The Dark Side suggestion that love heals the world

the illusion that love heals the worldThere are many approaches to fix a problem, but all fixes are more harmful than the original problem.

Why? Because fix come from the same level of consciousness as the problem… and ultimately that kind of solution: a fix, is the root of the next problem. Like marriage: a fix for loneliness, and the start of more and bigger problems… yet it doesn’t stop loneliness… (Marriage is two people combining efforts to solve problems that would not exist without the marriage…)

Instead of dealing with what frightens you today, what you want to get rid of so you can live your puny little life, let’s go back to a time and situation where you weren’t even born, and it probably didn’t effect you much.


You look at it and you can’t imagine why I would bring it up… that signals a lack of ability to see under the hood…

The time we’ll go back to examine is the rise of the Third Reich… Hitler’s Nazi Germany.
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The quality of your life, whether you grow or not, will depend on…

size-project-size-life2The quality of your life, whether you grow or not will depend on the quality of the projects you work on… not plan, not dream about, but work on.

“If you want to live a middle-class life, solve a middle-class problem. If you want to live a world-class life, solve a world-class problem.” -Steve Siebold, CSP

In terms of what we do here, middle class in the quote means low vibration… world-class means expanding.

When you look at your life, you can tell (unless you are lying to yourself) what kind of projects you are working on.

You use your life for your projects… and if your biggest project is shopping and cooking for Thanksgiving… well, that is the size of your life.

Your projects are either about you, or about something bigger than you.
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Thanksgiving… if you want to be honest, it is just a meal.

thanksgiving-dinnerWhy would I say something sacra-religious like this?

Because saying what you are grateful only includes what you like.

What about the 99% of your life, of people, of things, that you don’t like, or just barely tolerate?

Can you say: I am grateful for that?

When it is a dark day: can you be grateful for that? When your friend is pushing your buttons: can you be grateful for that? When you feel bad, tired, nauseated, can you be grateful for that?

Yeah, I know, you can say you are, but are you?

You are lying.

Because you only see value where you see value, not everywhere.
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Crying: what is it doing for you?

completing the past so you can get to nothingWhen crying/sobbing has no content, when you don’t know why you are crying, then something deep is clearing out.

When you know why you are crying, then some past gets confirmed and your ego will try and repeat it for you.

I watched a mini-series yesterday. It ended with a big surprise. It shook me.

But the sobbing came today. I don’t know why I cried. I don’t know if I was crying for the person in the movie, for you, for myself… I don’t know.

I have had nothing similar in my life… But I felt the regret, the shame, the guilt, the despair, the hopelessness, and the resolution… and these are universal for any misdeed.

When you hope to get through completing your past without thoughtless sobbing, you are being guided by Ego. Ego want you to pretend that you are doing what you need to do to get back to nothing… the only place from where you can build anything that lasts.
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Want to become a nice person? Here is a clue that you aren’t

Self satisfaction alone cannot determine if a desire or action is positive or negative. The demarcation between a positive and a negative desire or action is not whether it gives you a immediate feeling of satisfaction, but whether it ultimately results in positive or negative consequences.

Every soul correction is about correcting the desire to receive (Light) for the self alone.

If you were born, you have a soul correction.

There is no jumping into “desire for the sake of sharing”, which selfless, charitable, do gooders try to do.

Being charitable, giving, do-gooding, selfless is NOT desire for the sake of sharing, it is just more “desire to receive for the self alone.”

Bummer, eh?

As I am sitting here pondering one of my favorite students’ Reclaim share where she is proudly telling me that her husband walked in during the webinar, evidently hungry, she could courageously ignore him and not be interrupted.

My, my…

You may not hear anything: I hear “nasty piece of work”, or simply: “desire to receive for the self alone.”
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DNA capacities… how many should you get activated?

will you fall or will you fly?This question is coming up with increasing frequency.

You should ONLY activate a capacity if and when you need it, when you have a use for it, and it’s missing. Otherwise you won’t know what to do with it, and won’t use it.

Ego will declare it a ballast… and turn it off.

What is the most important ingredient that you need to grow and need new capacities turned on?

It’s ambition.

Ambition is an inner force that propels you towards growth, upwards, onwards. It only has direction, and not a goal. If you have a goal, it is not ambition, it is desire… aka greed. All ego. Wanting to have.
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When you have a capacity activated… will you be great right away? Courageous, insightful, self-trusting?

believe it or not, Hitler was a lot like your egoWhen you have a capacity activated… will you be great right away? Courageous, insightful, self-trusting?

One of the “results” I’ve been seeing is this:

The ego is responsible, or at least feels responsible for your survival. It’s like a domineering mother… it professes to know what is good for you and what isn’t.

Mothers will stop you from becoming all you can be… unless…

Unless you bother to sweet-talk them into seeing your side of the situation.

Negotiating, sweet talking, enrolling people who “should” be on your side is universally missing. I have spoken about that in the context of agreements you never made. 1
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What can my recent anger teach you?


I have said before: What you see is the most important element in your life. In this article you’ll see, that what you see is also directed by where you are looking… You can look at one thing or you can look at another ting… and your actions will be sharply different. 1

So read this article with that in mind: it will make it more valuable to you.

I have been angry for the past few days.

It is a familiar place where I’ve gone before: I started to pay attention to the results, good or bad, instead of paying attention to something I can control, something that belongs to me.

The results are not up to you. Really.

All you can do is all you can do, and all you can do is enough…

Actions, the doing, comes from the beingness… Beingness comes from within… from consciousness.

The doing, the actions cause something… whatever the results may be, and that is the having…

You’ll have the results.

We tend to get angry about the results… as if the world owed us the results we had in mind.

But the truth is, that even the best actions don’t produce the results that you had in mind, unless you are the only person in the game. No partners, no customers, no family… just you.
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When you feel accused… DNA capacity activation learnings

I turn the capacity on, ego turns it off

“It’s easier to evaluate your results through drunken delusion than to gaze soberly in the mirror and face the truth.”

I had another DNA capacity activation session today.

It was different. Some people had already had the same capacities activated before.

I found two big surprises… both strong enough to kick me in the gut:

  1. When I first download the energy to you that activates the capacity, it does what it does, goes through the phases, and when I check the muscletest says: it is turned on.

    When I come back to you, because you are on a webinar, it seems that there is a lot more work to do: especially on the level of ancestors.

    A lot lot lot more. It seems that until I open it all up, until the activation goes through your entire ancestry: millions of people, you will only have the capacity available to you… partially.

  2. And in some cases, your ego turned the capacity off entirely.
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The hardest thing, it seems, for any human, is to let go of control.

1526981_10152147561883685_291845534_nJust think how hard it is to let go and pee, when people are, maybe, watching. Falling asleep in a new environment.

But… when you are controlling, your are shrinking. When you let go of control: you are expanding.

There are so many things to control: with your control of the few things you know, your breathing, your thoughts… you take yourself out of life, take yourself to a place, where life dies with your control.

In you, and around you.

There is an exercise they make you do in leadership classes. Two people face each other. One say names of colors, the other’s job is to repeat the word the one says.

After a while they synchronize… then they switch.

Pairs where either of them wants to control… fail. Pairs where both let go… they seem to be one mouth speaking.

Same thing happens when it is movement they mirror. The same couples fail.

Life can’t be controlled, life works best when you let go.
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