Clarity… the opposite of brain fog – link fixed

The opposite of clarity is best expressed with this statement: "for you: everything is the same as everything else, except that not always..." This is the condition of the current humanity.

Here is another type of brain fog: the too much information type.

The brain can be overwhelmed too... and pulled under.

This is, actually, the state most people are in. Drowning in stuff, that is neither useful, nor needed, nor fun.

One can compare it to a frat party every day. You are encouraged to drink to your fill, then maybe, hopefully vomit and do it again.

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Add 20 points to your IQ

It is starting to dawn on me that the intellectual action of seeing the forest, in spite of the individual trees is not something everyone has been able to do.


Some people, when they are asked to say what is the forest, in our conversations: what is the principle, what is the context, they use jargon... like integrity, or responsibility, the word.

They remember it.

But remembering hearing it doesn't mean that they actually saw it.

Seeing the forest for the trees is 90% from the DNA capacity: Seeing the big picture, and 10% habit.

After courage, it is the second most missing capacity in humanity.

When activated, it adds 20 points to your IQ.

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Let’s talk about the dividing point between low vibration and high vibration… 200

What are the first signs that your vibration number went up?

The average vibration of all people on the planet is 130. That is a level where people are low of energy, so low that even anger, or saying no takes effort.

Recently I witnessed as two of my students raised their vibration from 130 to 200 and then fell back the next week.

I don't remember what it was like for me... because at the time I didn't know i could measure my own vibration.

But I do remember that there was a markedly different way I saw the world.

Are you experiencing the “post holiday blues”?

In life, victory goes to the most adaptable... 1 says the law of self-selection. 2

The easiest to observe is yourself... when there is a long enough holiday: 4-day holidays are perfect.

If you get into the holiday mood: doing pretty much nothing... then you didn't need a lot of adaptability: you probably habitually do a lot of nothing in any given day.

But the most important part is: how long does it take for you to get back into the swing of things... becoming productive, doing what there is to do, without sluggishness of complaint, or yearning to get back into holiday mode.

How do I know? I could say that I am watching you, but truth be told, I am watching myself, and getting back into workday mode has been very hard for me.
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Personality vs Self… what is the difference? Tree of Knowledge vs Tree of Life

your personality and social media choicesHow do you know you don't have a Self? And if you don't... what is missing?

As with everything in life, things are never completely this way or that way. All physical laws are only 100% true in imagination: in reality there are too many factors to consider.

It is a matter of spiritual and emotional maturity whether a person can be with controversy and ambivalence... or in this case degrees of anything.

What I am trying to say: there is no one who has no Self at all, and there is no one who is 100% in possession of their Self.

There is a huge variety, and a huge variety of ways on isn't willing to have a Self.

Why do I say "willing"? Isn't it the goal to have a Self?

It is and it isn't. We all have a personality of some sort... and most of us are satisfied with that.
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How WANTING and DESIRE put you squarely into the mindset of scarcity

It's January, and a good large percentage of the searches on my site are for the mindset of money... People's mind is on abundance this month... and it will stay there till April...

I have been observing people and businesses for decades. If you made it through March, then you probably made it another year... but the sense of impending doom begins in January.

I read a story about a woman who gave away ALL her money.

She was, a millionaire (or close to it) at the time. In any case, she came from money.

Her grandfather was a famous industrialist. Her parents had owned houses and property all over the world.

Thing is, this woman (who had been born into all this money and the lifestyle it afforded) didn't feel right about it.

She felt she hadn't earned it.

So she gave it away, ALL her entire inheritance. Lock. Stock. And Barrel.

Then she began doing workshops on contributing to the greater good of society.
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Back to square one… How to grow from where you are begins with…

why-do-i-succeedI've been quiet.

I am working through some stuff... nothing personal, it's about you. It's about what to teach you. How to teach you. It's about seeing, in more detail, and more precisely what is the truth about you, so I can talk to you the way you can hear me.

The more precisely I can "diagnose" what is the situation with you, the more effective my message and my teaching can be.

But, it seems no matter how precise my teaching, it is not really up to me, or my teaching, what will happen to you or your life.

It is up to you. Your actions, your attitude, your "undeclared commitment" in life. 1 Undeclared commitment is an insidious energy that is like a stream... it is underwater, can't be seen, but takes every ship off path, until they are discovered, mapped, and compensated for.
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What causes you turmoil has a strong connection to your intrinsic Self, either positively or negatively

puppet-on-a-string-2Continued from the previous article...

Sometimes the turmoil is caused by some inner pressure that is societally driven.

When being true to yourself is not politically correct.

Your ability, your capacity to hold controversy and ambivalence comes really handy when you have a turmoil.

Why? Because the urge to call the turmoil wrong, and the urge to look for a fix is overwhelming if you don't have that capacity, that emotional and spiritual maturity.

And most people don't.
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Case study: how to have spiritual growth with practical results

slow-progressI am completing the third cycle of the 67 steps.

It's taken me seven months and 10 days...

Lots have changed since I started.

I have, so far, dropped 23 pounds, about 10 kg. My bone structure is starting to show... starting. I didn't diet, but I completely overhauled my diet, removed everything that doesn't agree with my body, and added all the nutrients that are essential. I feel good, I have no cravings, and it is very sustainable... I can live like this till the day I die.

I have gone from completely sedentary, because of pain, to sprightly, as some people called me yesterday. I now only have pain when walking.

I am in better mood than ever, I laugh easily, and feel good about my life, about life itself, about being alive. Big change. Continue reading "Case study: how to have spiritual growth with practical results"

The Power of Breathing

the power of breathingThe Power Of Breathing

Anyone who desires to teach what they can do has a real big problem. The problem is remembering what they did to get where they are.

Of course, judging from people's vibrational numbers, most people that teach anything in this spiritual realm, don't teach what they do, they teach what they'd read, heard, but never actually experienced themselves. Their knowledge is Tree of Knowledge. Second hand knowledge, worthless. Fills the mind with useless information. Useless, as in: you can't act on it and achieve what it tries to express, because there are steps the speaker doesn't know about: it is not their experience.

Now, with that said, I have had the problem myself: accurately and completely teaching you all the steps I have done to get to where I am. I have been watching, observing myself, to find the missed pieces, or steps, that would make the path more complete, so that no steps are missing, so that you can get to exactly where I am, which is today 993 on the vibrational scale.

I have found a step that is a good candidate for "missing step." Breathing.

Some 36 years ago I was struggling with severe insomnia. I was tense. My mind was churning with unwanted thoughts. One day, accidentally, while looking for the bathroom, I entered a room where a group was practicing relaxation.
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