Can you tell when you are lied-to, when someone is fibbing, doctoring the truth?

Are you lied-to?Are you being lied-to?

I get guidance. I ‘obey’ guidance.

Guidance is not a full blown sentence, just a nudge. And often it is so that what I am supposed to see is down many days, many weeks, and I need to trust. I am supposed to do what the guidance says I am to do, in spite of the fact that I have significant price to pay, mostly paying with the quality of my sleep, or having unendurable pain, or losing a lot of money.

I am not complaining. I signed up for this, after all.

Here is the newest.

I don’t know how many millions watched the show I was asked to watch by the guidance. How many millions watched and came up with any learning… Probably very few. Continue reading “Can you tell when you are lied-to, when someone is fibbing, doctoring the truth?”

Here is an example of a distinction not many would recognize…

distinction This distinction is called perpetration-withhold.

I have a new friend who lives walking distance from me. I can see her house and driveway from my office window, or could, but in the summer there is a stretch of dense woods between us, with wildlife…

She has a car and I don’t, so she has helped me out for quite a while. In fact I picked her to befriend because of the closeness of where we live, and the fact that she has a car.

I worked on her for months, and it worked. I had a friend.

For her I was someone who needed her and that was good enough for her. She helps a lot of people with transportation, and that gives some meaning to her life.

But… Continue reading “Here is an example of a distinction not many would recognize…”

How is responsibility the key to power? Real power…

Responsibility: if it is to be it is up to meAs usual, I am going to take the scenic route… I hope you’ll walk it with me, and get the enormous power of responsibility in causing yourself to have a life you can love.

Let’s start with looking at the word: Mentality

The word mentality is a lot similar to attitude, but while attitude is emotional, mentality is like a narrative, a whole story about how life should be, how people should be, how it was pre-ordained, who you are supposed to be, how you are supposed to be… blah blah blah.

By the way, narrative is the story you tell yourself, the explanation of life, your actions, of how you feel and why. It can change over time.

reality, occurrence, narrativeIf you are one of my students, it is the right circle… while the left circle, what happened, can remain unchanged, every person has a different narrative, explanation, comment, story, meaning about it. Continue reading “How is responsibility the key to power? Real power…”

The parallels and the differences between best selling, Robert Greene, author and me

Robert Greene definition or distinctionI spent this whole day watching Robert Greene, listening to him, reading him… And now have a question to you:

What is the difference between a world view where you look through definitions and a world view where you look through distinctions.

The first thing to do is to see what is a definition. Whatever you define: you talk about it. It’s characteristics, and you try to be as descriptive and as exactly as possible.

Our current scientific approach is definition based, and it’s actual accuracy is 10%. In some areas of science it is higher, other areas lower.

For example medical diagnosis: the accuracy is 20%. This means that we mis-diagnose stuff, because by its nature, definition does not offer a way to say: if two thins are very similar and have similar characteristics, which one are we looking at?

My next door neighbor was… Continue reading “The parallels and the differences between best selling, Robert Greene, author and me”

Life should be different? you should be different?

If you live like life should be different…

Two basic components of my teaching: 1. we live in a pretend world, how the world should be, and 2. we’re pissed that the pretense isn’t real.

I watch what articles, what emails get read. And I have noticed that when the title isn’t saying what it should say about you: smart, clever, good, blah blah blah, you don’t want to read the article. Or the email.

Or if you are a client: If I say something about you that I shouldn’t say… you cry ‘bloody murder’, or you may even quit.

What I said didn’t fit the pretend world you live in…

If you prefer new to old and tried, if you prefer going wide than going deep, if you prefer many friends to having one close friend, then… Continue reading “Life should be different? you should be different?”