The Easiest Starting Point To Raise Your Vibration

I have been researching and investigating the many claims of raising your vibrational frequency.

There is an important distinction to be made here:

Although there is the map of consciousness, and there is the method of Abraham/Hicks, they are a feel good method and do not raise your vibration any longer than as long as you are willing to do those methods. Minutes.

Not bad, but it is a lot like having a job for a living. The moment you stop working you are poor…

Now compare that with being independently wealthy…

the money comes in like clockwork without you having to constantly work for it. Your money works for you, and it brings you dividends.

Obviously somebody had to work for that money originally, money doesn’t come from nothing, but once that money was earned, and invested, it is the money that starts generating more money.

It is the same way about vibrational frequency. First you need to raise it to a level where it start generating itself and is permanent, and then you can live your life, with just occasional attention to nudging it higher, or if there is a drop (there will be drops) nudge it back where it belongs.

It gives you how you feel in the moment, and you can count on a certain level of high well-being, clarity, peace and freedom.

Let’s go back to the methodologies others teach: they are temporary ‘solutions’ to the problem you experience from your low vibration.

Therapy, dance, music, yoga, entertainment, breathing, rubbing your hands together, finding your tone, sports, going to ashrams, following a guru, getting energy submissions from Tr….

None of these raise your vibration beyond a temporary rise. It is like a drug that the moment you stop taking it you are confronted with the reality: your low vibration with its miserable feelings is back, so you need another fix.

I watched another episode of Star Trek last night where two planets live in a symbiotic relationship. A long time before there was a plague. One of the planets developed a herbal cure to the plague. The plague was cured, but they forgot to tell the other planet, and those poor blokes kept on taking the drug thinking they were still sick. But the cure was a drug and caused dependence. So now they manufacture the drug, that is all on planet does, and the other planet buys the drug that they are addicted to, thinking they are sick.

The same is with this vibrational frequency thing: the spiritual teachers and religions, the same is with the medical establishment: they want you sick, they want you low vibration, so you buy their ideas, weekends, individual sessions, to feel better… while you could be cured with one earnest effort lasting not longer than a few months, maybe a year.

Repeat business is the name of the game, having power over you is the name of the game.

Keep you the same so you continue needing them.

What is the alternative to enslavement? Raise your vibrational frequency permanently

  • Step 1. I can teach you how to put yourself in a two way connection with Source. This is the fastest way to put yourself in the position to raise your vibration permanently.
  • Step 2. Then, I can activate the dormant circuits of your being that will, with practice and use, keep you in a higher vibration. It will be your new set-point, your new level of ‘normal.’

This simple method can raise your vibration to 395. That is higher than many of the high profile gurus’. 99% of humanity’s vibrational frequency is at or under 150.

It will provide you with dividends, like your investment in money provides you money.

No need to rub your palms, chant, scare the dog with your sirening with your voice…

  • 3. And from this new ‘earned’ level of vibrational frequency you can benefit from strong energies, like Tr.’s, from the therapy of Dianetics, from any high vibration modality you can find.

But until then it is ‘feeling good’ addiction for you… ‘drug’ that temporarily raises your vibrational frequency to leave you with the inevitable hangover, like any drug.

To learn the easiest starting point to raise your vibrational frequency permanently, read the instructions here; video will come soon.

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