The Bottomless Pit that Greed is

entrainment to greedNature is weird.

Osmosis is a process in which molecules of a solvent, like water, tend to pass through a semipermeable membrane from a less concentrated solution into a more concentrated one, thus equalizing the concentrations on each side of the membrane.

It is a lot like entrainment, at least in appearance…

When it comes to energy and No membrane to speak of, like when we energize water, where you put water in small bottles and water in a large container together, the higher energy part will entrain the other to its own energy… vibration if you wish. Continue reading “The Bottomless Pit that Greed is”

Mistakes, errors, failures… and happiness

failures are necessary for growthI like challenge.

I believe that only failures, only mistakes teach me anything, so I make sure I set my life up, I set my business up to have a steady stream of failures.

My counter-intuitive approach to life allows me to be happy.

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How to become whole and complete? Like good soup…

What kind of soup are you?Tai Lopez uses an analogy that really talks to me. He says that we need to be like a soup. Our knowledge, our lives needs to be like good soup.

What does it mean to be a good soup?

You can’t make a good soup with just a few ingredients. You need a lot of ingredients to make a soup that you don’t have to make edible by crumbling crackers into it, or bread.

Some poor man’s soups, onion soup, garlic soup, ‘rue’soup in Hungary, are so uninteresting that you can’t eat it without putting bread in them. The versions with poached egg, cheese melted on top, etc. are the restaurant versions of the same soups… but the soup itself is a poor man’s soup. Poor as in not having much to give. Continue reading “How to become whole and complete? Like good soup…”

Stone Soup: the fairy tale. Case studies galore

stone soupCapacities, distinctions, intelligence, and success in life: there is a strong correlation. The Stone Soup fairy tale is an excellent teaching story.

Let’s start with debunking the current world view, that intelligence is inborn. We are all born tabula raza… a blank slate.

Your intelligence depends on the number of large chunks, neural connections permanently formed in your brain firing together automatically. Those chunks are created in learning. Not learning about… no, actual learning a skill to unconscious competence.  Driving a vehicle is unconscious competence for most. Reading and comprehending? not so much. Continue reading “Stone Soup: the fairy tale. Case studies galore”

The secret to 10x your life in spite of fear

10x your lifeExperiencing pain? emotional? physical? Where does pain come from?

Most people cannot properly, accurately identify what they feel inside. On one hand self awareness is low, on the other knowing what the inner dynamics are is not taught in any school, or by any ‘guru’.

Given that it is not taught, you’ll have a hard time, I guess, to accept that all pain is the result of resistance… emotional, physical… all pain.

But what about fear?

Fear, what you call fear, is resistance. No matter what name you call it, anxiety, worry, it is still resistance and it causes pain.

This article was inspired by two things, maybe three? Continue reading “The secret to 10x your life in spite of fear”

Being ‘inadequate’ is a feeling… not the truth.


Feeling inadequateI bet not many people understand fully the Einstein saying: no problem can be solved on the level of thinking that created it. You feel inadequate… don’t you?

No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.

Are those two statements the same? I don’t think so. Did Einstein say either? I don’t know. But let’s look at both, shall we?

Both deal with something that we have very little idea what they mean: thinking and consciousness.

Consciousness is easier to write about, because we can be sure that no one knows what it means, so anything goes. Continue reading “Being ‘inadequate’ is a feeling… not the truth.”

Got a monkey on your back?

monkey-on-your-backYou say you don’t have a monkey on your back? If that is so, then you are one in a billion:

We all have a monkey on our back… one or more. 1 The monkey is often invisible to us, and unless someone else looks for it observing you, or you accidentally stumble on it, that monkey is influencing you in everything in life.

So what is the monkey… really? Continue reading “Got a monkey on your back?”