What is reality? Is this real? Is this happening or is this just my mind playing with me?

has it ever occurred to you that you might be wrong?This is a severely truncated article from "Vox"... I am only interested in giving you Bayes' Method, that will help you go to reality with more certainty than you have now, and spend less time, a whole lot less wondering about your feelings... Whatever they may be.

To my dismay, this is what you have been doing, emoting. You make your decisions based on emotions... Life spent in utter uselessness.

I must admit: I didn't know. I have never done that. I have never been thoroughly seduced to go down THAT rabbit hole, and spend my life in utter uselessness there. Continue reading "What is reality? Is this real? Is this happening or is this just my mind playing with me?"

You never feel bad about what you think you feel bad about

Homo Sapiens, as a species, is pretty messed up. Everything sets its emotions off, and the specimen gets all emotional, angry, afraid, violent, or sad and depressed.

This emotional reactivity makes getting things done near impossible, learning, or having people together pretty hopeless.

Almost all diseases are a consequence of this phenomenon... people eat to soothe themselves. People eat to eat another out of their fortune. People eat to feel superior. People eat to get some enjoyment out of life.

And they eat to fix the damage that overeating caused, and do all kinds of unnecessary things to reduce the damage. Continue reading "You never feel bad about what you think you feel bad about"

The crab bucket mentality

You know, it is really true that your environment, the people with whom you identify and spend the most time with have more to do with who you are going to be, what you are going to do, what your main concerns in life will be, than anything else.

I have been observing people, some more than others.

Some are genuinely talented... and yet their whole world is low vibration, their approach to the world is an incoherent mix of low vibration consistent with their friends' and their main concerns, while high vibration would be consistent with their inner potential.

One example for this is Tai Lopez.

His friends are low vibration, lowbrow... you could say. Continue reading "The crab bucket mentality"

The Michelangelo Method of becoming you

As I said it before, I have a strong affinity to the dramatic... in every area of life. This may be part of my bipolar personality... taking things to the extreme.

I do that with food... I call them experiments, but largely these are experiments taken to the just too much...

And, or course, I pay the price. With my health, mainly.

But... as in everything, there is a silver lining, a benefit, that I would be amiss not to appreciate.

I have discovered almost everything in the area of health this way. Or in the area of training, self or others... or in anything else.

So my latest "fad" thing has been sorghum. I cooked up a huge vat of sorghum seeds with sauteed (fried?) onions and butter... delicious. Continue reading "The Michelangelo Method of becoming you"

The suppressed ambition… awakening your inner motive power

Although I use this iconic picture from the French protest... this is not a political article... Something, deep inside the French was activated by the new tax on fuel... and moved them to action...

In this article I want to talk about how to awaken that inner, deeply buried energy that could set you free. The caged desire. A suppressed desire.

Rob Brezsny, and many of his similar positive thinking contemporaries, cannot see, will not see, unwilling to see that not everyone is capable to do, see, understand, use everything.

This is my biggest beef with Landmark Education, or any other marketing organization or person: they lie. They pretend that you can do it, you can see it, you can understand it, you can use it. Continue reading "The suppressed ambition… awakening your inner motive power"

Vision, Values, Mission… are there any pre-requisites?

If you have lived a lifestyle that left you with no foundation for self-growth is answering the question... what comes first: the chicken or the egg.

You, people in this predicament have one characteristic in common: you don't want to do anything that you cannot see the immediate usefulness of it.

Usefulness can also be enjoyment... enjoyment is useful.

This common characteristic has rendered you to either rely on your quick intelligence in school, and you had reasonable to good grades, or you had bad grades... the result in common: no knowledge of the world, no foundation for self-growth, because no real learning took place.

The percentage of humanity that would like to grow, but has nothing going for them, other than that vague desire, is a staggering 70%. 70%!

Continue reading "Vision, Values, Mission… are there any pre-requisites?"

“You have to have vision”… what does it even mean?!

You have to have vision... you read it in memes, in articles, but you don't know what vision is, so how can you have it, right?

I have students, friends, who think they have vision for themselves, but what they have is the desire trap syndrome: they see pieces of the future that they want. They can walk around in it, enjoy it, embellish it, feel it, dream about it. Fly the private jet to have breakfast in Bombay, or drink margaritas on the pristine white sands of some private island. Continue reading "“You have to have vision”… what does it even mean?!"

What is frustration really?

Frustration has two causes: 1. wanting 2. expecting. Unfulfilled desires, unfulfilled expectations. Horrid.

You want more, better, different... Or you expect more better or different.

Either way, you are acting consistent with what society, what civilization wants you to be... not with Life.

More, more, more is the battle cry of consumerism. Industry, business wants to make more and sell more. So YOU cry for more, because you are told the secret to happiness is more. More this and more that.

You find out you are copper deficient (isn't everybody, by the way?) and you ask: what has copper. Let me ADD some of that to my food... your food that already keeps you 20-30-40 pounds overweight.

Cyber week... Tai Lopez sells his four courses for the price of one... and plenty buy... want more, buy more! Continue reading "What is frustration really?"

Why are happy people happy? Have you ever asked that question?

The biggest differentiator between a successful, happy, balanced, unbroken person, and someone with a life not worth writing home about is their relationship to failures.

Yes. Plural.

Wanting only successes is like wanting to walk but never take a step with your left leg... Unnatural and ... and why would you want that?

Everything in life has a rhythm, sex, breathing, eating and elimination... everything. Continue reading "Why are happy people happy? Have you ever asked that question?"

The illusion of smarts, the illusion of understanding. The pretense to know

That's me on the picture, 19 years ago... Waiting to get wet on the USA side of Niagara Falls... A perfect example of becoming...

We, humans, negotiate our way in life... with circumstances, schedules, things, and other people. From cradle to grave... we could say, that is life... negotiating every step, winning some and losing some.

But here is the thing: the rules are not clear, not clean, and not overt.

You cannot be sure what constitutes winning, and what constitutes losing a step... in fact, most steps: you have no idea.

But, as society, as a race, we have trained ourselves to pretend: to look as if we knew... maybe even feel as if we knew. Continue reading "The illusion of smarts, the illusion of understanding. The pretense to know"