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'Get Access To The Tool That Geniuses Like Einstein, Mozart, Churchill, Abraham Lincoln, Steve Jobs, Colombus, Newton, & Tiger Woods Used To Get
Brilliance At Will'

Would You Like Accomplishments That Match Einstein, Mozart, Churchill, Abraham Lincoln, Steve Jobs, Columbus, Newton, & Tiger Woods?

If You've Been Falling Short In Your Desire To Be Creative, Successful, Well Liked, Peaceful, Graceful and Have Energy that Lasts and Lasts and Lasts, Keep On Reading...

They all had the same things in common. They were able to tap into a reserve of knowledge that was unavailable to others. They became successful in spite of the odds... In spite of the times, in spite of their family, politics, money, anything that holds most people back and condemn them to mediocrity and a dull life.

I Have Developed A Tested System

It is tested, and it is able to cause any person to
  • perform more successful in life and
  • have access, at any time, into the same reservoir of wisdom those famous people had.
What does it take to be brilliant? Is it because you were born brilliant, or because you can utilize what is available to you best? The world is full of brilliant failures: they may have the brain power, but there are two missing pieces, and this course delivers them both:
  1. The ability to stay calm and collected in the face of
    • fear,
    • pressure,
    • adversity, and
    • hardship
  2. And the ability to call onto the wisdom of the beyond, the wisdom that stays hidden to most.
I have a secret for you: under the layers you are a great person, innocent, eager to learn, and able to love, feel, and enjoy... Under the layers.

Here Are Just Some Of The Results Client Report

  • Supercharge goal achievement
  • Attract effortless abundance
  • Modify behaviors you don't like
  • Gain unbeatable self-confidence
  • Break long-standing addictions
  • Lose weight and keep it off
  • Beat emotional overeating
  • Gain the upper hand over circumstances
  • Eliminate annoying habits
  • Overcome fears and phobias
  • Beat insomnia
  • Relieve stress and relax
  • Reduce pain and headaches
  • Solve problems effortlessly
  • Find the perfect relationship
  • Uncover hidden abilities
  • Improve memory and retention
  • Unleash your true potential
  • Beat Procrastination
  • Find yourself in action about what's important to you
  • All your relationships get better
  • Create the life you've always dreamed about
  • Be in harmony in all-of-it and experience peace of mind, grace and ease, and satisfaction
Here is the Best Part: The Brilliance At Will Method has no known negative side effects.

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Have you ever wondered why some people read a book, watch a video, and turn around and use what's in them, while others may brag that they read it, but no real benefit comes out of it?

Have you ever watched people in amazement that when verbally or even physically attacked, they stay calm and know what to say to turn the attacker to their side?

Have you even marveled that some people take life in stride, enjoy every moment, while you fret, and waffle, and fear every step that can result in a bad move? A <<gasp>> failure?

These people have access, they have the ability to stay calm under pressure, stay coherent, stay powerful, have peace of mind, grace and ease, no matter what the circumstance.

They, unlike most people, use not only 2% of their mind, but 10~20~30.

I use 40% of my brain for useful stuff, like problem solving, planning, coaching, reading, and such... but that wasn't always so. I started out at 5%, and grew it, with the method I teach, over time!

And that, more brain power becoming available, is one half of this system!

You see, what they had in common, is that they had access, they tapped into a source of knowledge that wasn't available to all. They seemed to know and understand beyond what was known and knowable at the time.

  • Lincoln never studied to be a military commander, yet, he commanded his troups to victory with elegance and knowledge HE didn't actually have.
  • Mozart woke up with whole symphonies in his head, HE just had to write them down.
  • Steve Jobs single-handedly created a new era, and then another new era, and another one.
  • Newton created a whole science, recognized a law that had eluded everyone, except, somehow HE knew it.

What was the source of that brilliance in each and every case of greatness in history?

If you read the book by Wallace D. Wattles, The Science of Being Great, you would know the answer:

All These People Were Able To Read The Mind of God

Unfortunately, Wallace D. Wattles doesn't tell you how to do that, and until 2011, no one could. Because you can't read God's mind, unless, somehow, you are connected to All-of-It, the place of mystery and All-Knowledge.

Introducing The Tangerine Method of Connecting to The Source of All-Of-It.

From:Sophie Benshitta Maven
Date: Sunday, September 26, 2021

Hello, my name is Sophie Benshitta Maven,

I've spent 60 years of my life fixing a stupid step I made when I was three. Three years old, I mean.

I racked up 29 years of Organized Education and 31 years of extracullicular education, you know, courses, mentoring, reading, the works.

Real brilliance eluded me. I was a know-it-all, a smarty pants, a showboater, but real wisdom, real brilliance wasn't available in books, and they weren't available from coaches... and I was unfulfilled and unhappy.

I did some good things, won some awards, published a magazine that made me a celebrity, but my life was trial and error: I had no inner guidance.

I read in the book The Science of Getting Rich that you can use your mind to think things into existence, like God. I read in the book, The Science of Being Great, that all you need to do, is being able to read God's mind.

But how? I studied Kabbalah. I had my negativity swept by Quantum thought Shifting®, I visualized with Psycho Cybernetics®, and I meditated with Holosync®, but nothing. Not a peep.

Until the beginning of 2011 my search for the secret method was in vain. Finally, accidentally, I was sent to a video, and I watched it with the sound off. I wasn't mislead by the words, by the world of knowledge: I could feel what the person speaking was doing and I could do it myself: I connected to something, and the experience was like going home.

Thousands of people had watched that video, yet, it seems, I was the only one who suddenly, and effortlessly found myself connected to God.

When I played computer games, I connected myself, and I won. Every game. When I didn't connect, my numbers were around 80%. You see, I am not very smart... at least not THAT smart.

My Ventures Started To Succeed, I Started To Connect To The Right People, Disconnect From The Wrong People, And Do The Right Things: The Ones That Took Me Closer To Where I Wanted To Go.

My friends started to beg me to teach them to do what I do... but it wasn't that easy.

Just like the lady on the video who attempted to teach thousands of people, and succeeded with none... It is not easy to translate what you do naturally into followable steps.

But finally I figured out how to teach the method of connecting, and so far, every single person I taught it to, connected.

How do I know? Because I am a true empath. I can feel that someone is connected, as if their body were my body. But more importantly: I can feel where and what mistake you make when you don't connect. And as easily as if I saw you, I can tell you exactly which way to move, what to do more and what to do less of.

You Will Be Able To Feel That You Are Connected, And You Will See The Results As Well.

Would You Like To Get Access To Brilliance? I Call The SYSTEM Brilliance-At-Will... Because After A Little Practice, You Can Just "Click Into" The Connection, And Brilliance Is Yours. At Will.

I Had To Click On The Very Email That Taught Just What I Needed

I get thousands of emails a day, all trying to sell me something. I don't even read any of them.

Today, as I was finishing this letter to you, I looked at my email box and an email was calling to me. I don't know who sent it, I don't know the person. The email was about a webinar, no topic, just come. I clicked and joined. It was about to start. It was about how to write a letter to your readers... exactly what I needed.

This is what's been happening for the past year... amazing.

What will you get:

Level 1

8 instructional videos by me, Sophie Benshitta Maven. The instruction is done through webinar recordings. You will be trained in the art and science of staying calm under pressure, and access the wisdom of the Beyond, All-of-It. A $1,600 value

You will get access to Energy Activations that activate dormant capacities in you, including the Uncondition Love Activator (A $300 value)

Level 2: The Pebble In Your Shoe

In level 2 we'll work with the deepest level of the machine: the motive power of the machine: the Pebble.

The Pebble is the Soul Desire that is driving you, again and again, to try, and no failure, no punishment, no suffering is big enough to stop you...

In this course we'll listen to this Soul Desire and create a structure that we can manage easily so we can have our cake and eat it...

You can't get out of the machine, but you can take the machine with you to wherever the Soul Desire takes you. The machine and the Soul Desire are two seeming mutually exclusive outcomes, but it is possible to manage so you can have your cake and eat it too...

It's an exacting process, and you definitely need training and supervision while you are learning it.

  1. Access to the recorded classes
  2. Homework and answers to guide you

Level 3: Your parachute, your rescue helicopter... Your Organizing Principle... Create and Live a Meaningful Life

You will get access to all recorded calls, plus a 1-on-1 session where you can create your own Parachute...

YES, Sophie, I want to get INSTANT ACCESS to the "Brilliance at will" course!

Give me instant access to the first three levels of the course, A total value of $4000

Sophie Benshitta Maven,, 4465 E Genesee St #270, Syracuse, NY 13214,
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