More about Desire, And why desire, normally, is a plague

Desire is a mental energy. And it is impossible to desire something, something you have not first imagined or seen.

So desire is comparing an image of something and the way it is in reality. That gap is what is called desire.

Now, desire has this imagination element, that shows the object of desire, the finished ‘product’ as if it were already reality. And in that mistake, in that mirage lies the mischief. Continue reading “More about Desire, And why desire, normally, is a plague”

Words, hands, facts, numbers. Which is your bailiwick?

One of the emails I never fail to read, and never fail to benefit from in some way is the Monday Morning Memo.

What I like about it, and you probably would hate, judging from many YOUR choices which of my emails to read… What I like most about the Monday Morning Memo, is that it is a sideways view. Sideways from my view.

And as every sideways view the Memo shows the world different from ordinary. Just differently enough so it enriches. Enriches my world, allows me to be happier, more productive with more ease. So it delights me.

I really really love that. My insides purr. Continue reading “Words, hands, facts, numbers. Which is your bailiwick?”

Prison Break? What prison are you in unbeknownst to you?

Prison Break or the Art of Questions…

What could someone do when the world, your health, your body, your relationships are not going the way they should… do anything other than be complacent, resigned, live in quiet desperation?

I always had this question, but reading the Fatemarks series the question is getting louder in my head.

On the internet Continue reading “Prison Break? What prison are you in unbeknownst to you?”

What is Transformation? How it’s like an onion…

What is Transformation?

On the very outside of the onion called transformation, is the ‘wow’ layer. Wow… what just happened? Wow… that’s not how I’ve been seeing it… An experience.

It is miraculous. It is reality changing in front of your very eyes. Continue reading “What is Transformation? How it’s like an onion…”

The homework attitude and the desire trap

dreaming of a castleI got an insight today…

People are asking this question: how do I start? How do I get to where I want to get to?

And when I tell them how to get started, they ask the same question again. My answer wasn’t good enough for them.

So the insight I got is this: when you followed the current harmful teaching to imagine yourself where you want to be, you are expecting me to hand you the key… not tell you how to build that new reality from the bottom up.

This ‘imagine…’ bullshit has destroyed people’s ability to see themselves, and see reality, accurately.

Nothing works the way those ‘imagine people’ say… everything in reality is built from the ground up.

Yesterday someone asked me how to talk to someone to get a date.

I offered, instead, to look if he is ready to date, if he knows what he wants from dating, what is his agenda, etc.
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This explains why we are fat, broke, sick and unhappy

In Reddit there is a thread where the guy shares that he ordered in his grocery pickup, eight bananas.

So they gave him eight bunches of bananas, and charged him for one single banana.

So he posts this on Reddit, and the people there went apeshit with ideas how to eat all the bananas, recipes galore. More comments than in any post I have seen before. Continue reading “This explains why we are fat, broke, sick and unhappy”

We are destroying life on Earth… Unless…

Most of the things that are visible, you are not able to see.

It is like seeing the back of your head: you need a mirror to see it. A ‘talking mirror’, meaning: another person. An observer.

I have been reading this fantasy series by David Estes. Heromarked, soulmarked, fatemarked, whatevermarked… I like it, I just don’t remember the titles… sorry.

Anyway the idea may be nebulous: depending on how you look at it. If you look at it as nebulous, then for you it is.

This morning I had a realization that people don’t know what their lives should be about, they don’t have a meaning, they don’t have a purpose. Continue reading “We are destroying life on Earth… Unless…”

Your real self is impervious to attacks, and slights

You have two selves. Everyone has two selves. One is your real self, impervious to attacks, slights.

‘That is not true’, you say. ‘I feel like I am attacked, I feel every slight is an attack on me.’

Yeah, this is all true what you say if you identify yourself with your precious I, the second self.

The precious I is an invented self, and it is the sum total of all your aspects.

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Seeing process: the ratcheting power of success

One of the concepts that none of my students have gotten before is process. Until now.

And maybe when she shares what she sees you’ll be able to see what you haven’t seen before. Whether you are a student of mine or just a reader.

This is from a student of mine. She has been in training for nine months. It’s taken that long to reach the state where she is ready for ‘step 1’ as she calls it. Continue reading “Seeing process: the ratcheting power of success”

I started to read my one non-fiction book of the quarter.

This morning I started to read my one non-fiction book for the quarter. John Carlton’s The Entrepreneur’s Guide To Getting Your Shit Together

I wish I have read it a decade or two ago. It would have made a huge difference.

It brought to light a ‘delusional’ worldview I have, where I expect people to do what I would do.

I’d never realized, and I am in shock. I am mortified, and it is, sometimes, too late, even though it’s not over till the fat lady sings. But I think it may be too late for me, but it is not too late for you.

So I am sharing it, even though I look bad… I am OK with that. Continue reading “I started to read my one non-fiction book of the quarter.”