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You can have everything, but not at the same time…

Look how hard I try! Look how good I am!

You can have everything, but not at the same time...

In certain areas of life it is obvious... Like eating sugary stuff and weight loss...

But in this work, the work of causing human evolution, from human to human being, I don't address many obvious things, because the secret of evolution is in the invisible domain.

Invisible doesn't mean anything woo woo. It means it is not easy to see it with the naked eye.

Or maybe more importantly, you cannot see it until someone points it out. And then you can see it.

These invisible things we call distinctions: once you see it, you see life differently.

This morning I was going through all the 50 or more tabs that were open in my browser... and found a pdf of an article on rackets in Transactional Analysis.

I have known rackets from Landmark, so I started to read the article.

I was stunned. The distinction "racket" in Transactional Analysis is different and a lot more approachable than in the Landmark version...

I'll do my darned best to start introducing it in this post.

Racket in TA is a feeling, or more precisely said, a feeling you use to extort strokes from others. What you want is strokes, so your spine won't shrivel up... strokes that puts you in balance. Strokes for which you are forcing, cajoling, the unfortunate other... Continue reading "You can have everything, but not at the same time…"

Everyone talks about reprogramming your mind or brain or whatever part they blame for your lack of success and lackluster life.

Everyone talks about reprogramming your mind or brain or whatever part they blame for your lack of success and lackluster life.

When Tiger Wood discovered that his swing that he trained and won with was actually limiting him, he needed to take time out to "reprogram" his body to do the swing differently.

If you try to program the brain while you keep the current programming, you'll be like me... I was in an Israeli supermarket when this French lady came up to me and asked me if I spoke French. Yes, I said. Can you read the English instructions on this box in French for me?

I started to read it in French, I thought, but turned out I read it in Hebrew, or a mix of French and Hebrew: I could not even tell.

The memory of that fiasco stuck in my mind forever: this was 30 plus years ago.

So what do the "reprogram the mind" people do wrong that no one ever gets reprogrammed, and basically we are all screwed if we follow their teachings?

Before you can write something on a blackboard, and make it dominant, you need to erase what is already there. Continue reading "Everyone talks about reprogramming your mind or brain or whatever part they blame for your lack of success and lackluster life."

Imagining success, imagining stuff… here is what really happens…

Unless you know what creates your sky high desire number, and your unbridgeable gap between reality and your delusion... you need to learn where it comes from, what feeds it, and what is the feeder's goal.

Your guiding principle should be: If in 30% you don't know who is the sucker in the room, then it's you. You are the sucker.

So how are you made the sucker? And how come you don't know?

The mind, that storage/imaging device that is part of your brain, is really stupid. It really believes everything it hears.

You do "imagine" exercises, and the mind believes that it's there.

Now, what good does that do to you? None, I say... no matter what your "wealth conditioning" expert teaches you.

It gives you delusions, and a delusional person becomes the next sucker... plain and simple. Continue reading "Imagining success, imagining stuff… here is what really happens…"

Should you struggle or should you live?

I had an insight last night when I checked my tongue in the mirror.

The insight wasn't about my tongue. It wasn't even about my health. It was about how in spite of all I can laugh, and crack up, and be a total disruption to ... something.

The insight was, that I was always that way. I never realized.

Every time I was the ham, or I was the jokester, or I was the disruption, I looked at it as if I saw it for the first time.

And last night, suddenly I saw a life that was full of clowning, and joking, and back-talking, and just plain being raucous.

Wow, talk about a surprise. Because if this is true, and because this is my nature, and because it is fun... maybe I could commit to it...

OK... the rest of the article may seem discontinuous, but it isn't... trust me.

OK, here we go:
Continue reading "Should you struggle or should you live?"

Why is meaning missing from your life? A meaningless life means you are unhappy

My methodology to lead you to become a human being is simple, and step by step.

First you become conscious of the machine and start taking control over your own life... by the Amish Horse Training Method, The memes finding, The A is A. And then fourth and final step is finding/creating the wind you walk into... The purpose. The meaning.

In the Nazi concentration camps, people who had a meaning to their lives, survived, people who didn't... died. The guy who I learned this from is Victor Frankl, an Austrian Jew, like Sigmund Freud, and not much less significant. In my experience his discovery is the golden key to a happy existence. Continue reading "Why is meaning missing from your life? A meaningless life means you are unhappy"

Unless you understand why and how a spiritual practice works, you are just going through the motions.

This article is not about The Healing Codes... this article is about you. About you not taking the time and the effort to even understand what it is that you are hearing.

Your ability to translate hearing to seeing is weak. Why? Probably because being complete and thorough in anything is a rare capacity in humans... You think you understand and leave it at that. You don't ask questions because you think that asking questions will make others think that you are stupid.

And you are right... they may think that... because they live in the same warped moronic world view as you do.

But intelligent people ask clarifying questions. Intelligent people look up the meaning of words. Intelligent people do experiments and realize that what they are doing is not likely what they are supposed to do... so they ask questions.

Intelligence, real intelligence is rare.

Intelligence is a behavior... Continue reading "Unless you understand why and how a spiritual practice works, you are just going through the motions."

Mental toughness assessment: How do you score?

Mental toughness assessment: is that a move? A technique? Can it be learned?
Mental toughness... is it really needed, and if it is, how do you develop into a mentally tough person?

One of my starting point measurements, the Twitchy Little Bastard score is about mental toughness. 1

99% of the people I measure have a TLB 1... meaning that they have NO mental toughness. Meaning that at the moment of threat, discomfort, challenge, they make a beeline to something easy, pleasurable, and safe.

But all the things you have ever wanted are on the other side of difficult, uncomfortable, challenging, hard, or maybe even painful.

Continue reading "Mental toughness assessment: How do you score?"

What is the most important skill you could master?

It's been one of those days...

Virus attacks on some of my old websites. Lots of updates. Then the computer upgrade I ordered arrived... I was scared... and oops, it didn't fit my computer. Why? I don't know. I ordered another one on Amazon, printed the return label... and we shall see.

It's 1 pm, and for all intents and purposes, I haven't even started my day. I'll have appointments in the afternoon, and I could be all whacked out... but I haven't broken my stride.

It is all in a day's work, I say... Errors, even virus attacks are par for the course.

The interesting thing is: if I haven't done the Amish Horse Training Method, I would be pulling my hair out, or would be in bed with a serious case of whatever you call when life goes to shit.

I am hearing the voices. One of them repeats, about every 30 seconds, that I should really kill myself. Continue reading "What is the most important skill you could master?"

What is real? What is made up? How can you tell?

I have read all the One minute books... I saw that the One Minute Manager touched on my Achilles' Heel...

Each of these One minute books teaches some attitude, or a thing to do, that makes you and the people you work with happier, more productive, etc.


Occam's razor says: everything should be as simple as it can be but not simpler.

Pop psychology is simplistic. You find yourself nodding vigorously as you read it. But when it comes to doing it... oops. You cannot do it.

The One Minute manager's job is to catch people doing the right things.

Most people cannot. Most people keep their eyes on what you do wrong, what they do wrong... what needs to be fixed. But most importantly they cannot see what is. Continue reading "What is real? What is made up? How can you tell?"

Do You Rock, or Do You Wait to be Rocked? Can you be coached?

Do You Rock, or Do You Wait to be Rocked?

or "Coaching and your ambition number..."

There are two main widely diverging schools of coaching that I can see.

  • One is like a cheerleader or motivator... the coach is trying to get water from a rock...
  • The other, the coaching I practice, is very different.

The principle of the second type of coaching: you can only coach someone who is in action. You can redirect them... but they have to be in movement. It is not my job or responsibility to get you into movement. Continue reading "Do You Rock, or Do You Wait to be Rocked? Can you be coached?"