Do you have free will? Free choice? What is the ego’s role in that?


Genetic determinism 1 and the ego’s role in it.

I could also have made the title: your horoscope and your ego’s role in it, or your soul correction and your ego’s role in it.

There is a lot of different ways people define ego, but what if the ego is none of those. Not what Freud called ego, not what gurus call ego.

What if the ego is simply the mechanism by which the Selfish Gene perpetuates itself… like an old dog that is unwilling to learn new tricks?

In animals, atypical behavior is rare. The “ego” calls the shot.

But humans have a choice

So, what is choice?
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Spiritual Practice: Neutralize being ineffective and unhappy, neutralize overwhelm

looking about, multitasking, overwhelmThe ONLY way to be happy is to accept what is.

Accept how it is. And also accept how it isn’t.

Now, this second statement, accept reality how it isn’t is the topic of this article, the essence of this spiritual practice. Accept that it is what it is, not something else, that may look better, faster, easier…

One of the symptoms of not accepting reality the way it isn’t, is overwhelm… another one is misery… Want to know more?

Now, before I continue, I want to explain something:
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The plague of our century… Or it’s too late to dig a well when you are thirsty

stay-home-bubonicRobert Malthus watched the economy and demographics with rapt attention. He watched and saw what no one before him ever see… He saw something… and got really excited. He got up to write an article… It was the turn of the century, about 1798.

The phenomenon he saw, now called after him, the Malthusian Principle, is that when harvest is good, when the economy is good, people think it will last forever, eat better, spend what they have, make more babies…

But the nature of things is cyclical, and economies get better and then get worse. So all those extra babies starved to death, literally, and the population, again, lived in near starvation levels.
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Awakening: the one practice that takes you all the way to enlightenment

The illusion of progress

I had a rude awakeningAwakeningNow this morning. The illusion of progress, the illusion of doing something that works hasn’t left me untouched either.

In my coaching session this morning I woke up, I woke up from my illusion. The illusion that people understand what it takes to grow, what it takes to become an expanding human being, the illusion that people know anywhere what the work entails.

I think this illusion is shared by quite a few teachers, but not being alone is not a consolation, it’s just a fact.
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How could you feel REAL LOVE? How could you experience REAL LOVE?

experience real love

I’d like to write about love, or being loving today.

In this space I’ll quote Osho, and other people… I am not going to talk about what YOU call love, because what you call love is not love… unless you can call ‘loving ice cream,’ love.
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Develop your Awareness, your conscious awareness

the awareness we are talking about in this article is self-awarenessAwareness 1 , when it is in the context of raising your vibration, is an inner awareness, awareness of what lies below the surface, maybe even several layers deep. But to develop awareness, we need to start real close to the surface, and maybe even outside of it… a little bit. 2

Awareness of your insides is developed through practices in focusing your attention on the details of your emotional responses and your attitudes. You can’t learn anything about yourself, your insides, from others, or from a book: you can only be guided where to look, how to look, but what you will see is what you will see… no telling.
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Would The Michelangelo Method Work For You With Your Money Blueprint?

money blueprintThe Michelangelo Method and your money blueprint

In a previous article I told you about the three-phase methodology of changing your money blueprint, that will allow you to make, keep, and enjoy more financial benefits than your money blueprint currently allows you to have.

The 3 steps were:

  • The first part of the process is to diagnose.
  • The second part of the process is to shift.
  • The third part of the process is to create a new set-point.

What are not spoken of in the plan are the common actions we all do that backfire and make all our actions ineffective, and work against our best interest.

I dubbed this method the Michelangelo Method because it has its emphasis on removing these actions, thoughts, and beliefs, in one word the causes, that work against the masterpiece you were meant to be. By removing these active elements (the part of you that is not the masterpiece), you’ll be left with your masterpiece… just like Michelangelo was left with David after he chipped away everything that was not David. Continue reading “Would The Michelangelo Method Work For You With Your Money Blueprint?”

Got New Years Resolutions?

new years resolutionsWhen you can’t seem to attain your new years resolutions…

When you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail 1

I have a better “hammer” for you: it has worked for my multi-millionaire mentor, it will work for you. 2

What to do when all you know fails you? When the hammers don’t work, and you can’t seem to attain your goals?

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