Don’t judge a book by its cover

dragonQuoting from Rob Brezsny:

In the nights to come, I expect you will dream of creatures like fiery monsters, robot warriors, extraterrestrial ghosts, and zombie vampires. But here’s the weird twist: They will be your helpers and friends. They will protect you and fight on your behalf as you defeat your real enemies, who are smiling pretenders wearing white hats. Dreams like this will prepare you well for events in your waking life, where you will get the chance to gain an advantage over fake nice guys who have hurt you or thwarted you.

I am a rough and tumble Hungarian/Israeli/New Yorker.

Most people, especially in the South, California, Canada, and Australia, people think I am a little too rough, to straight forward, bordering on rude and arrogant.

I am your fiery monster from the above quote. I fight on your side, I fight on your behalf.

Your real enemies are the white robed, white hat donning, smiling pretenders.

How do you know I am honest? You don’t. How do you know I am telling the truth? You don’t.
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Meaning – what others teach

Why am I Here? What is the meaning of life? What should I do with my life? These are questions that everyone asks themselves at one time or another, but the answers are often fleeting or misguided.

The core teaching of the Instant Coherence Workshop is creating a meaning that will help you to push through difficult times, and cause coherence when everything else would cause incoherence.

If I use long straight hair as an analogy to show coherence and incoherence… brushing or combing long straight hair is easy when there are no kinks in it. But when we look, life is full of kinks… and our brain, our mind, our feelings give us more kinks than we can overcome.

So we, our lives, our brains are like kinky hair… and life is not smooth sailing… it is like occasionally very rough seas.

Incoherence is the order of the day… but we blame it on life.

But what if we are bringing incoherence to life… Incoherence by our default organizing principle… what we say BEFORE WE SAY HELLO, before we start doing anything.

The Instant Coherence workshop first digs out what is our default organizing principle, and then looks to create a new organizing principle that is designed to create life, our life, coherent…

The moment there is an organizing principle like that, everything wants to align with it, including your emotions, your actions, your breathing, your heart beat… everything.

The tricky things, as I can see at this stage, are the following:
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A typical day of this empath

dna difference between dogsI often find out what I have and what it does, from students, or by accident. Also some of the things are theories until proven by enough empirical data…

How the harmonizer works, really

Some of you may remember that last year I had a section on the blog that said what was the negative emotion, negative energy transmission Dark Side was spewing across the globe.

I was surprised that this year there didn’t seem to be any, until this past Saturday: suddenly deep sadness, a sense of loss, irreversible loss was coming over me… it wasn’t mine. It wasn’t anybody’s, it was a D.S. transmission. It was irresistible, and I spent the day in a funk.

Today the emotion was extreme anguish, fear, trepidation, strong pressure from underarm to underarm: No matter what I do, I can’t stop what’s coming. Phew, real bad. Then I checked and the Harmonizer wasn’t turned on on my computer in the office. I turned it on, and within minutes the feeling became weaker and manageable.
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Pimples, acne, and other unsightly or itchy skin troubles

take-cold-showersHumans, are smarter than animals. On the other hand, they are ignoring their cellular intelligence… that has as much knowledge as their mind.

Animal species have survived because they adapted to circumstances, and because only the strongest specimen of each species was allowed to multiply.

Let’s talk about adaptation.

It’s 94 degrees in Syracuse today, and I don’t have air conditioner.

So how do I survive? How am I well regardless of the circumstances?
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Maslow, emergency, up to your arse in alligators – do you have the skills to be successful?

feeding frenzy of alligatorsI have a friend. We’ve just recently created an alliance: we support each other in our goal to build a new business. He builds one for himself, I build one for myself. For fun and profit.

We talk on Skype. He teaches me more about people and about what might be the reason people are underachievers than anyone before… not because he is especially screwed up, but because of the context: we talk to build… different from my normal calls, which are coaching calls… got it?

Here are the things I am learning about what is missing to be a winner, to successfully build something new:
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The “Racket” of transformation, transformational methods, programs, potions, transmissions, pills revealed

quiet desperation

Warning: I use all my articles as a vehicle for me to muddle through issues, to gain clarity, to distill the truth, to separate illusion from reality.

This article goes through a meandering path… and unless you follow the path closely, you won’t get to the result and get the same clarity, so you will be wasting your time.

If you don’t have the time to read this article attentively, don’t read it, it will make no sense in the end.

The juice is in the detail, the juice is in the journey, the scenery one can see… You’ve been warned.

Humanity lives in quiet desperation. Everyone. Even the rich and famous. They are aimless, purposeless, dissatisfied, judgmental, jealous and envious, craving love, craving sex, craving belonging, craving a sense of meaning. At times more than at others.

Was it always like this? Before our time? I don’t know. I actually think so. But I can’t know. My memories of another life are just memories, me-centered, so I don’t know what life was like for people. I know in every past life memory I lived in quiet desperation.
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Restoring Coherence. Harness and redirect the energy instead of allowing it to diminish you

manage your attention

Note: there is a 10-day trial of the Harmonize Your vibration audio at the end of this post…

Not everything you feel is an emotion.

There are emotions and then there are the effects of emotions. But

all emotions can cause incoherence.

You know you are incoherent when your decisions are wrong, and take you down the path of self-destruction or hurting yourself or someone else. When you can’t hear what someone is saying. When you find your attention wandering. When you are not present.

Some emotions’ energy goes outward, other emotions’ energy goes inward.

Either type of emotions,

  • in a weak person, wreak havoc and cause devastation. A strong person can harness their outward emotions to move mountains, to accomplish, to achieve, to grow.
  • And a strong person can accept their inward going emotions as not necessary, and let them go.

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Coherence to incoherence… the path to becoming zombie


Warning: if you like your glass half filled, if you are a positive thinker, if you are optimistic, if you think hope is good, then please don’t read this article: it will attack your world at its core.

A society or a species that can have coherence and maintain that coherence is a species that survives most any calamity.

If you want to destroy a species (or and individual) you need to introduce incoherence.

Incoherence means: stuff is there that doesn’t fit. That doesn’t work well with the rest of the organism. That conflicts with the goals of the organism.

How is incoherence introduced?

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Am I a freak of nature or a fraud… You decide…

21I just watched a documentary on youtube. It is in the footnotes of this article… 1

It’s about a savant who accidentally has social skills and maybe all around intelligence. Most savants are autistic with no social skills, and no real ability to give scientists insight into their brain through the spoken word. Daniel, the math/memory savant therefore is unique.

I watched it for one reason: I am called an empath, but I am not an “ordinary” empath. The ability to feel another person, accurately, makes me a savant, some freak of nature.
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REALMeditation: why should you meditate, and how to meditate to become powerful and raise your vibration?

concentrate-the-mind-on-theThe purpose of meditation is to be able to live in the present, powerfully. That is to say: not an experience, some some mystical “meditation experience” like you thought it would be. Meditation experience, if any, is the booby prize… and many fall into that trap… Clear indication that they went into some la-la-land, half-asleep, all mind-induced. I have students like this, they are miserable in their lives.

The purpose of meditation is to be able to live in the present, powerfully… and be happy, joyful, fulfilled… and all that lovely stuff you say you want.

What does it mean living in the present? 1

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