What Causes Weather Extremes That Kill People? Floods, Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Draught? Cancer, Mental Illness, And Other Incurable Diseases And Conditions?

Why didn’t the world end like the Mayan predicted?

The Universe is not exactly a cause and effect phenomenon, it is too complex to detect causality in it. From the limited perspective of the human mind, no causality can be detected… it looks random and capricious.

Human being always wanted to reduce the risk that Life is, always wanted to understand how it works, always wanted to reduce Life to a formula. This is what gave rise to religions.

Religion, organized religion, puts you in the cause and effect mindset. They are doing it to control you, to control your behavior. It puts you in a false sense of security: you are doing the right things, so only good things can come out of it…

In Kabbalah, I learned that the reason you can’t see this cause and effect thing, because G-d in his infinite wisdom, put time between the cause and effect, so you can exercise your free will, whether you are going to be a good boy/girl, or a bad boy/girl. So you just have to believe them.

In Christianity if you are bad you go to hell, and it’s a direct cause and effect. If you can come back from hell, you could tell all of us what it’s like, and then we would know. It would be as effective as burning the child’s hand on a hot stove while saying no. It would be clear to all of us not to be bad… whatever bad means.

For a child, everything happens because of them. A child cannot see the other side of things, cannot see the invisible. My mom left me in the street because there was something wrong with me. My sister died because I was angry… or heavy, or bad, or whatever… a lifetime of anguish and guilt, and trying to be different-than-I-am, trying-to-be-not-me results.

Parents, siblings, teachers, church people seem to be only there to make you feel guilty: it is all your fault.

So, on one hand it is not clear how you cause anything, because of time.
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Why You Feel What You Feel? Sadness, Anguish, Fear, Anger, Or Whatever You Feel? The Thus Unidentified Role Of The Mind…

tracking your negative reactions to negative feelings, i.e. your negativity I, and some of my students, are experiencing, what you could call the Global Negativity Transmission.

Although it is not pleasant, it is not harmful, unless…

Imagine yourself at a research lab. Medical or psychological research.

you have wires attached to different parts of your body.

You are not told exactly what they are experimenting with, actually they don’t even want you to find out, because it forfeits the accuracy of the results of the research. Just like placebos: you won’t have a placebo effect if you know you took a placebo, will you?

So you are sitting there and a sense of gloom and doom comes over you. Your mind jumps in and starts looking for the reason. It will look in the past, it has no access to the present.

Depending on your personal history and personality, it will come up with a reasonable explanation why you are feeling that gloom and doom.

For the rest of the day you can’t shake it off… actually you are going deep into the old memory, the old grievance, pain, wound, disappointment.

Next day you go to your daily hour-long experiment “job” and finding that breathing is becoming exceedingly difficult. The mind, again, jumps in and explains it with some knowledge the mind has… and now, in addition of gloom and doom, you are dissatisfied, or angry, or irritated.

The third day brings on doubt. Doubt in yourself, doubt in the research, doubt if you are spending your time wisely, so you quit.

In about the week you feel better and go back… but the cycle of doom starts again.

What’s going on?

Those wires and electrodes are just an excuse, just a smokescreen, to make you think that you will know when you are getting some input, but the input comes through thin air, through energy waves, from an unidentified source, giving you the flavor of the day negativity…
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Denial of Service Attacks… oh my

When governments fear people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. — Thomas Jefferson

It’s hard to decide who is afraid of who.

My students asked yesterday on the call: “Are you going to be safe, Sophie?”

It is not my path to be safe.

In 1988 I learned a technique (an exercise, really) that can help someone with a quiet mind descend deep inside and find the root of things.

I had just recently discovered that my default future was “I am going to be thrown out…” Thrown out of a volunteer job (17 times), thrown out of a course I paid for, thrown out of class, thrown out of a job (too many to count).

What was underneath is this: “I am on borrowed time…” i.e. life is short, make the best of it, who knows when you’ll be terminated.

I asked my neighbor across the hall to help me with that: you need two people for the exercise.
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Homing Device. Psychic Attacks, The Drama Unfolds: the Water Mystery Solved

property marking with homing device I have been drinking energized water since 1996. It has made a huge difference in my health. I could say that my well-being increased 200-300%, or said another way, my malaise has decreased by more than half.

A year or so ago the supplier of the energized water products went bankrupt and I started to wish I could, somehow either acquire the patent to produce the water or maybe, by some miracle, be given the method.

My desire was fulfilled this year and I have been able to provide energized water products for a fraction of the cost I used to pay for them.

At roughly the same time, Tr. of Tr. Wellness came out with his own Tr. Water. It was an instant hit, in spite of its high cost. Lots of people want to be well, want to be pretty, want to feel energized.

Around May 6 I asked for Source to duplicate Tr.’s energy, and Source said: No problem.

homing device: Tr. Water I premiered the energy on a May 8 healing meditation call… and that was the starting point of something… I’d like to explain in this article.

At the time I had a student who used to send me donations… for who knows why. Around that date the donations stopped.
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What is the organ of control for the Dark Side? I mean, how does the Dark Side take control of you?

I had an interesting discovery today.

Children and adults that have played music, seriously, or sang professionally, or participated in athletics or gymnastics, or other competitive sports that required you to have good control over your body, are able to raise their vibration faster, connect better, and get the activators more fully than people who either didn’t, or just relied on their natural talent, but didn’t actually train.

Why? Because these kinesthetic faculties, feeling faculties are enabling them to use more of what’s available to them, not just their mind.

Your mind is a stupid computer.

Every computer is stupid. Why? Because it is garbage in/garbage out.

It is not the computer that is smart, it is the operator.

People that live in their minds have no operator.
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The New World Order: How It Sneaks Up On You

new world order You know I am a movie lover: every movie teaches me something it never intended to teach… it was an unconscious motivator of the movie makers… and this is what I want to talk to you about today.

First, before you start thinking about Hollywood movies and other cliches, I am going to talk about foreign movies. That is where you are going to see, clear as the sun, how this insidious and unstoppable (?) “trend” goes towards The New World Order: the uniform slavery of all peoples of the planet under the thumbs of a handful (5) few.

There have been a quite a few movies, Israeli, a German Jewish Movie, a Turkish, and a Hungarian movie.

nowhere in africa... Let’s start with the Israeli movies. Israeli Jewish movies.

Jews have been the scapegoats of society for about 3400 years.

Suddenly, out of the “blue” everyone knew that the Jews are responsible for all the troubles of all peoples. Draught: it must have been the Jews. Epidemic? it’s the Jews fault. Poverty, obviously the Jews had something to do with it.

Anastasia from the Ringing Cedars series says that it was a man-made phenomenon: the priests of Egypt picked the Jews for the “job”.

So, here we are 3400 years later, and the Jews are better at hating themselves than even Hitler hated them.
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Who is the enemy? What is the enemy? How we are duped into being willing sheep and flaccid puppets…

I have known that we are sheep… I can see it. Everywhere.

Thinking is not taught, not encouraged, only having thoughts.

Critical thinking isn’t what gets you promoted in corporations, and besides, who has time for that with the television on 24/7.

I spoke with a guy today who puts a micro speaker under his mattress and it blasts music all night, lest he would have a moment of quiet to face himself and his shadow side.

The new world order, compared to it the “Brave New World” or “1984” or “The Matrix” were nothing like a fantasy…

The only question is, are there enough people that care… or humanity has really degraded itself and have given its aspirations up for greatness and accepted, like sheep, slavery.

Watch this documentary below and let me know if the New Humanity could count on you… or if getting off is the best choice… Please. Comment anonymously, I don’t mind. Just speak up. Let me know what to expect. OK?

Please comment below. if you want to be anonymous, just write instead of your real name, anonymous. Use a real email, that is not public.

The Dark Forces: What They Are, What They Do, How They Pull Your Strings?

the dark side who is pulling the strings? I am not sure who the original dark forces are… they have been around for about three thousand years.

They mean business. I mean business for themselves. These are individuals in a close knit clan, dispersed all over the world, spreading mayhem and fishing in troubled waters.

You work for them. If I had a job, I would work for them. The president of the United States work for them. They own all the banks, all the money on Planet Earth.

They pull the strings in this seemingly chaotic world.

Now, one could think: kill them. But that is more of the same. They can do their dirty deeds only because the conscious awareness of people is so low. And it hasn’t grown.

As a civilization we have been reduced to biological robots, and the chances of breaking out of that predicament is slim.

The scenario of the Matrix movie is both true and untrue.

In that movie, your biological piece was used as an energy cell, and only your computer character actually moved, changed location, etc.

In the real world, (no, not a hologram, as far as I can see), you are carrying around your piece. But other than that, you haven’t had an original thought probably ever.

the dark side who is pulling the strings? Suggestions? yes. But original, un-influenced thought, probably never.

Why? Because that is how the Dark Side wants it.

Just watch yourself: you fill every waking moment with noise, brain candy, “information,” so you could never have a moment of reflection where you could maybe see through the possible cracks of this hoax we are living.

Instead of “killing them” I am interested in getting to know them enough, that I can mount an effective campaign to awaken people. Some people.

I knew they existed, I felt it all my life, but

1. I had no idea if I was targeted special or everyone was as miserable as I was
2. I had no recourse: I felt totally powerless given the onslaught of miserable feelings permeating me 80% of the time.

Recently I am starting to get insights, a little differentiation, some shades of gray, a little better grip on the “game.”

The first opening was when I discovered that the feelings I feel were mostly not mine.

There is a great working model that helps you understand the phenomenon if you read the amazing science fiction novel, The Mind Parasites by Colin Wilson. You probably can’t get a newly printed copy, but you can always buy a used copy, it is worth it.

It will free you up enough to start coming from your power instead of your weaknesses.

the dark side who is pulling the strings? One of the things I learned (and never honored, really, lol) from this book is to tread lightly… to move without noise, to not exclaim victories, to not brag, to not announce to the world that I am winning, because it immediately gets the attention of the Mind Parasites, which is an analogy of the Dark Side.

It is not me to tread lightly. I was born to be a leader, and an overt leader at that. So I have been barraged with attacks that even with the methods I have cannot be fended off.
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Depression, Hate, Anger… All Signs That The Dark Forces Have Gained A Foothold In You

depression is not seeing that you can get out of the maze

Depression, Hate, Anger… All Signs That The Dark Forces Have Gained A Foothold In You

I read a book a few years ago by Kabbalah teacher, Yehuda Berg.

The book was on depression, and it promised to show you the restart button, so you can restart yourself without the impediments that had caused your depression.

I was very interested. I was just coming out of a 60-year long depression, but I felt I could fall back again. That was the case for 60 years: I would climb out only to fall back again. I could never say “I am well” without adding in my head… “for now.”

With very careful and narrow-tolerance methods I kept myself in working condition for 30 years, but pretty much that is all I could do: work. No vacation, no holidays, no relaxation: every time I slept more than seven hours, I started to fall, so I had to follow-up with sleep deprivation: sleep deprivation increases your Serotonin. Depression is a serotonin/dopamine issue, I am not sure exactly how, but it seems that way.

So I was really excited that someone managed to crack this depression thing… except.

rebooting: beat depression The book had one thing to say: the cause of depression is a low level of desire. I could attest to that, thank you very much. But it said nothing about how to increase your desire. The writer himself never recovered from his long-term depression either, despite his “knowledge” about it.

Fast forward a few years to this week, and something exciting is happening in this area: depression, desire, and how to beat the Dark Forces in you.

It all began with fear. Fear was named, by my readers, the number one cause they were not in action for what they wanted in life.

But although fear is natural, fear is useful, most of our fears cover up something.

In the past 27 years I’ve coached thousands and thousands of people. Some I coached once, many I coached for years.

I found only one common denominator in people, and that was pretense.

Layers upon layers of pretense.

Imagine an onion. Each layer is a pretense. Each layer pretends in a different direction.

On the top you will find the personality of the person: it is all pretense.


  • arrogance.
  • It covers up the next layer: fearing that one is a fake
  • the layer underneath is pretending that one is smart, can grasp everything fast
  • the layer underneath is a fear that one is stupid, slow, or dupe-able
  • And the layers go like this, on and on.

What is the purpose or goal of these layers? Survival.

Some time ago, I have no idea how long ago, human being was told a lie: that they are to be afraid: they are less than sufficient and less than enough to deal with life, to take care of themselves; that someone, larger than themselves is superior, and they are at that being’s mercy.

Sounds like religion to me.

In addition to that they told human beings that the world is a world of scarcity and they need to fight with everything and everyone to eke out a living. That the one with the most toys wins… and each age had its own toys, land, slaves, calves, weapons, whatever.

The truth is that human being is a Creator and immensely powerful.

But the powers that be had to cover that up: no one can rule Creators, Creators can’t be ruled.

The powers needed to dim human being’s consciousness by introducing, layer by layer, lies, that finally have diminished human being into a fearful, powerless, conniving, nasty little beast that doesn’t know what they can do.

You may have heard the story about how they train elephants: when they are little, they tie their legs with a rope and they tie the rope to a stake in the ground. The rope is strong, the stake is strong. The little elephant can’t pull it out and run away.

Once the little elephant “learns” that the rope and the stake is stronger than him, they replace the stake with a little stake and the rope with a thread, and finally just a ring of rope on the elephant’s leg will signify to the elephant that it is a captive and it can’t run away.

Layers and layers of that indoctrination was needed to reduce a species of proud Creators into the useless, powerless sheep they are today.

Inciters were burned at the stake, nailed to the cross, imprisoned and more.

When examples of the inner power show, by accident, like the mother who can lift a car that her child got trapped under are treated and explained by her extraordinary feelings: watch a person who accomplishes something extraordinary for sheep: they start to doubt the moment they did it.

This new world is based on man being weak and helpless.

But can you really extinguish the light within? The power to create with your thought, within?

No. And therein comes the problem.

The inner tension, the inner gap between the real you and the fake you can drive you crazy, can drive you to depression, or to feel miserable.

And although humanity was “gifted” with tools of pleasure 1 to replace freedom and love and power and satisfaction, the light could not be extinguished, and it is still there, wreaking havoc, inciting mayhem, banging on the walls of the self-imposed prison.

How do you break out of a prison like that?

The first step is seeing, clearly, and specifically the many walls of your prison. Get a bird’s-eye view of it, and plan for the breakout.

Each person has a slightly different configuration of prison walls, one size doesn’t fit all.

It’s an inside job. You can have a guide, but you need to do the work.

When you look at the enlightened people of the past, you will find that they spent a lot of their time looking inward, before they pulverized the last wall and broke to freedom.

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