Questions that turn on your power, your personal power

What are the questions that awaken and pull things to yourself to become cause? To get access to your personal power?

Agreement 1: Be Impeccable With Your Word: question: was I impeccable with my word?
Agreement 2: Don’t Take Anything Personally: question: did I take something personally?
Agreement 3: Don’t Make Assumptions. question: did I make an assumption?
Agreement 4: Always Do Your Best. question: did I do my best?

more questions to ask:

  • What could I be responsible for to get access to power?
  • What am I doing?
  • what am I assuming/thinking?
  • What am I taking personally?
  • what is my attitude?
  • What am I expecting?
  • What am I going for/intention?
  • how wide am I looking?
  • What am I stingy about?
  • where am I erring on the side of ‘it’s my way or the highway’?

Until you get responsibility good and going, nothing else can change in your life. Continue reading “Questions that turn on your power, your personal power”

Your physical brain and your IQ: can you get smarter?

the fallacy of the brain and intelligenceYesterday one of my long time students surprised me with sending me a ‘meme’ that had a quote from one of my articles.

No coincidences in the world… if you have a wide enough cone of vision you’ll know that.

We’ll explore the drama that is hidden in this sentence. Because there is drama, oftentimes tragedy there.

Sidenote: As I was looking for suitable images for this article, I was struck by the overwhelming confusion about intelligence, the brain’s role in it, meditation, and brain exercises. Most of what is written is horseh!t… truth value: 0%. 

  • 1. So I’ll begin with the word coincidence… coincidence means two things happen that are not connected… (a remarkable concurrence of events or circumstances without apparent causal connection.)

Someone is born on 9/11… the same day airplanes are flown into buildings… and people die. The two events are not connected.

Human nature looks for connections. Human nature is to look in the mind for connections. Not in reality, in the mind, where only the meanings live. None of the actual happenings live in the mind, only the story you made up about it. Continue reading “Your physical brain and your IQ: can you get smarter?”

Seeing: a Metaskill that will raise your vibration

new eyes to see...I am reading the  book Metaskills.

I am reading it for you and for me.

This book has given me a big insight… and ultimately a breakthrough, though we shall see… like with everything, on the long run.

OK, let me start at the beginning.

Most books are either easy or difficult to read. Why? I just found out.

This book, the Metaskills was alternating between easy to read and difficult to read.

At some point it felt like thick mud I needed to wade through.

Why? I had no idea how what he was talking about was connecting to what the book was supposedly about.

I am nearly certain that this happens to you too. The thought is “What does this have to do with the price of tea in China?” or some other dismissive thought.

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Can humans grow? Grow intelligence, curiosity, motivation?

idle curiosityLet me start with a joke: How to have a million dollars in business? Start with two million

How do you make a million dollars in the restaurant business? Start with two million

This is the joke that is making the circles in my brain when I think about how to have clients who have ambition, motive power, and actually accomplish stuff?

You start with students who already accomplish stuff…

Can you actually teach accomplishment? Muscle test (Source) says: no… unless.

This article is about what comes after the word ‘unless’. Continue reading “Can humans grow? Grow intelligence, curiosity, motivation?”

Life is a system of seesaws, little hinges swing big doors

a system of seesawsWhat is the real meaning of little hinges swing big doors? What glorious thing can it mean to you and your entrepreneurial aspirations?

Without understanding that life is a collection of interactive systems, without understanding the seesaw principle, without being able to create, manage, and tweak systems… your life will work as it has always worked… just barely… Continue reading “Life is a system of seesaws, little hinges swing big doors”

Taking you from smart to intelligent…

not very smart but very intelligentTaking you from smart to intelligent…

OK, my intention is to teach you to become intelligent… Lots of people will teach you stuff that is going to help you to regurgitate stuff, look good and smart to others, but is otherwise useless… for life.

So I am really only interested in making you intelligent. And so that you know: intelligence is 70% physical, and only 30% mental. You don’t learn it through mental means: you learn it through being in intimate touch with your physical self, and I am not talking about muscles, and athleticity, I am talking about everything physical, including all the senses, hearing, seeing, smelling, tasting and touching.

OK, after this preamble, we can start… Continue reading “Taking you from smart to intelligent…”

How to become whole and complete? Like good soup…

What kind of soup are you?Tai Lopez uses an analogy that really talks to me. He says that we need to be like a soup. Our knowledge, our lives needs to be like good soup.

What does it mean to be a good soup?

You can’t make a good soup with just a few ingredients. You need a lot of ingredients to make a soup that you don’t have to make edible by crumbling crackers into it, or bread.

Some poor man’s soups, onion soup, garlic soup, ‘rue’soup in Hungary, are so uninteresting that you can’t eat it without putting bread in them. The versions with poached egg, cheese melted on top, etc. are the restaurant versions of the same soups… but the soup itself is a poor man’s soup. Poor as in not having much to give. Continue reading “How to become whole and complete? Like good soup…”

Do you have enough? Energy, knowledge, attention, love?

I wish you enoughHow do you set the price of your product or program? Or help. Or work. That was the question yesterday in my coaching program.

I know you are probably not a product creator, or a coach. But yet you do have a product or a program… if you work for a salary, if you have friends, a spouse, children.

No matter where you are in life, no matter what you do, money comes to you from other people… or love… or support.

The question here is: what are they paying for? What are they reciprocating?

Depending on your about-me score, you’ll have a different answer… Continue reading “Do you have enough? Energy, knowledge, attention, love?”

I am not ready! What if I choose the wrong path?

what if monsterWhat if? Let’s look at it, shall we?

You see, the ‘mind’ is only concerned with future… while it squarely looks at the past. Yeah, the mind looks in the direction of the future, but it looks at the rear view mirror…

And it makes its decisions from the past, past failures, past track record, past mistakes, past pains and punishments.

Moreover, the mind is only interested in the bad stuff… it wants to protect you from it.

I have a track record of 70% good decisions, and I can see what the mind is doing: it looks straight at the 30%… not at the good decisions. Continue reading “I am not ready! What if I choose the wrong path?”

A practical and easy method of changing your personality

Can you go back to the past and change it? Will YOU change with it? Your personality?

Silly sounding question, but it is not as silly as it sounds.

Because we look at life, at what is happening, through the limited perspective of the human mind, we actually don’t know what is happening, only

  1. a slice of what happened
  2. only a skewed version of what happened

Ultimately we can only experience and react to what we see, and what we see is both limited and skewed.
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