Why don’t the low carb diets, low carb power bar, low carb shakes get you off carbs?


Read Part 1, Part 2 before you read this article...

One of the problems with the low carb diets is that they don't address the real issue.

The real issue is that you have sold your soul to the "devil," you have become a slave to a pattern of tastes that is not natural, that was created artificially by the Powers that Be.

If you watched me eat, you would see that I don't crave sweets. I have no sweet tasting food in my diet.

I have tested Atkins some 30 years ago, and my favorite his cheese cake. But returning to eating that is suitable for an intelligent person isn't a faking your taste buds thing. Continue reading "Why don’t the low carb diets, low carb power bar, low carb shakes get you off carbs?"

You can have everything, but not at the same time…


Look how hard I try! Look how good I am!

You can have everything, but not at the same time...

In certain areas of life it is obvious... Like eating sugary stuff and weight loss...

But in this work, the work of causing human evolution, from human to human being, I don't address many obvious things, because the secret of evolution is in the invisible domain. Continue reading "You can have everything, but not at the same time…"

Molecules of Emotion… Are you suppressing the negative?


Summary: Emotions... without emotions you feel deadened. But you only want good emotions... unfortunately, for you, you can't have the good without the bad, life is a roller coaster, and you would hate to be stranded on the top of the peak anyway...

I listened to the audiobook, Molecules of Emotions some 10 years ago in the car. It's a book written by a scientist, Candace Pert.

I did not set out to be a scientist of emotions... but I was eminently suited: instead of just talking about it, instead of writing about, I can actually verify the "findings", verify or un-verify the theories by feeling.

Our language doesn't keep up with the emotions: just like we don't have words for the billions of colors that can be created with the four base colors of light, red, blue and yellow... and of course white... we don't have accurate words for the feelings that are a combination, an energetic combination of base feelings.
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Brain Fog or depression… what’s the connection?


Is brain fog the same as depression, or is depression associated with brain fog?

My assertion is that if you treat the brain fog, you also treat the depression.

Their overlap is 90%. And because brain fog is not emotional but all physical, the approach to treat it is all physical.

The human body is complicated. Not complex... Complex is still penetrable with the human mind, or with artificial brains. No. It's complicated... not penetrable.

What different foods, different chemicals, different gut flora do and how they interact is complicated.

Trying to understand it is impossible. Not near impossible: it is impossible. Explaining, finding cures or fixes to symptoms is impractical and ineffective, and yet, this is the level of medicine and science... explaining, finding cures for symptoms, finding fixes to symptoms. Ugh.

So what can you do? Continue reading "Brain Fog or depression… what’s the connection?"

Are you fully dead or mostly dead/slightly alive? Depression?


The attitude of submission, dutifulness, and the death of individual and the death of joy

Part of the enslavement process that has been going on for thousands of years, you are robbed of your sense of free will, and your joy.

The chicken coop 1 doesn't want you to enjoy anything... or more precisely, it separates enjoyment as a special thing on special occasions, not your natural state. Same with happiness.

But the truth is: your natural state is joy. Enjoying the body, the movement, breathing, eating, working: everything.

One of my challenges is to re-awaken, to liberate that capacity that society is hellbent to suppress. Continue reading "Are you fully dead or mostly dead/slightly alive? Depression?"

Can depression be alleviated with coaching? A coach reports…


Life wants more life... and when it can't... when it is not forthcoming, it puts you into depression.

I had a small private workshop yesterday to test out a methodology that works for me to unstuck me every time.

Without a reliable, count-onable, potent method to unstuck yourself, you may get stuck in misery, inactivity, depression, for a long time.

What moves life, what gives a sense of living, is movement. Upward movement.

What many of us experience is deadness, or the dread of downward movement. It feels that movement, action, is futile

The depression resulting can last days, weeks, months... Depression recreates its cause... no movement. Continue reading "Can depression be alleviated with coaching? A coach reports…"

Life is counter-intuitive if your source of intuition is your mind… Get out of your mind!


Life is counter-intuitive if your source of intuition is your mind

Most of what you call intuition, isn't. It is, in fact, reaction. Mostly it is the reaction of your reptilian brain.

The reptilian brain seems to have retained the memories and learned behaviors of our reptilian ancestors, as if it had been us, personally gone through the experiences of a reptile.

Hold your breath when there is danger. Make yourself unnoticeable and blend into your environment unless you are ready for a confrontation, attack first ask questions later... these are all from the reptilian brain.

Depression, schizophrenia, maybe even ADD are reptilian brain reactions. And no, I am not a psychiatrist, but I do observe people, and I look deeper than most psychiatrist: I didn't learn this, I distinguished this. This is Tree of Life knowledge, not dead. Continue reading "Life is counter-intuitive if your source of intuition is your mind… Get out of your mind!"

Reframing: our tool for creating


You've heard of the expression: like a deer caught in the headlights syndrome: frozen, seeing the world one way with no escape route.

Most people live their whole lives in that state: see the world in a fixed way.

To one degree or another we are all are like that.

The more of your life is lived in that state, the more powerless you feel, the less options, the less choices you see.

You can examine any two people with different results in life and you'll see that they are stuck in one view of the world, but their view is different.

Obviously, having new choices, having new options, having different actions available to you is a good thing if you want to have a life worth living.

People who feel out of control, people who feel that they don't have a say in what happens to them, are people with depression.

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Anxiety, worry… Many bad feelings are a result of you having no tools in your tool box… or you not using them.


As a True Empath I have to feel people's emotions.

So I am sitting here feeling someone's emotions who is suffering from anxiety.

He or she, I have no way to know who it is, has to make a decision, I guess. 1

In marketing classes, in marketing literature it is said that we make decisions emotionally and then justify our decision with reasoning.

But our emotions are not intelligent, they don't care about reality, and in addition, they are highly manipulable.

Here is an example that may make me look bad, but who cares? Continue reading "Anxiety, worry… Many bad feelings are a result of you having no tools in your tool box… or you not using them."

The Integrated Good Life & The Four Pillars Of Eudaimonia


The Integrated Good Life & The Four Pillars Of Eudaimonia

Eudamonia: the fulfilled life. The satisfying life. It's a how... It's about how much life you have in your years. Fulfilling the potential that you are.

It's impossible to have "the Good Life" without Integration... but... 1

One of the hardest steps for students to complete in the 67 step coaching is the step about creating an integrated life.

Why? Because on the Tree of Knowledge of good and evil, there is no such a thing as integration.

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