More on joy, and how I am learning to have joy in my life

joy is an inside jobMy first foray, my first venture into joy or joyous is trying to figure out what joy is. After all we don’t know necessarily what words mean when it comes to feelings… do we. We, children, watch and learn… but in a world where what you see is a mask, what you see does not represent a feeling accurately, because the person isn’t feeling it, because the person is faking it, the looks don’t help.

My hunch is that joy is fabricated with the intention to cause craving for it, to cause an acute sense of the lack of it.

Actually, when I watch people who enjoy something, they don’t smile. Smile is for the outside, social grease. They are deeply connected to something… The pictures of people enjoying something are fake… no enjoyment. I know, I feel what they feel… no joy. Joy interrupted.

Joy is inner, smile is outer. NOT joy.

Joy is a feeling that says something is enjoyed, and, surprisingly, it makes you want to expand…

So, as you see, my first access to joy is the word: enjoy.

You enjoy something, or you don’t. (Enjoy: take delight or pleasure in an activity or occasion).

When you don’t: it doesn’t mean it is NOT enjoyable, it means that YOU don’t take the time to enjoy it.

It happens to me with food, with travel, with music.
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How to make commitments so you Feel Good About Yourself?

Feel Good About Yourself

Keep Your New Year Resolution? they say they are broken so often, they seem to be made to be broken.

Here is an article that I’d like you to read if your overall sense of life and your important areas of life is that they are stressful, and that you are never getting ahead. When you re-evaluate your projects with the method taught in this article, you will feel good about yourself, because you will keep more of your resolutions.

The method in this article can make a huge difference, and the time it takes is very small compared to you being stuck for a long-long time.

Joe (not his real name) made a new year resolution to stop smoking. He set the date, and he made a plan. Then he started to implement his plan. The plan was to gradually cut down. Then he kept on smoking.

We had our usual coaching call on Wednesday at noon. I asked: what would you like to accomplish in this call?

Joe started to talk about his weight… that one day he lost a pound, the other he gained 2… He weighed himself upon awakening every day, and he was mortified at the up and down nature of his daily weight. He was spending a lot of time worrying about that, he confessed.
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