Are you inspirable? Inspired?

Inspiration... what is it and why do you want to have it?

Inspiration, breathing life into inert or unconscious matter... is the difference between a machine and a Man...

An inspired action, an inspired life, an inspired person is vastly different from most people, actions, lives on the planet in that what guides those is what is beyond the 10% reality, and beyond the emotional dramatic interpretation and meaning based lives humans live nowadays. 1

Inspiration, it seems, is a right-brain phenomenon. Curiosity is also a right brain phenomenon... and so are conscience, inner motivation, etc. Few even know the words.

Whether inspiration has anything to do with spirit, or if spirit is even real, is another question: I won't concern myself with that question in this article. It won't really matter, it is a sidetrack.

Inspiration is Right-brain... really?

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Get out of your mind and take control of your life

Getting out of the mind is easy to do, hard to teach...

Mainly because the words are misleading: you don't want to control your mind, you can't. You want to control and direct your attention. Your mind is not controllable... But your attention is.

Once you get the hang of it... have an experience outside of your mind, life starts to open up.

The trick is not to try to change your thoughts... that would still trap you in the mind. Or change your fear... or change your desire... or change anything.

What works is to take your attention off the mind and put it on something, anything, in the present. My favorite is to download the Heaven on Earth and follow the path of the energy bundle through the 40 stops. It goes slowly, and it does work on all the 40 locations in the body: removing blockages, one after the other. I don't remember where I teach the stops... so I may have to recreate it... I'll add it to this post. Email me if you want it.

Another way to move your attention off the mind is to do the "find your feet" exercise... search the site to find it... I share it in some other article.

A third way is to start examining minutely your hand... you can even do that while you talk to someone, or listen to a lecture...

What is wrong with the mind-control type of teachings?

    1. the mind-control teachings, the teachings that say: control your mind? After all they say that if you can control your mind, you can achieve anything...
    2. And the Law of Attraction teachers/fans say: if you hold the image in your mind, and hold onto it long enough, it will happen...
    3. And the Positive Thinking people say: if you can turn everything into its opposite, or just avoid saying anything negative, you'll be happy, and blah blah blah...

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Why unconditional “love” is damaging, and why setting conditions is healthy… even loving?

My new 20-day skill learning challenge is to listen and internalize 20 videos by Hungarian, now dead, psychologist, Peter Popper.

Why am I doing this challenge? What will this give me?

I am self-taught... or more precisely: I have an education that is hodge podge, eclectic: I gathered knowledge from all over the place, and I have gaping holes, that until this day I had no idea where to fill or how.

The gaping holes are so big, that some of my students could slip through: Whatever I knew didn't help them to become all they can become.

With that said, I listened to a Dr. Popper masterclass on youtube, sadly, it is in Hungarian, with subtitles that you need to set to your own language...

Dr Popper's masterclasses, a whole lot of them, have 60% truth value, 30% of what he says fills in my gaping holes. Continue reading "Why unconditional “love” is damaging, and why setting conditions is healthy… even loving?"

From Que Sera Sera, a meandering path to no regrets

I left Hungary 37 years ago. And yet, when I hum, half of the songs are Hungarian, from before I left there.

I trust that when a song pops into my head, it is some kind of guidance. So when the song that was somehow related to the Counter-revolution in 1956, Que sera sera sung in Hungarian, when that song popped into my mind, I said to myself: pay attention. What is it saying?

I was nine years old at the time, and I was puzzled why the song would be put on the black list... I still can't see why.

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Invisible Dynamic: Undeclared commitments: what is under the hood

My horoscope often tells me what I should be dealing with, either for myself, or for you and me.

This is the horoscope I received in my email box today, from Rob Brezsny:

If you were a snake, it would be a fine time to molt your skin. If you were a river, it would be a perfect moment to overflow your banks in a spring flood. If you were an office worker, it would be an excellent phase to trade in your claustrophobic cubicle for a spacious new niche. In other words, you are primed to outgrow at least one of your containers. The boundaries you knew you would have to transgress (step over the boundary, infringe or go beyond the bounds of) some day are finally ready to be transgressed. Even now, your attention span is expanding and your imagination is stretching.

Obviously he uses the word "transgress" to express that you are in some self imposed prison, he calls it container. Rob Brezsny is a typical California positive language dude... not a straight talk dude, like myself.

Now, whether it is addressed to me, or whether it is addressed to us, I am going to attend to both aspect.

The first thing to examine where it is where "we", you and me, consider certainty, security, knowing more comfortable than stretching.
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Learning to learn… how you learn makes all the difference… What is the theta state of mind?

Some days I just can't write. I don't want to write.

Some days it doesn't make any sense to me to write. It feels like I have done all I will ever do, and it hasn't made a difference.

One of the main stumbling block for me to being able to make a difference for you, is how you listen.

You listen with a certain economy. You want to make sure that what you hear is relevant, what you hear is true, what you hear is worth listening to.

How do you make the decision what to FOCUS on?

brain-statesYou go to the only place you have: your mind.

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Activate your divinity… restore your Self to wholeness

Things happen... They happen when you are young, and when you are little, a little boy or a little girl, every happening is very very very significant, and everything that happens seems to say something about you, and about your chances to make it... to live, to be well, to be loved, appreciated, considered valuable, etc.

You seem to be completely at the effect of everything and everyone, with a very limited number of moves of your own... you can cry, you can refuse to eat, you can talk, but they all seem to be ineffective: you have no power.

Then you grow up, and things still happen to you. And you still the effect... not the cause of any of it, or not much of it.

You are reduced to the one who can talk about it, but not the one who caused it, or can even contemplate causing anything.

And that is the typical, 99.99% reality for people on the planet. Continue reading "Activate your divinity… restore your Self to wholeness"

The straitjacket of your identity

The identity you invented is preventing you from living the life you want 1

What identity? you ask.

That person you deeply believe that you are. The good person, the helpful person, the nice person...

Or the superman
Or the intelligent, well spoken person
Or the smart person...
Or the humble person...

But there are questions, because those same identity traits are at the root of some of your complaints, so there is a disharmony somewhere. Continue reading "The straitjacket of your identity"

Integrity, integration, creating or embracing? What’s missing for you to escape the human condition of the horizontal plane?

No matter who you are, no matter how high is your vibration, one thing is certain about you: you bring a skewing, slanted, distorting view to life, to every question you ask, to every answer you get.

I just caught myself... and I'll share it with you... even though it is quite terrifying to get naked with you.

I have a very limited number of food items on my diet. It's not bad, but occasionally I'd like to drink a nice cup of tea, and Source has been consistently saying "no" to that.

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Why, in spite of a good process you are taught, you don’t live a transformed life?

So I am listening to the "itch" calls from 2014, and I am mortified at the level of transformation... It is near zero.

Sometimes I put the cart in front of the horse...

The insight (the horse) on the two selves that unless they become a team, no transformation can happen, came since I did those amazing Itch calls in 2014... so no wonder that the results are missing...

What am I talking about?

Your machine, your particular machine, was built based on an incident. Or better said: a decision you made by you (or accepted about yourself) as a child. 1

So far so good... but the process doesn't stop there.

There is a series of "therefores"... behaviors, that come from that early decision, and all of them are ugly. Fake. Pretentious. All try to fix what wasn't true to begin with. Continue reading "Why, in spite of a good process you are taught, you don’t live a transformed life?"