Would you prefer to read blindfolded or be able to see the consequences of your actions?

third-eye-girlAs I was looking to see what others mean by Third Eye, I found this video of a nine year old girl who can see not with her eyes… She sees physical things, things you and I can see, without the capacity of the Third Eye.

Her vibration is 100, and she claims she learned to do what she does from a guru.

My question is again. would you like to be like her, or would you like to see into the beyond, the domain of the invisible, to see what other people cannot see?

here is the video. Please give me feedback.

Can I, should I train you to do DNA activations for your family, friends?

Train-to-be-a-healerSomeone asked in a comment if I could train other people to do what I do, connect to Source on the 3rd level where you can channel the energy, the specific energy to cause something, like activating a DNA capacity.

This question is like the tip of the iceberg… it shows the world view from where the question came from.

The world view is: anyone with enough training could do anything.

Is that true? After all other people have opened healing schools, trained teachers, trained practitioners, trained coaches.

I am familiar with Landmark Education’s training programs. They train coaches, introduction leaders, seminar leaders.

They screen the applicants. The programs are rigorous, some even murderous.

Results: no good coaches, no good leaders, or not really. There are exceptions, but rare.

Why is that?
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How do you learn to tell low vibration from high vibration? Truth from falsehood?


“It’s easier to evaluate your results through drunken delusion than to gaze soberly in the mirror and face the truth.”

When something isn’t working in your life, your relationships, your health, your finances, there is something you don’t know.

The most frequent error people make is assume that what they know, how they know it, is going to make a difference.

The truth, the missing knowledge, unfortunately lies in the gray area of what you don’t know that you don’t know.

Unless something gets teased out, plucked out from that vast grey area, life will never change.

That vast gray area, unfortunately also contains the truth about most of the lies you learned from gurus, from books, from religion, from your peers and from your parent.

Or even from science.
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People who say the whole truth was revealed to them are lying. Even if their name was Moses…

moses made up a whole story from an insightThe nature of “revelation” is that you get a glimpse beyond the veil, then the veil closes.

People who talk about “grand” revelations are filling in the gaps in sight and memory with their imagination, that is why most things you read have a very low truth value. 1%-10%… very few over 20%.

So what is the process that allows revelation to create a system of higher truth value?

My experience has been that experimentation, using the fresh and dramatic information as a starting point, you start to poke the edges of the unknown and get little bits of new information. Thus you enlarged the “hole” but not with your imagination, but with truth.

This is my method. It takes time, it takes creativity, it takes all I got. And it takes willing participants who are willing for me to experiment with them.
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Sight DNA activated? Let’s look! is the cheerful battle cry that opens the door to seeing

why-do-some-people-just-seem-to-have-all-the-luck-1-728I am getting more and more insights about The Sight activator that activates the capacity to see the consequences of your actions.

People, you, don’t trust themselves. They don’t believe, they don’t trust that an aspect of them, the Consciousness, sees things they didn’t see, heard things they didn’t hear.

How does that happen?

When you are busy doing other things, or being angry, for example, the Consciousness isn’t involved. It is doing what it is designed to do: watch, listen.

Now, if this is so natural, then why did you need an activator? Right? Wrong.

The problem is NOT that you don’t have a part of you that is smart and watches. The problem is that you think that everything you know is in your head… in the storage department called the mind.

i-know-everythingThe mind suggests that it has everything you know, and everything there is to know. And what it doesn’t know can be learned.

But the mind is wrong… And you think that you are your mind… so YOU are always wrong…
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Your soul correction points to missing DNA abilities…

steve jobs soul correction…or behaviors that ignore capacities, or both.

My soul correction is Forget Thyself… arrogance, and already knowing it all… so the biggest missing capacities for this soul correction are the sight, seeing the consequences of your actions.

The second ability is consistency: actually remembering that there is a sight, and one must look before one can see… very hard for me to learn and be consistent.

Now, what is the usefulness of a “diagnosis” like that?

If you don’t have the DNA encoded ability active, you can ask me to activate it.
If you don’t have the behavior, then you can ask me to guide you until you refine the behavior and it becomes second nature.
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Can your sight be helpful if you don’t look?

The willingness to look is a behavior, it’s an attitude, and therefore cannot be activated.

If you act without looking, or if you act from what is stored in your mind, then the activator of the capacity to see the consequences of your actions won’t make any difference.

There is a prerequisite to seeing: and that is looking.

And most of you do not have the habit to look…

One of the arrogant behaviors is to not look. I do it, you do it.

Is that a stupid behavior? Yeah, it is. And stupid as the stupid does… that is why I am stupid, and you are stupid too.

Whenever I remember that I am stupid, it is a reminder to look… and then the capacity of seeing the consequences of my action kicks in… and voila, I make a smart decision from what I see.

So you see, stupid is not a capacity or the lack of it, stupid is behavior.

What can be activated? Can intelligence be activated? Does your IQ change your results?

guaranteed-iq-success-guaranteed-bsWhat can be activated? Can intelligence be activated?

Intelligence cannot be activated because it is NOT one gene… it is a lot of genes.

A client of mine recently inherited a company where he had been working for some 20 years. He wants the company to stay as successful as it was under his father’s direction. He sees what’s qualities his father had that are missing for him are these:

  1. charisma
  2. confidence
  3. assertive
  4. risk taker
  5. intuitive

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What is an ability activator, what is ability activation? What else can be activated? What changes when it is activated?

your intrinsic value can only be seen by someone who had that appreciation ability turned onThis article expresses a turning point in my work… read it fully if you can.

Some of you may wonder why I am not starting the new Second Phase Activators course… after all I have done it three years ago…

But truth be told… I have learned so much in these three years… that the new course needs a lot of work… maybe not a lot of time, but a lot of thought and technology. And now that I am working on some new activators, my understanding of activation has changed dramatically… Keep reading.

There are two kinds of activators.

  1. Ability activators…The “qualities” exceptional people show: consistency, authority, the ability to choose well, see what needs to get done and in what order, see what’s missing, see people’s hearts, appreciation, kindness, unconditional love, connecting, etc.

    These are inactive abilities in 99% of humanity… and unless you have them activated, you will NOT be able to duplicate results others produce.

    It is not intellect, but it is intelligence… and unless some ancestor of yours sorely needed it and was willing to go “do or die” to get it, you don’t have it.

    Meditation doesn’t turn it on. Shakti pat doesn’t turn it on… Only conscious do or die effort, or a DNA activation by someone who knows what they are doing.

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After the ability is activated: what is it like?

7216581_f520Some unexpected fallouts and insights from activating the newly discovered abilities to all those people…

Suddenly this client thinks, for the first time, to ask how to speak to her mother in law who goes to her house, picks up her ironing and cleans her house…

Here is the whole conversation… this is an issue that SHOULD come up for everyone, because the idea of being interested in how a communication lands is one of those things, being able to see the consequences of your action. Communication is action!

So here is the email conversation where I teach her how to 1. be appreciative 2. be kind 3. be effective without forcing, without blaming, without making the other person defensive, and yet have a good chance to have the result you want… eventually.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015, 1:23:16 PM, she wrote:
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