Updated: How to use context to be more astute, and feel better?

the-dark-side-of-the-moonWhen I have an unexpected feeling or emotion, I look for a context, because context is decisive. 1

This morning I had heart symptoms.

When you have a symptom, it is important to know what is causing it, because your actions will be different with different causes. Same symptom,different action.

Turns out that it was a Dark Side transmission.

Feelings are energies, and they can be duplicated by someone more advanced in energy sorcery than I even strive to be.

Had I been you, I would already be in the emergency room, racking up a huge bill.
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If you keep forgetting what you are up to… or if you keep procrastinating


The fear of losing sight of what you want...

You know what you want. And you want to march to it now. But of course the world doesn't work that way, you need to sleep, eat, go to the bathroom, job, family...

Then opportunities knock. For some, opportunities for fun and companionship. For others, adventure, business, learning.

They say: don't take your eyes off the ball... That turns out to be another myth that takes away your power to reach your goal, to get what you want.

Nothing can be reached by a straight line, except the refrigerator, the TV and your bed. Oh, and facebook and youtube... Even my site...

So how does this really work?
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I wrote to a client: Grow Some Balls!

feminine skills for menIt's Sunday, and as usual, I had a profound conversation with my friend. We missed one Sunday in this past eight years, I think.

I had more insights than in a normal month... and here are a few:

1. We are bred to become soft.

The question you'd ask if you wanted to know if they succeeded with you is this: Can you take it? Can you take hard, long, exhausting, painful, cruel, murderous.

If the answer is no, or "yes, but I don't want to" then they succeeded.

When things don't go your way, when things are not fast enough for your taste, when someone is not kind and encouraging, when something doesn't taste, sound, feel good the first time, when something takes consistency and consistent effort to reach... then you'll quit.
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I watched a 12-episode series on Netflix, called Sense8

Sense8-logoIt's not a really good movie, although you do get pulled in and start to care about the eight heroes.

It's about a branch of humanity that has activated a part of their chromosome, that makes them different, inwardly. That makes them more capable.

And they are a threat to the rest of humanity... because the rest of humanity wants to stay the same.

So they hunt them, and work to eliminate them.
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Are you willing to become a prosperous “neighborhood”?

baby steps to become all you can beI republished an article, that is as important as anything you'll ever learn, if you wanted to live a life of an expanding human being...

Response when I first published it: no echo. Response this time: no echo. Nobody heard it. Nobody saw it. Nobody was interested.

The article is pinpointing the reason why you have what you have, and not what you want to have.

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Updated: The attitudes of Poverty vs. Affluence… Can you learn the right attitudes?

2013-Manifesto1This article slipped by a lot of people. And today where I keep talking about the small actions that cause and then cement your epigenetic shift, this article is more important than it was a year ago when I first wrote it. Onto the article...

... in Neal Stephenson's novel 'Reamde' he remarks that affluent parts of all cities are similar, but poor parts of cities are miserable in their own way.

What causes success, and what causes failure? Or we could say, what causes affluence, and what perpetuates poverty?

It's habits. It's the thing you do (or not do), day in and day out. The things you take care of and the things you don't.

But if you look, a habit you see are only the tip of the iceberg... maintaining it, keeping it permanently, unchangeably in place.
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What’s the difference between a DNA activation and self-control? Self-improvement, self-development?

christmas-tree-of-our-geneticsI said in the last article and I say it here again:

We are all born with a full "Christmas tree" loaded with ornaments i.e. genes. Some of those ornaments light up, some of those don't.

The capacities that those dark ornaments show as dormant are patience, compassion, caring, seeing the big picture, intelligence, focus... as you see, these are the prized qualities of winners.

And they are dormant on your tree of genes, the Christmas Tree.

I have found that strong energies that create a whole new terrain to play on, plus consistent small actions using those capacities create a DNA activation, an epigenetic shift where you don't have to try to be patient, you just are.

This is what I noticed this morning:

I have lived in this apartment for 12 years now. It is walking distance from a Catholic church, that insists on doing 15 minute long music twice a day, at noon and at 6 pm.
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Osho: What is jealousy and why does it hurt so much to be jealous?

jealousy, envy, all signs of desire for the self aloneI have been spending the last few days meditating, muscle testing, contemplating why it is that different people from different ethnic cultures are so different in one main aspect: caring.

Caring means that you are willing to consider another as important as yourself. And just the way you would not hurt yourself consciously and intentionally, you would not hurt another.

As it turns out, even after the DNA upgrade, only 19% of the population has the capacity to care. The rest refused to accept the DNA upgrade... remember, the ground rule is free will.

I have muscle tested different ethnic groups, and within the same ethnic group, I found, the DNA changed, and in the other ethnic groups it did not.
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Penetrating the mysteries of existence

ayahuasca offered by a "shaman"There are two kinds of thinkings... or really maybe three.

  1. You grab onto something about what you hear or see, attach it to what you already think you know... and then either go deeper, or not, but definitely not go wider. Most people "think" this way.
  2. This is really the third way: no thinking... lol
  3. This is what I want to talk about in this article... holographic thinking. This is an uncommon way of penetrating the mysteries of existence...

Let's define what we are talking about.
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Self-possessed: the remedy for anxiety and anguish

what is important according to diderotI have no more mites in the house, or on my body... but research and testing must continue... so I decided to see a client again. Body work. A perfect setup for reinfestation.

I could have waited till Tuesday, and get reinfected at the chiropractor, but why waste a perfect weekend... lol.

Now, I don't want to talk about mites in this article, but I wanted to share the circumstance.
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