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Smart people don’t have to look… Creativity is genetic… and other bullcrap from the Tree of Knowledge

I have started to put my old videos on my video site

I also listened to one... how you lose your creativity, how to get it back...

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The crucial difference between being flexible and being floppy, or What is the difference between people who grow and people who don’t?

One of the 67 steps talks about the acquired attitude in life, called by Martin Seligman: Learned Helplessness.

It is a distinction, and it seems that none of my students have even attempted to observe it, identify it, and recognize it... like the color in the color exercise. 1

Because nearly everyone has it, and because it is so important to recognize it, recognize it as a learned behavior, not innate, not natural, not coming from the Tree of Life, I am going to do the work here... as a demonstration of what mastering the color exercise can give you. Continue reading "The crucial difference between being flexible and being floppy, or What is the difference between people who grow and people who don’t?"

Some weird health and eating questions that defy common knowledge… or how I got well and thin

fat-burning-metabolismOne of my clients is unwilling to take Omega 2 capsules, because he says: "I don't want to get fat"

I first started to experiment with the fat burning metabolism some six years ago.

I liked the idea of eating sugar free ice cream from real cream...

I packed on 30 lbs, 13-14 kilos, in 10 days.

I have been eating a stick of butter a day, fatty lamb, and eggs... for two months now.

I am dropping between half a pound to a pound a week.

I feel good. I do have some carbohydrate cravings and I satisfy it by eating peppers, and almonds. Both slightly sweet. just enough to stop the cravings. A gram here and there...
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The Power of Breathing

the power of breathingThe Power Of Breathing

Anyone who desires to teach what they can do has a real big problem. The problem is remembering what they did to get where they are.

Of course, judging from people's vibrational numbers, most people that teach anything in this spiritual realm, don't teach what they do, they teach what they'd read, heard, but never actually experienced themselves. Their knowledge is Tree of Knowledge. Second hand knowledge, worthless. Fills the mind with useless information. Useless, as in: you can't act on it and achieve what it tries to express, because there are steps the speaker doesn't know about: it is not their experience.

Now, with that said, I have had the problem myself: accurately and completely teaching you all the steps I have done to get to where I am. I have been watching, observing myself, to find the missed pieces, or steps, that would make the path more complete, so that no steps are missing, so that you can get to exactly where I am, which is today 993 on the vibrational scale.

I have found a step that is a good candidate for "missing step." Breathing.

Some 36 years ago I was struggling with severe insomnia. I was tense. My mind was churning with unwanted thoughts. One day, accidentally, while looking for the bathroom, I entered a room where a group was practicing relaxation.
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Why are you holding your breath? And why it is an ineffective way to manage your emotions…

732290I get insights in bite size chunks... here is a new insight I just got.

Your attention, that force to reckon with, that power you wield to bring life to stuff is connected to your breath.

They say: what you pay attention to starts moving. This is why, when you are at the chiropractor, they say: breathe into your hip, or your knees...

You see, they know breathing into something brings it mobility, awareness, and life... what they didn't know is that it is your attention that is brought to the sore or stuck part with the breath.
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Breathing Difficulty, Holding your Breath, The Parental Disapproval Syndrome

cat holding breathSometimes when you poke around you find stuff you didn't want to find, didn't want to know, you'd rather not know. But if you know it, if you are willing to face it: you have a new lease on life... So read it.

This article will lose a good percentage of my readers, it's so sacra-religious, it's so profoundly upsetting.

I am guided to watch movies, especially hit TV series. It is hard to tell what I am going to see, while I am watching them, hours after hours, on Netflix, but I know how it works, and I know that unless I start to see stuff that my life isn't giving an insight into, I will not be able to distinguish for you all the ways that the enslavement, that caused you to be miserable, does its job.

This article is about the family. It's about how family is used to enslave you.
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I’ll sell you my secret weapon – Updated

dishwasher_reallyThe Big Bundle of energies other people sell piecemeal... I am going to sell you as a bundle.

We all hear and read about energy healing, but most of that healing doesn't work or it's disappointing.

But here is an energy tool that works... Really.

The story

I first heard about Mr. T., the ugly Indian energy master, from my client and massage therapist... She raved about how he caused cows to give more milk and trees to bear more fruit. In addition to healing people.

Bull shit, I thought, but didn't say it.
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Are you holding your breath? Republished

holding your breathI never thought much about breathing... after all: who does?

But, because of my insomnia, because of my inability to fall asleep, because of the horrible nightmares, I took a class on relaxation techniques, and it was a breathing technique.

I don't even know if I was just making it my own and changed the instructions, but the "my version" worked fairly well for decades. I took deep breaths and combined and made continuous the the in-breath and the out-breath... After a minute or two I got so lightheaded, that I drifted of to sleep.

Worked like a knockout... literally... lol.

But since I have raised my vibration, my body is not willing to participate in anything as drastic as that...

The reason breathing came up is not insomnia, but because I just finished a private session with a client, and want to share something with you:
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Breath is access to Soul, to all-of-it, your higher self. Finding the blockages in breath and eliminating them

deep unconscious breathNearly all of humanity is infected with the mind virus. Slowly we constitute our whole self and our whole world as our minds, unawares that we are several magnitudes more powerful than the mind... and by mind I mean the storage device of the brain, not the whole brain.

When I ask people on the calls to watch their breathing, or look for blockages, without exception they hold their breath: the mind tells them to do so. Why would the mind do that? Like all virus it is only interested in perpetuating itself, and when you are asked to watch or observe, accidentally! you might access your witness, your Observer, and then you will see the mind for what it is: a pea size hard drive able to do search and compare, and that's it.

That is the part, that pea size hard drive that you have been asking to run your life effectively.
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On Breathing: difficulty breathing, pressure in the chest, holding your breath, etc… how the harmonize works

I have started a brand new thread on breathing. Why?

It seems that all our emotional issues first manifest themselves in the difficulty of breathing, and only after a period of that will the physical issues of stomach trouble, heart trouble, cancers of all kinds will start to show up as a result of the blockage of the breath.

I have known, for some time, that I am supposed to help, but my tools were imperfect: if the blockage of the breath came from a single feeling, like simple reactive anxiety, or simple reactive fear, or worry, or impatience, or a moment of shame or guilt... the Heaven on Earth worked miracles.

On the other hand, until recently, when the blockage came from an attitude, a fixed attitude, the Heaven on Earth did not help, whether you got it in drops or in energy format directly from me on a call.

Until recently, I said, because the Harmonize Your Vibration (used to be called Harmonize The Planet) audio has changed it all. It seems to shake the status quo and dislodge those long-stuck fixed attitudes, and people are able to move in areas where they were stuck.

One result I saw, with myself, is that I have started to walk the hill again after I started to play the audio, and now I am up to five times a week... I wasn't willing to walk for about five years prior to that, so this is a big deal.

Anyway, I wrote an article on that new thread, check it out... or you are not into reading more, but want to attack your discomfort in life at the root, get the Harmonize your Vibration audio: it harmonizes your vibration to mine...