How to doubly benefit from my articles?

webinar1I love writing articles. I can do audios. But unless I can have a one-on-one conversation with you, I can’t dispell the myths, the “already always” cognitive biases, what you think you know, your prejudices about yourself or about the world…

So, with that said, I’ll like to start something, that will most likely be a flop, but at least I want to test it… maybe it can be a success… who can predict?!

When I write an instructive article, like two of them this week, I can feel that you are left with not enough instruction to help you. I am very sorry about that… by the way.

So the idea is to schedule a time where you can come and have those issues discussed in the article, overwhelm, integrating your life, getting unsctuck, etc. weekly.


Talk to me webinar tomorrow

By the way, this new webinar on Fridays is in addition to the monthly Open Mic… Talk to me opportunities. The next such opportunity is tomorrow, last Wednesday of the month, 4 pm my time… which is New York time. That is 1 pm Pacific, 9 pm UK, 10 pm Europe, and midnight in Mauritius… If you want to come, just register to the subscribers’ site, and you’ll be enrolled in the webinar automatically. You’ll get a confirmation from gotowebinar, the webinar software company… Register for tomorrow’s free webinar here –>

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What’s going on?

I’ve been sitting here, unable or unwilling to do anything… Unfamiliar feeling. I finally asked the question: why?

And then it hit me: I am either feeling Dark Side emotions transmitted, or you are not breathing.

What’s going on?

It feels like you are waiting for something to blow over… like a storm.

Anything I don’t know about? You can’t pay your rent? Your mortgage?

Is it Christmas? I feel it is about money…

Please talk to me…

Kitten spreads rare viral disease, much like smallpox

3-12-2014 10-35-38 AM

Your animal, you best (only) friend, your baby, may have nasty surprises for you… like a disease that spreads to humans… like those African plagues that spread from monkeys to human… click to watch the video… It’s autoplay so I put it on the next page.
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Warning! Beware! The Total Transformation 30×30 will infect your mind with a mind virus.

Warning! Beware! The Total Transformation 30×30 will infect your mind with a mind virus.

Dr. Fabrizio (Fab) Mancini is an evangelist for positive thinking… which is a mind virus. No positive thinker can elevate their vibration above 170… and 170 is quite miserable.

Do not buy the 30×30 Total Transformation package.

I spent the time and energy to watch the webinar where they were selling it. Although the owner of MindValley is not a positive thinker, Dr Fab is…

And the meditations are all done by Dr. Fab: an excellent opportunity for the mind virus to attack you or infect you even deeper than you already are.

You’ve been warned.