Activating Your Original Design: What to Expect?

Full Activation of Your Human Design

In light of the test subjects that received their activation one-on-one and in the Tangerine state (theta) I am starting to see some startling things that can be expected after your full activation.

activation of your Original Design Although, your experience may be different, especially if you got your activation as part of mass download, it is still very educational to know what will happen. It will be probably slower, and maybe gentler, but I wouldn’t bet on it. 🙂

1. Imagine the amount of debris that has accumulated in your circuits (nadis) in your lifetime, and in the lifetime of your ancestors. The image I’d like to offer is a waterpipe system. The holes in the pipes are filled with crust. The activation needs to blast that crust for the water (energy) to pass freely through that pipe. It’s a nasty job, and if you can imagine the pipes to be alive, as nadis are alive, it can be disruptive, it can be painful, it can be a lot like exorcism. Especially when you realize that you have about 10 billions of those pipes… and you do.

Looking at my own experience, I have vomited, I’ve had diarrhea, I have headaches, I had disorientation, I had temporary lowering of my intelligence, I had bursts of anger, I had fits of crying. I was accident prone for a few hours, my driving was bad…

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Journal Day 6, Entire USA Activated

I dealt with Dark Side intrusions all day. Finally I decided to cloak myself and stay quiet. Invisible, undetectable.

In the evening, after hours of procrastination, I activated the entire United States. I checked the vibration. 143. It will be interesting to see how fast or how slow it changes. And this is after activation of New York on Monday, and New Jersey yesterday. Very low… no wonder.

Central America was next. Starting vibration around 130.

China took a long time. They also had a very active first chakra region… but instead of animalistic, like India, it was aching. I don’t know what that is about, felt like it was reduced with a regulation… like in a mental institution: the patients are be drugged so they don’t act on their sexual urges. China starts at 120.

I went back and checked India. It is 100 today. I can only imagine how low it was yesterday when it started.

Oh, the whole world’s vibrational frequency is 102 today.

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Day 1-5 of Activation of All Humans on The Planet

activation of your Original Design Project: Full Activation of All Humans on Planet Earth
Phase 1
Target vibrational frequency: 299
Standard vibrational frequency before the activation: 151

From my journal:

Sunday morning I called N. in desperation. I felt alone, I felt desperation and hopelessness. It didn’t seem possible to cause a planetary shift even if I prepared a network powerful enough to support millions of people participating in it, at any one time.

As I was sharing with N. it occurred to me that maybe I have been looking in the wrong direction. Maybe I have already had the way.

I tested it on her, and by God it worked. She is the first person to ever experience full activation of the Original Design. Suitably she got really ill… darkness won’t give up easily.

I repeated the process with 3 more friends of mine, and at 10:30 pm I did it with myself.

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Increase Your Confidence by Fully Activating Your Original Design

increase your confidence by increasing your vibrational frequency

Increase Your Confidence by Raising your Vibration

As part of my effort to support you in realizing your potential with your new fully activated self, I recommend that you watch this Star Trek, The Next Generation episode: you’ll be surprised how similar the phenomenon in this old movie is to what happens in real life once you are activated.

The only difference is: this is permanent. The one in the movie was temporary. Enjoy.

Star Trek Episode “Nth Degree”

When you increase your vibration, you’ll see a significant increase of intelligence, grace, harmony, a certain sense of invulnerability and certainty. When you increase your confidence as a result of activating your Original Design, you will increase your confidence to new levels without arrogance, or getting conceited.

You will need to re-learn to live life on this higher level… but your increased confidence and intelligence level will help you in that.

The first few activated people have raised their vibration by 50% in one day. Not bad for a one-minute process… heh?

When you know what happened, you will increase your confidence even more… as it is shown in the movie above.

Activation and the aftermath – What To Expect After The Activation of The Original Design?

activation of the nadis... all of them.

Activation of the 10 billion nadis

Individual and partial activation downloads didn’t, in my experience, cause any symptoms other than an increase in capacities.

I am learning that full activation actually has some “healing crisis” type symptoms associated.

The circuits that weren’t used (ever) because they weren’t activated, once active, start burning off the crust. Activations that were done, out of sequence, if you are one of my testing clients, need to be deactivated before they can be activated again to integrate them into the upgraded whole.

I know it sounds outlandish, but imagine that you are a computer, and I performed a core processor upgrade, a ram upgrade, a power supply upgrade and an operating system upgrade on you all at once, while you were open, up and running.

Even when you do partial upgrade to a computer, in order for it to function properly, the computer needs to be restarted.

Maybe several times for the whole upgrade to get integrated into the more powerful whole.

This is what’s happening. There is no cause for alarm, instead, celebrate that a seemingly insignificant 1-minute connection really did something… good or bad, the verdict is the same: something was done, and that is good.

This is how it’s playing out for me, personally:

The first thing I experienced is all my previous activation disappearing. The second thing that happened is even more significant: the syntaxes between the two hemispheres of my brain shut down, and the repairs to my brain damage disappeared.

I found myself disoriented, almost unable to drive safely, and not able to put together coins to add up to a predefined sum.

A general fogginess took over, and it was a WTF experience. Lol.

Most of it blew over in about 3 hours, and it started 15 hours or so after the activation.

I am confident that by tomorrow I will be back where I was before the activation, and the growth will start to kick in.

I’ll let all of you know. My activation will mirror yours….

Activator Downloads… Activate The Original Design’s Circuits, The Divine Blueprint

circuits activated light up I saw another episode of Star Trek last night. The issue was if Lt. Data, an android, had the right for self-determination, or free will, like a human being. In the trial, the prosecutor studied Lt. Data’s design, and circuits, and to demonstrate that Lt. Data was a machine, he turned him off. It was like he killed Data, heart wrenching.

It occurred to me that human being is a superior machine, but its superiority depends on the number of active circuits…

Mr. Data illustrate that to have respect, self-respect, to honor, to be honest, to be courageous, and the list of these characteristics and abilities is long, is either active in a human being or not. But… it is there by design and the circuit can be activated.

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How To Have Your Life Matter?

witnessing is the most important part of feeling like you matter, that your life matters If a tree falls in the forest… does it make any sound if no one listens?
If you live your life and no one is witnessing 1 it: did you live at all?
I know these are very philosophical questions, but arm yourself, without asking relevant and philosophical questions about life and your life, your life won’t make much sense.
And it is not only me, who is saying that. At a certain point in life, every human being asks the question: “Is this all there is?”
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Raise Your Vibration: 4 Modalities That Work: Tr., Pam Ragland, Dianetics, And Activator Downloads

the visual signs of higher vibration raise your vibration Please remember that this case study is concerned with one aspect: does the modality raise your vibration permanently. That is the only question I answer here, that is my only concern.

Why? Because there are tons of life-coaches, lots of “transformational” programs, lots of spiritual teachers, lots of meditation, yoga, brain-entrainment, etc. programs are out there that create a feel-good effect, but the effect isn’t lasting, and you have to go back for more.

What do I mean?

Examples of stuck states

Let me give you a few examples: A friend of mine follows a guru. She even became one of the “master teachers” of the guru’s energy modality.

She goes to these weekends and comes back, high as a kite… but comes down crashing. She is taking more and more time out of her business to “seek” enlightenment.

Her main issues of avoiding risk, and being alone aren’t solved, but she keeps going back..

An ex teacher of mine, today a mastermind partner, is exhausted again. She is yelling at her husband. She is worried. She works from the moment she wakes up till she crashes at night.

When I examine, she is running on old patterns, like a puppet on a string, battling some invisible scarcity monster that won’t let up. She has had many coaches, but the situation is getting worse… the real issue isn’t addressed.

What’s predictable is that she will never get off the war-path till she dies.

Another acquaintance of mine wants to be successful, make money, travel the world, be a sought after “transformational” coach.

In the 10 years I’ve been watching her, she has avoided learning anything. She hasn’t read a book from cover to cover. She watches videos on youtube and reads articles on blogs, and then sends them to me.

She hasn’t made any useful action in the direction of her goal… She is continually trapped in lala land of self-delusion.

The underlying craving for success, and the underlying fear of failure, fear of finding out that she is not as good as she thinks she is causes her life to be hellish.

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Case Study: Abraham Channeled by Esther Hicks. Feel better vs. Raise Your Vibration

feel better abraham hicks

Feel better vs. Raise Your Vibration

Please remember that this whole series of case studies is interested in one aspect: does the modality raise your vibration permanently. Or only teaches you to feel better temporarily… That is the only criteria that I examine here.

Why? Because there are plenty of feel better, flash-in-the-pan modalities out there that enslave you.

What do I mean?

Let me give you an example: A friend of mine ran his idea by me today: he wants to offer an on-demand coaching service, where people pay a monthly retainer fee and then a per-minute fee when they call for a coaching session.

What’s predictable is that the same people will call about the same issues, over and over. And unless he does something beyond solving the issue at hand, he will have to deal with the same thing over and over again. They will feel better for a little while, but the same thing will come back again and again.
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The Easiest Starting Point To Raise Your Vibrational Frequency

starting point to raising your vibrational frequency The Easiest Starting Point To Raise Your Vibrational Frequency

I have been researching and investigating the many claims of raising your vibrational frequency.

There is an important distinction to be made here:

Although there is the map of consciousness, and there is the method of Abraham/Hicks, they are a feel good method and do not raise your vibration any longer than as long as you are willing to do those methods.

Not bad, but it is a lot like having a job for a living. The moment you stop working you are poor…

Now compare it with being independently wealthy: the money comes in like clockwork without you having to constantly work for it. Your money works for you, and it brings you dividends.

Obviously somebody had to work for that money originally, money doesn’t come from nothing, but once that money was earned, and invested, it is the money that starts generating more money.

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