1 Agrimony: pretending to be cheerful
2 Aspen: dark premonitions, anxiety
3 Beech: judgmental
4 Centaury: doormat
5 Cerato: deaf to inner guidance
6 Cherry Plum: overload, overwhelm
7 Chestnut Bud: repeating the same mistake
8 Chicory: possessiveness
9 Clematis: escape reality
10 Crab Apple: compulsive about order and cleanliness
11 Elm: dutiful, lack of self-confidence
12 Gentian: doubt, no trust in outcome
13 Gorse: giving up for fear of failing
14 Heather: needy child
15 Holly: hard hearted
16 Honeysuckle: living in the pst
17 Hornbeam: listless, mental tiredness
18 Impatiens: impatience
19 Larch: lack of self confidence, fear of failure
20 Mimulus: fear or the world
21 Mustard: depression, soul pain
22 Oak: dutiful, carrying the earth on shoulders, joyless servitude
23 Olive: exhausted
24 Pine: self negation, guilt, shame
25 Red Chestnut: tied to others, clinging
26 Rock Rose: panic
27 Rock Water: dogmatic discipline, self-flagellation
28 Scleranthus: inner conflict
29 Star of Bethlehem: shock, tragedy
30 Sweet Chestnut: anguish
31 Vervain: insistent world savior
32 Vine: my way or the highway
33 Walnut: vacillation, unable or unwilling to change
34 Water Violet: isolation, self-protection
35 White Chestnut: mental merry-go-round
36 Wild Oat: aimless seeking, no direction
37 Wild Rose: resigned, limp
38 Willow: resenting fate
39 Yew: resistence to life
40 Peacock: soul pain
41 Liana: expecting/dreading something painful. The most frequent fear you experience
42 No matter what I do
43 Touch-me-not:  Self protecting. Resistance. Stingy
44 Acacia bloom: Stingy. Hiding the bloom for self-protection... but broadcasting it with scent.
45 Narcissus: GREED. secretes a sap—visible when you cut the stems—that can be poisonous to other flowers.
46 Violet: cowardice.
47 Lavender: impending doom.
48 Baptisa: Overwhelm. The need to stop and prevent any more to come... until you make more room inside for more