Part 3: Create a turning point by commitment

driving with your attention in the rear view mirrorTurning Points Part 3: Control your attention

You can adapt declarations that you find… and you see that living consistent with that declaration would be consistent with living according to the Original Design.

What aspect of the Original Design? The aspect that says: you are made of the same thinking substance as Source itself is made of. You have the same kind of will Source has. Continue reading “Part 3: Create a turning point by commitment”

Why do you need humility to learn anything? Skills, habits

learning and humilityLearning is humbling. Especially humbling is learning about yourself, and learning about your need to change.

You have a Precious ‘I’. Whether you believe it or not, whether you know it or not, the precious ‘I’ is in every single person.

And your precious I wants to have and retain the self-image unchanged, the self-image that says you know everything. That you are the center of the Universe. You are special. And it wants to keep the self-image where it is superior. Where you are, therefore, OK. Continue reading “Why do you need humility to learn anything? Skills, habits”

Coming from vs Going to: you’ve always been going to

Summary: from the comments and email I am getting it is clear that the concept of starting with HAPPY is totally inconceivable to most of you. In my response to a comment I managed to express the essence of it: It is like the skin color you have, it is part of you.

In the ‘HAPPY’ I advocate, where you start with HAPPY, stay HAPPY, end HAPPY.

It’s not a result. It is who you are.

You do what needs to get done to grow, and you are HAPPY while doing it. You are not ‘happy’ to do it, that would be something else again. You are HAPPY, just like you don’t change your skin color according to the type of task you do in life. You stay white, or pink, or yellow, or black… whatever you started with.

It is as if you said ‘I am white’ if you were born white. And then you live according to that.’ Continue reading “Coming from vs Going to: you’ve always been going to”

Case Study: Abraham Channeled by Esther Hicks

Some people, some modalities sound true-ish, make you feel better, and yet when I look at the vibration of the followers, the vibration isn’t raised. Something about the foundation of the program is off… it just dupes you.

Feel better vs. Raise Your Vibration

Please remember that this whole series of case studies is interested in one thing: does the modality raise your vibration permanently.

Or does it only teach you to feel better temporarily… That is the only criteria that I examine here.

Why? Because there are plenty of feel better, flash-in-the-pan modalities out there. Modalities that enslave you.

What do I mean?

Let me give you an example: A friend of mine ran his idea by me today: he wants to offer an on-demand coaching service, where people pay a monthly retainer fee and then a per-minute fee when they call for a coaching session. Continue reading “Case Study: Abraham Channeled by Esther Hicks”

How to open up the tiny box or your mind you live in

Today’s article will be illustrated differently. I’ll use unrelated funny pictures… like the New Yorker magazine does.

Why? One of the ways I have opened up my tiny box is reading humorists’ take on the world. See the funny in everything. In every single thing.

Another way to open up your small box is to read, watch good movies or TV series from different cultures. Continue reading “How to open up the tiny box or your mind you live in”

The two hemispheres of the brain and spirituality…

The scenic route of getting some teaching, and making it your own.

Making it nurturing, life affirming tree of life knowledge

I want to share a phenomenon, that, hopefully, will get clearer as I am sharing it. At the moment I can only see its visible aspect. I am almost certain it has an invisible aspect as well.

I read about three hours a day. Something that isn’t connected to my work: fiction.

But recently I have taken on a 20-day challenge: listen to 20 episodes of a Hungarian psychologist, Dr. Peter Popper, in his Mesterkurzus (master course) series, an hour long each.

Excellent, fascinating, the dude is both a psychologist, a university professor, a clinician, AND a religion expert… whatever that means. Continue reading “The two hemispheres of the brain and spirituality…”

Don’t set ambitious goals! sounds counter cultural?

the lesson you didnt learnIn the famous marshmallow experiment by Walter Mischel. He said that the 30% of the kids that didn’t eat the marshmallow, didn’t even look at the marshmallow. They kept doing other things, keeping their eyes off the marshmallow. Consciously, intentionally, and purposefully.

The marshmallow is ‘the thing’, the goal people want… and it is what actually causes them to jump the gun, to quit pursuing it prematurely.

Continue reading “Don’t set ambitious goals! sounds counter cultural?”

Transformational methods to get you unstuck

Or how to set the context to alter the story and therefore alter your actions?

Whether you know it or not, your relationship to life is stiff, inflexible, and therefore ineffective.

You look at things, always, from the same exact perspective, and therefore you see, always, the same old, same old life: good or bad, the same. Continue reading “Transformational methods to get you unstuck”

Information is like milk. It tends to go bad over time

information is like milk... soured-milkInformation, knowledge, possibility, attitude, skill, capacity… they, all, in one way or another, are information. And they behave like milk. They go sour… useless… bad.

You may want to ask the question before you research, buy information, ask questions: ‘am I doing this just in case I’ll need it later or am I doing this because I need this to move forward right now.Continue reading “Information is like milk. It tends to go bad over time”

4 principles for a fulfilling, financially rewarding life

I look at my dreams as guidance.

Now, you need to know that I almost never dream a whole story… I dream moods. Some situations.

Last night I dreamed about going back to Israel, meeting people I had known, experiencing their attitude towards me. Wasn’t pleasant.

And just before I woke up I was shown the theme I am going to write about. Continue reading “4 principles for a fulfilling, financially rewarding life”