Become all you can become? Why? How? Aren’t you already all you can become?

Yesterday I spent about four hours listening to Jordan Peterson. The material I listened to was a truth value of 30%… not bad.

In some ways Jordan Peterson, the teacher, and I, the teacher, deal with the same things: people don’t see why they should learn.

Many reasons, I see, but one of them is fundamental, and also invisible, meaning it is an invisible part of reality, the part that is below the sea level of the iceberg. It’s not hidden, as one of my students says… although Werner calls the process that makes it visible “unconcealing” suggesting that it is concealed, which is another word for hidden.

According to Kabbalah, 90% of reality is also hidden, so maybe I should call it hidden… but I prefer invisible… sue me if you don’t like it. Continue reading “Become all you can become? Why? How? Aren’t you already all you can become?”

Do you get the promised value when you buy something?

I had an interesting insight this morning.

Putting a price tag on any product, service, or coaching is going to be a lie. My strategy sessions. My 67 step coaching. My health consultations. My Water Energizer. My Heaven on Earth

Really, almost any product.

For one main reason:

The buyer creates the value for themselves! Nothing has value without someone saying so, without someone valuing it. So that means, that 1The issue is value or valuation. If we didn’t have different values, if we valued everything the same, the world would be a lot easier place to navigate.

Around the time of the second world war and the holocaust, an German boy puzzled with the same questions. Fatherland, Jews, peace… he had these heavy duty questions, and he saw that each valued differently. Continue reading “Do you get the promised value when you buy something?”

Tactic or strategy… growth or stagnation… even descent… choose!

My notes:
If you feel like you want to transcribe this audio and let me have it, please do so. I’ll appreciate it and you’ll learn ton from it.

Miko transcribed this audio: thank you very much, Miko!

This post is going to be about something really important. If I look at all the people that contact me, all the people that I teach, all the people that I know, they have no idea about it, and even I am just starting to scratch the surface. I mean, maybe I am years ahead of you, but even that is just scratching the surface.
Continue reading “Tactic or strategy… growth or stagnation… even descent… choose!”

Compounding interest… the secret of exponential growth…

There is a controversial saying by Charlie Munger, who said: to get what you want, you need to deserve what you want.

This is controversial, because the verb, deserve, is bastardized in our culture. What he should have said:

to have a chance to get what you want, you need to earn what you want. And then say: to earn what you want, you need to become the person who can 1 earn what they want.

And this last sentence is what this article is about: the kind of person who can earn what they want.

One common thread that I notice among my clients and students is that they let their life hang on one or maybe two activities, which is not to be the kind of person who can earn what they want. Continue reading “Compounding interest… the secret of exponential growth…”

The top of the mountain view: gets rid of the brain fog… and can take you to success

One of the things I teach people I coach is to do things differently than they would instinctively do.

One customary way to build a project is from the bottom up.

Let’s look at a dissertation, a paper, an article, a book. Or climbing a mountain. Or building a software app.

What is in common among them is that you’ll have an idea, then parts, processes, and then an end result.

I normally teach this through the example of climbing a mountain.

Why? Because standing on the top of the mountain is a different view than standing at the foot of the mountain.
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Raising you vibration will pay off in spades?

Billionaires are rare creatures.

One of the things you can learn about them is this: they could have become billionaires in almost any business. Not just the one they actually did.

I mean it. But they chose the business they chose, and they chose given what they saw.

One thing the non-billionaires share is that they can see less and less clearly than billionaires.

Their view is cluttered with memes… and remember that memes are words that block you from seeing, block you from even looking…

So we could safely say, that billionaires see more memes for what they are… rules invented by someone else…

…while you see can’t see that all memes, all ideas, all thoughts are rules someone else invented for you to stay the same.

And the 67 steps, especially combined with my coaching program, is a cleansing regimen: cleansing you of the memes that cover your eyes. For a minimum of 18 months.

Now, will you achieve billionaire level clarity in 18 months?

You could, but it really depends on the amount of accurate work you put in. More on that factor than where you start. Continue reading “Raising you vibration will pay off in spades?”

Success secret: experimentation

If you find that your life, your oceanliner that is stuck in a tight bay isn’t turning around, this article will teach you something that the knowing of can make a difference.

Remember, when life isn’t working as you expected, there is something that you didn’t know… and it is always in the invisible realm of reality… And so is with this one.

As I said before, ess, evolutionary stable strategy, is where humanity finds itself, where you personally find yourself, and when you muscle test anything, it is ess, aka the selfish gene is what answers your question… unless you muscletest while connected to a higher-than-the-genes consciousness.

OK, that was quite a mouthful. Sorry about that…

Wherever you are in life, in any area of your life, you are in ess. In ess your actions, your ideas, your advisement will come from a “source” that wants to maintain that ess… If you are fat… then maintain being fat. If you are inactive, then maintain inactivity. If you are always engaging in bombastic dreams, then maintain that… engaging in bombastic dreams.

If you act in life like you already know what you need to know, then ess wants to maintain that. If you read, then maintain reading, if you don’t, then maintain not reading. Continue reading “Success secret: experimentation”

Why only 1~2% of participants produce results in a course? Any course… And why you are not among them?

It’s Sunday. I hung up my Sunday Rants call 90 minutes ago. I spent these 90 minutes watching marketing sales videos… as I would like to get better at marketing.

And it suddenly hit me… It hit me why no course, no program, no video course, audio course or group coaching can get much result, my program or others’.

I remember a few years ago when famed marketers, like Frank Kern, approached Tony Robbins to get some coaching on how to make people actually achieve the results they promised them in their sales letters. The meager results were bothering them. No matter how good, how detailed the course was, how much handholding they gave, only a fragment of the participants produced results. Continue reading “Why only 1~2% of participants produce results in a course? Any course… And why you are not among them?”

The Kaizen way of changing… aka Trimtabbing yourself to a full change

In this article I am using an example in which we are starting a new business with the Kaizen 1 way… a business that is going to succeed and more importantly, where growing it causes the owner of the business to grow into the kind of person who can… can make a lot of money, can sustain growth, can have it all… can build a life worth living.

So, this article will be about change, or better said the art of change.

Change is scary, mainly because it is a disruption. And it also requires one to know what to do, when to do it, and how to do it.

Working with me is designed to cause lasting changes… but it is really always up to you. Continue reading “The Kaizen way of changing… aka Trimtabbing yourself to a full change”