Integrity, integration, creating or embracing? What’s missing for you to escape the human condition of the horizontal plane?

No matter who you are, no matter how high is your vibration, one thing is certain about you: you bring a skewing, slanted, distorting view to life, to every question you ask, to every answer you get.

I just caught myself... and I'll share it with you... even though it is quite terrifying to get naked with you.

I have a very limited number of food items on my diet. It's not bad, but occasionally I'd like to drink a nice cup of tea, and Source has been consistently saying "no" to that.

It is one thing to obey... but it is definitely easier to obey an instruction that you know why it is what it is. Continue reading "Integrity, integration, creating or embracing? What’s missing for you to escape the human condition of the horizontal plane?"

Why, in spite of a good process you are taught, you don’t live a transformed life?

So I am listening to the "itch" calls from 2014, and I am mortified at the level of transformation... It is near zero.

Sometimes I put the cart in front of the horse...

The insight (the horse) on the two selves that unless they become a team, no transformation can happen, came since I did those amazing Itch calls in 2014... so no wonder that the results are missing...

What am I talking about?

Your machine, your particular machine, was built based on an incident. Or better said: a decision you made by you (or accepted about yourself) as a child.

So far so good... but the process doesn't stop there.

There is a series of "therefores"... behaviors, that come from that early decision, and all of them are ugly. Fake. Pretentious. All try to fix what wasn't true to begin with. Continue reading "Why, in spite of a good process you are taught, you don’t live a transformed life?"

Your homepage… The emotion you return to in the most inconvenient moments

remove someone from your heartWe all have it.

Mine is devastation. It pops up when it's most unexpected. Devastation is between grief and terror... squeezes a tiny drop of tear in my eye, no matter where I am, who I am with, when it hits.

It comes up often when I compliment someone.

The other day I sent out an email. I ended with a sentence: "I love working with you."

Most people just ignored it as social grease.

Two people cried.

One person was pierced by it... dumbfounded why.
Continue reading "Your homepage… The emotion you return to in the most inconvenient moments"

Change your view… change your life

If transformation is due to the change in what you see then the most important thing to change is your view.

Your view of anything is what you actually see without resistance. Mostly a tiny bit of what is there... and you base your whole world view on that tiny bit.

Your language, your behavior, your facial expression can reveal the your view of self you are trying to hide.

Your language, the words you use, your tone of voice, reveals your inner coherence, and all the unreality you consider reality, your attitude, your haughtiness, your delusion... everything. Continue reading "Change your view… change your life"

I am starting to change my mind about Jordan Peterson. Here is a 60% truth value video

Yesterday I found a quote that shook me to my core... So I want to start with that. You could say: that quote accurately expresses my attitude about life... and I am moved by that

It is 60% truth value, not because 40% of it is not true, but because it doesn't quite distinguish the path, doesn't look at the invisible dynamics of life it a way, that people can catch themselves as they make themselves miserable...

It is never circumstances, nor other people that make you miserable, it is your inability: lack of distinctions, to see exactly what creates your attitude and behavior.

You can't catch what you can't see! And lack of distinction is the cause of it.

Distinction is the ability to tell two things apart, even if and when they are very similar.

Until you can... and to the degree that you can't... everything is the same for you as everything else... you are a bumbling idiot when it comes to life. Continue reading "I am starting to change my mind about Jordan Peterson. Here is a 60% truth value video"

All Goals in Life Are Problematic — Except One

I have a couple of notebooks in my bed, and I caught a glimpse in one of them: love one day at a time.

It seems that society conspires against the peace that comes from the way of living: society wants you to chase something far away, and while you chase it, make vision boards, mind movies, bombastic declarations, and get caught up in the Desire Trap, which I'd like to rename Wanting Trap.

And although the best things come to you as side effect, not as results of goal setting, although what works in like is taking care of the process, keeping your eye on what you are doing, not concerned with big goals, or the future, most people today are caught up in the Wanting Trap, and live a life of unhappiness, and underachieving. Continue reading "All Goals in Life Are Problematic — Except One"

Don’t even look at the marshmallow…

I like failed experiments. Why? Because successful experiments are more likely the result of confirmation bias... So even in experiments I opt for the Anna Karenina Principle: remove all that isn't a certain yes, everything that is accidental in the results or make the result a bad result, something I don't want.

So I am preparing for an experiment today, the "don't eat the marshmallow" experiment.

I have been, thus far, absolutely unreliable and untrustworthy to not eat something I should not eat, like candy or chocolate, or fruit.

So I ordered a 10 oz bag of dark chocolate covered mint patties, sugar free. Last time I did this I ate all of it within 16 hours... Continue reading "Don’t even look at the marshmallow…"

The Dragon Tail effect: your effect on your world

You are unaware of your effect on your world. The world sees your dragon tail effect... only you don't. You are a lot like a 3-year old who covers their eyes and thinks they can't be seen... Continue reading "The Dragon Tail effect: your effect on your world"

Feelings, emotions… what should you do with them?

Most people have one or two tools in their tool box... And what is even stranger: they don't want any more. Why?

Some of you cannot deal with complexity, and therefore you will deny your right to feel feelings. And some of you will indulge your feelings and never look, never ask any probing questions that could let you see what is really going on...

What am I talking about?

In the Playground program, always starting new groups, we attempt to bring clarity to life, we attempt to reclaim our power over our lives by separating what life seems to be, what seems to be happening in many different ways. One of these is having a "reality" side, everything a Martian could see or detect, and another that is all words. Continue reading "Feelings, emotions… what should you do with them?"

Recognize the deadly undertow… the rip current…

There is a saying: man makes plans, god laughs... but how do you explain it without god... I am an atheist. This article is about what it means "god laughs" and what happens to you and your plans if you don't know what it means, and how to recognize it.

I found something I have never seen before.

As I have said before, the case, your case, is a shape-shifter, and it knows more tricks than are found in all the trick books out there.

As you know, my case is that I am dead, should be dead, who knows how long I have...

Now, learning, starting a new business, learning a software is for the long term. And I have found myself a non-starter in that. I have more programs I have never even started to work with that cost me more money than I could afford.

And I never understood why I don't do anything with them. Continue reading "Recognize the deadly undertow… the rip current…"