yourself asleep and allow your machine to live your life for you?

Let me give you an example:

As a webmaster I get to see thousands of passwords, usernames, and email addresses. Those innocent little words? Yes. What your mind chooses for you there, sits right at the core of what's keeping you stuck.

  • Sometimes it is poor self-image
  • Sometimes it is an attitude that shows your relationship to others and the world
  • Sometimes it shows that your life is about you and only about you
  • And mostly it shows a combination of the above

Just one of those elements will keep you wretched for the rest of your life. Two or more: you are the wretched of the wretched.

Why: because those elements belie your view of yourself and of life, and when you use those day in and day out, you perpetuate your view of yourself and your image of you in the world.

They keep you in a tight little box where there isn't enough room to breathe, let alone grow.

So there you have it.

Did you get a flash of insight? Yes?

That was just a tiny piece of hidden information about you that is part of the truth about you: pointing to the real reason why you are not growing, why you are not happy, why you are not fulfilled.

But there is a lot more hidden stuff where that came from!

Want to learn more about yourself?

In a chock full of nuts webinar I'll show you other ways to dig under the surface to see why you are the way you are and why you haven't been able to change. But more importantly

I'll give you the key to the hidden "command center" of you and a method for permanent change, to change yourself so you can have a chance at living a full life, becoming a real Human BEING, and start growing, start accomplishing, start feeling good about yourself and about your life.

And all this in a 90-minute webinar. We'll get to see your underworld, and I'll introduce you to my method of change. Yes, I will sell something at the end of the webinar. Be prepared, you will want to buy it...

The webinar will be held this coming Saturday at 4 pm EDT (New York Daylight Savings Time)

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Agenda of the webinar:

  1. The hidden signs of what's the truth about you
  2. Let's learn to connect to Source (we need to be connected for the other agenda items!)
  3. Let's learn simple muscle testing (beginners and advanced will connect together!)
  4. Let's TEST what feelings are missing so you are not happy, energetic, and successful

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