Vibrational Review: Geniuxole System

what is your real iq?Geniuxole System

People are looking for ways to become smarter. And you should… I mean you should become smarter.

There is one major issue and that is: where do you think smarts lives?

We have spoken of this before, but let me repeat it for those that are new:

Human beings have two major dimensions. If I wanted to draw it, I would draw a cross.

The horizontal line is your periphery, the world, the hubbub of daily happenings, the weather… other people.
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Easy vs what works. Illusion vs reality… how to tell the difference?

bending spoon illusionWe are living in the matrix. We eat make-believe food, have make-believe relationships, fight for make-believe causes.

The main weapon of the illusion that it convinces you that it doesn’t exist. They used to say that about the devil… but the real devil is the creators, the pushers, the promoters of the illusion. 1

25 years ago I participated, briefly, in a 12-step program: Adult Children of Alcoholics. As you may know, the first step of joining a group like that is to pick a higher power. Why? I am not sure, I have done no research. I am going to share my own way of using “higher power” because it is relevant to this topic.

I am an atheist. I do not believe that there is a higher power, per se. I do feel that there is a certain order in the Universe, that it is even intelligent, but Higher Power?

And yet, what makes AA and other 12-step programs work, is this higher power thing…
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The upgrade of the human DNA is done, and now every person on the planet has the missing 13 capacities as part of their DNA, permanently

are you a Ford with a Maserati inside?The upgrade of the human DNA is done, and now every person on the planet has the missing 13 capacities as part of their DNA, permanently.

I find myself reluctant to say anything. I find myself reluctant to write, and that feels weird after having written seven thousand pages in the past two years. After having worked on the distinguishing of these missing capacities for 10 years…

My dilemma is that just because you can, you still haven’t changed. And unless you change your behavior, unless you do what it takes to activate those new capacities, nothing will change. Nothing.

You are still listening with the old mindset. And you ARE your mindset, and no new capacity will change that. No new information will change that. Only new action will change that.

The choice, for me, is to be inspiring or truthful. It always has been the choice, I just could not see it.

Your other teachers and healers talk inspiring. 100% lie. 100% soothing. Permission for you to stay the same.
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Self-Discipline And WillPower are The Path To Grace & Ease

Why Do You Need Self-Discipline And Will-Power To Achieve Higher States Of Consciousness? The Path To Grace and Ease

A ‘normal’ human is weak, weak willed, and behaves in a pleasure seeking way.

A ‘normal’ human, when asked why they do what they do, they always have a because. Their whole being is effect: they are never the cause of their own action, their own feelings, their own thoughts.

The world of humans is an interplay of cause and effect. Rare humans are the cause of their actions. They are in higher states of consciousness. They don’t need an outside cause: they act as their own authority.

To go from ‘normal’ human, meaning weak willed and pleasure seeking, ordinary consciousness, you will need to develop capacities that are not taught in school, and they are not even encouraged.

When I first learned this whole distinction, responsibility, or said in another way, being a cause, the occasion was being late. I was late, and I had good reasons: I started late, the weather, the train schedule, the cab driver, the elevator… a slew of reasons.

The trainer suggested that I become cause of my being late. I tried, ‘I am late because I am forgetful…’ but as he explained, I mean the trainer, that would still be something other than me being the cause. If it is an internal and inherent weakness that causes something, I am still a victim, I am still an effect.

It took a long time, but the speaking that expresses being totally the cause of the result was, ‘I am late because I am late.’ or in my case ‘I am late because I started out late… all the rest are just excuses.’

This was a huge revelation to me. In the three years following this discovery I accomplished nine years worth of work, and went from a low-paid architect to a magazine owner, a magazine publisher with staff. It was amazing.

Then, of course, I got sloppy and victimized again, and my life has been an alternation of being cause, and being a victim.

You need self-discipline and will power to stay cause. Just because you know what you are supposed to do, what you are supposed to notice, what you must be aware of, you won’t, unless you have a well-developed self-discipline and will-power.

Both practically help you forego the desire to bail out, to escape, to go the easy route.

You don’t go from an undisciplined prince or princess to a disciplined person. The world does not prepare you for that: a disciplined person is a threat to society: it rocks the boat of mediocrity and complacency.

I have a few clients who are either in the military or retired from the military. Even the military doesn’t care about you being self-disciplined: they just want you to do what you are told to do, like a machine.

Those military types are the least disciplined of all my clients… a total disaster.

So, how are you going to go from ‘normal’ to highly disciplined? You know that the meaning of a discipline is teaching, and a disciple is someone who can be taught.

As long as you are undisciplined, no matter what I do, and no matter what you do, the results will not be forthcoming.

And because a normal human is blind to its own behavior, its own ego, you need outside help to be able to see yourself.

The tools that I offer are energetic and cognitive.

Energetically, my harmonize your vibration audio is your best choice, if you are normal.

Cognitively, I recommend that you find out what is your soul’s correction, so you can actually direct your awareness at something that will change you in the right direction.

UPDATE: now there is a specific Avatar State audio to address self-discipline.

self-discipline the path to grace and easeGo and try the Self-Discipline Activator

Why Am I Miserable? Why You Are Miserable? The Most Binding Agreements Are The Ones You Never Made

iceberg or what's below the sea level is more important to what's above: it can sink you Why Am I Miserable? Why You Are Miserable? The Most Binding Agreements Are The Ones You Never Made

I had a session with a client. The conversation went to one of my ‘favorite’ topics: why wives stop wanting intimacy after the children are born.

This is a big issue for men, and destroys many marriages.

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Clues That The Planetary Ascension Project Is By Design, And Not Just My Good Idea

on Yom Kippur the sky is open and the light of the Creator is unobstructed Why do I think I am on the right path?

This question comes up in people’s minds, and if it doesn’t, then it should. After all I could be a “false prophet”, a fake Messiah, or just a garden variety “guru”, a dime a dozen, been there, done that.

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Enough Equals Whatever It Takes. Of The Right Thing. Done The Right Way.

if you can catch a fly with chopsticks you can do anything Enough Equals Whatever It Takes. Of The Right Thing. Done The Right Way.

Whatever you would like to attain in life, happiness, satisfaction, contentment, connection, riches, good health, great relationship: they all depend on “enough.”

The whole idea of doing enough is something that is so unfamiliar to people, that it seems that I will need to teach it and teach it and teach it, until you get it.

Even if I frame it the way I use it in my day to day life: whatever it takes, people either misunderstand, or look at me with blank eyes.

I have an educational story to illustrate “enough” on someone I have been working with for 17 years.

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Are You “Doing” Compassion Wrong? 5 Ways to Practice Advanced Compassion

This is an old article. On compassion.

I dare to disagree: compassion is not a feeling, compassion is not an emotion. It is a capacity.

It is a human capacity to recognize the other person as a person like you, recognize their state as a state you have seen or experienced, and, surprise, compassion is a willingness to help the person through the situation, inner or outer, to the other side, where they can be well.

The way most people relate to compassion, is more like pity. A superiority. A leaning down to another.

No recognition of the sameness, only the difference: I am better off, I am better, I am lucky.

Compassion is rather a partnership, albeit temporary. But that is, probably, too much to ask of today’s humans… you?

When you feel compassion for someone, how does it feel to you? Does it feel sad, scary, loving, or a mixture? Think about it before you read on. When was the last time you felt compassion? Who were you with? Who was it for? What was happening to them? What did you feel toward them?

Compassion has a different definition in Asia than it does in the U.S., and frankly, I like Asia’s take on it much better. The primary difference is that in the U.S., we can have compassion for others, but not normally toward ourselves. In Asia, the term compassion includes self-love and love for others. I think this is a critical distinction.

I like to define compassion differently than everyone else. Compassion is one of the highest emotions we can experience. It is 100% pure unselfish love. In my definition of compassion, there is no fear. There is no pity. There is no sadness. There is only positive love in the highest vibration. It helps others far more to project our highest positive emotion rather than to spread our negative emotions of fear, sadness, and pity.

And this takes practice to perfect.

In the U.S., we’re not even too used to “practicing” our emotions. They kind of just ooze out of us. Once we start practicing compassion, we can get really awesome at it. We might be lifting the 20 pounder at the beginning, but once we start exercising regularly, we can lift more and more. The benefit of practicing is that we feel more and more love each time. The feeling of love gets more intense, and that feels good.

Here are five steps to experience compassion more intensely than you ever have before.

  1. Focus on yourself. Center and ground yourself. If you feel afraid, deal with that first before projecting your emotions on others. Compassion is not a negative emotion. Sending compassion because you are having a self-pity party about “what if it happened to me” is not a good reason for sending compassion.
  2. Fill yourself with compassion first. Most of us need to work on this far more than we realize!

    If you need help being more intentional about your emotions, draw from the past: bring to mind a time when you felt tremendous strength, and re-live that emotion through savoring.

  3. Focus on the person you are sending compassion to. Make sure that in your mind, they are equal human beings to you in every way. This avoids bringing negativity into your compassion through pity or feeling sorry for the subject of your compassion.
  4. Send compassion to your recipient from a place of pure strength and love.
  5. Check to make sure your experience of compassion is purely positive, with no fear, no anger, no comparing, and no sadness.

    Revel in the fullness and strength of your compassion now compared to how you have sent it before.

Because emotions are contagious, practicing compassion grounded in pure positive emotional vibration will help your recipient far more than compassion generated out of fear. You will feel less drained as well. You may even feel rejuvenated.

Go through these steps a few times until you become used to this new way of practicing compassion. Not only will you feel amazing each time you practice, the world will benefit from your high vibration and positive energy.

When more of us come from a place of high positive emotions more often, the world will move from chaos to calm and from fear to love, one person at a time.

Spirituality and Personality: The Psycho-Spiritual Controversy

If you have been involved in either therapy or counselling, or spirituality and meditation, in recent years you have probably encountered two basic, polarized viewpoints concerning personality. Essentially it amounts to this: therapists are pro-personality (and its improvement through healing neurosis etc.) while spiritual teachers proclaim personality a big waste of time, since neurotic or not, you are more than your personality.

This is not particularly surprising, since therapy and counseling tend to be concerned with the individual, while spiritual practices are concerned with higher matters. But it does lead the novices and beginners into a quandary where they are faced with the decision of what to do about personality. On the one hand, therapy could be an expensive, futile effort to better the personality, whereas, on the other hand, spiritual practice may offer an excuse to leave personal problems behind, with the justification that you are moving on to more lofty concerns.

In the extensive time I have been engaged in therapy and spirituality I can say that I have discovered the answer to this controversy! And I don’t say it without reluctance and a certain caution, since my answer is liable to offend both camps — therapists and spiritual teachers. Perhaps my answer is less a rejection or abandonment of one viewpoint for another and more of a synthesis. This may be an answer of the best kind – the kind that doesn’t marginalize or dismiss anyone’s experience or viewpoint. For my answer, while radically new and innovative, does not fundamentally disagree with either point of view, but considers each appropriate to the complex, total unfolding process of our human nature and potential.

My answer to the dilemma is to propose a third band of human experience. I call this “the authentic self” and since I am not using any unusual words I need to define this term, because I do mean something specific. The authentic self, in the way I use the term, is the bridge between the personality and the spiritual self. It is arrived at usually, but not always, after a lengthy period of intensive, deep, applied and consistent inner work. This inner work consists of a journey of self-discovery in which one circumvents the self, becoming increasingly aware of the conscious and unconscious material that comprises one’s sense of self, or ego. This involves character, which is essentially defensive strategy or an intelligent, protective reaction to early conditioning, which becomes increasingly calcified and adapted throughout adolescence and adult life. Character is composed of the way in which we survive and protect ourselves from inner and outer stimuli and ultimately avoid really meeting life. It creates a self-imposed prison — limitations in which we feel falsely safe.

Self-discovery also involves cultivating our awareness of personality, or the way in which character (defenses and strategies) is experienced. Both inwardly and outwardly we erect a barrier to experience — life events and other people — which is a mask, façade or persona which eclipses the real person, or our true nature.

We also raise emotional and behavioural patterns out of the murky stratum of the unconscious, out of unawareness, and see just how much our life is lived automatically, as an automaton without real human response, emotional feeling, resonance, empathy or even awareness.

The process of self-discovery involves witnessing, reliving and remembering, practicing awareness and releasing pent-up emotions, returning the bodymind, through self-regulating, self-healing and self-referral, to a natural state of balance, ease and relaxation, and opening to insight and experience. In the short-term the experience is enriching, enlivening and full of dramatic changes. In the long-term through achieving personal wholeness, soul nourishment and insights we reach a threshold, a bridge, a chasm – all variously transitional metaphors that signify a quantum leap, a fourth dimensional change that I have termed “the threshold of transformation”.

The significance of this threshold, and what distinguishes it from all the changes that have gone before, is that is effects are irreversible — it is a step from which there is no going back. Once taken, this step across the threshold will lead you to the condition of authenticity and intimacy with your own true nature.

This insight renders the controversy about personality redundant. But it does depend on our ability to clearly distinguish the psychological from the spiritual.

How To Manifest Anything or THE Missing Piece Of The Law Of Attraction Puzzle:

…Or How To Be In Vibrational Harmony With Money, Love, And Success

how to manifest anything: moneyHow to Manifest Anything or the Missing Piece of the Law of Attraction Puzzle

We all want to manifest our wants and needs. We all want miracles. We all want some divine assistance to solve our problems. But…

How to Manifest Anything or the Missing Piece of the Law of Attraction Puzzle: Desire or How to Be in Vibrational Harmony With Money, Love, and Success

Some religions preach to you to suppress your desires. They say that it’s the root of all evil. Maybe even a sin. Christianity, Buddhism… to mention the ones I know. Kabbalah teaches you to awaken desire, that is how to manifest anything. Continue reading “How To Manifest Anything or THE Missing Piece Of The Law Of Attraction Puzzle:”