Spirituality uses different tools than the mind, the world

approximationSpirituality, finding your way, finding your self, the path to living a life worth living use different tools from science, schools, the mind, and ordinary thinking.

Not just different tools, but tools used differently.

If you haven’t found what you are seeking… if your seeking has taken you on a wild goose chase only to find nothing of value for yourself… then you owe it to yourself to learn to use the tools and to use them in new ways.

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If you love yourself you love your life.


Good enough, the Pareto principle… how you get tripped up by the numbers

80% of your results come from 20% of your efforts.

This translates to a lot of mischief.

I just read an article, OK, I read 20% of it… lol… about China, and about chabuduo… that is Chinese for Good Enough.

The problem is standards.

Your 100%, the Chinese 100%, and my 100% are not the same.
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Want to find your self? Express it? Be true to it? Be motivated by it?

brett-wilson-find-yourself-and-be-thatI started to read the book by Edward Deci, “Why we do what we do. Understanding self-motivation”.

This is the first book, that I know, that defines self the way, or similarly the way I do…

To become a person, to have autonomy, self-determination, self-expression, integrity, self-motivation, the most important job is to find the self, by distinguishing what is the driver of all your actions, whether it is inner or outer.

And if it is inner… is it the self, or is it the “not-self”?

Greed, narcissism, hate… area inner motivators, but they are all the not-self. So are all the “negative” emotions, like frustration, haste, the desire to fix, to punish, to suffer… etc. Continue reading “Want to find your self? Express it? Be true to it? Be motivated by it?”

It is exactly 57 times more complicated than that…

i-wont-apologize-for-who-i-am-2The current state of science, knowledge is “one size fits all”.

Just do this and this and this… and you’ll be happy, wealthy, healthy, and in love.

Every profession has their “this is the way, this is the truth” postage stamp size area where they dance…

The medical establishment, pharmaceuticals, psychologists, religion, education, and even the “spiritual” or “alternative” people.

I am a people watcher. I watch their behavior. I watch what they welcome, love, what they tolerate, what they avoid.

I remember I was about 30, and I said:

this is exactly 57 times more complicated than that.

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The “seven” habits of highly unsuccessful people

tablo-detailAs you know it is the 50-year anniversary of my high school graduation.

I had a bunch of extraordinary folks as classmates: they have been meeting every year for the past ten years… and this year they decided to redo the yearbook, which is not a book in Hungary: it is a big board with everyone’s picture and their names.

In addition they decided to ask for a report from each student, to document their 50 years since graduation. I sent in my report, and I made a new picture with my webcam.

I received the report about their last 50 years, from 22 of my still living 33 class mates from the best high school in Hungary. (The school was so good, they wanted me to leave, because I wasn’t good enough, at age 16. My father had to bribe the school to allow me to stay.) Continue reading “The “seven” habits of highly unsuccessful people”

Where do your questions come from?

blooms_taxonomy_pyramid_cake-style-use-with-permissionI am asked questions, all the time.

Asking questions is a sign. What kind of questions… that is yet another sign.

And then asking intelligent questions… well, that is quite another matter.

I am going to my memory now, and say what I retained about questions from the book Curious… that the better questions, the more intellectual questions one asks the higher level of evolution the person is.

But no matter what question you ask, the answer, if it sticks strictly to the question, will be on the same level where you asked it from.

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The 3 most important questions to ask

As you know, I am a learner myself. I learn better ways to take you to places that serve you, I learn better ways to help you learn skills, life-skills that will allow you to be happy, fulfilled, and have direction in life.

This video and method, developed by Vishen Lakhiani is good. It switches off the mind, and allows you to connect with yourself and answer the three most important questions you can ask of yourself.

Watch the video. And then ask your friends, family, dates the same question. You’ll be able to find better matches for your life than by looks or what they say with their minds, by far.

The video is after you click… you’ll stay on this site…
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