What is frustration really?

Frustration has two causes: 1. wanting 2. expecting. Unfulfilled desires, unfulfilled expectations. Horrid.

You want more, better, different... Or you expect more better or different.

Either way, you are acting consistent with what society, what civilization wants you to be... not with Life.

More, more, more is the battle cry of consumerism. Industry, business wants to make more and sell more. So YOU cry for more, because you are told the secret to happiness is more. More this and more that.

You find out you are copper deficient (isn't everybody, by the way?) and you ask: what has copper. Let me ADD some of that to my food... your food that already keeps you 20-30-40 pounds overweight.

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Why are happy people happy? Have you ever asked that question?

The biggest differentiator between a successful, happy, balanced, unbroken person, and someone with a life not worth writing home about is their relationship to failures.

Yes. Plural.

Wanting only successes is like wanting to walk but never take a step with your left leg... Unnatural and ... and why would you want that?

Everything in life has a rhythm, sex, breathing, eating and elimination... everything. Continue reading "Why are happy people happy? Have you ever asked that question?"

Cancer: The unexpected results of positive thinking

think-positive-collage2Whoever thought that the well-meaning positive thinking will become a prison and a sentence to a 'no joy life' for most who become a "practitioner" of it, about 80% of humanity at this time.

Whether you know it or not, your powers of comprehension depend on your powers of distinguishing.

In the old est training, the trainers came to the room on the first day blasting: "for you Everything is the same as everything else ... except not always" and they were as accurate as accurate they would be today: you can't tell your ass from your elbow.

This is true for everybody, including yours truly... the difference is only in degrees. No one is exempt from it.

The capacity to see differences clearly is called astuteness. The capacity to tell apart similar things, to name them and claim them.

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The Second Phase Activators Course or what does cancer have to do with your how?

Human DNA has 160 spiritual capacities hard-coded. These are the capacities that can and hopefully will take humanity to the "human being" level, (and beyond,) where beingness causes action, not greed and other survival energies. At present there are eight individuals on the human being level on the planet. I don't know who they are... I know I am one of the eight. You need 60 active spiritual capacities to be on that level.

80 of these capacities is activated in the Second Phase Activator Course.

A "normal" human has 2-5 spiritual capacities active, helping them to grow, make money, get along with others and themselves. Be healthy, be wise, be happy. 2-5 is mighty few...

The Starting Point measurements include this measure: how many of the 160 spiritual capacities you have active. And often someone asks me to pay to tell them what capacities they have active.

I never do it... because it's useless, gossipy knowledge, a way to lord over other people.
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Time to reinvent yourself as someone you can love

try-time-to-reinvent-yourselfYou live in a world of your own design... Time to reinvent yourself as someone you can love

Your own design is like a filter you look through. You can't see the filter, just like you don't see the window unless you touch it...

A filter is like a pair of glasses...

A filter is also like a pair of glasses... They can be dark tinted, they can be yellow, green... and the world occurs differently with each pair of glasses. You can't see that it's the glasses that make the world look the way the world looks to you... unless you can take it off...

You can see only the ripples. The indication that there is something there...

It's the ripples that we don't like... we don't like the things we do, the things we think, the things we feel. We want to change the ripples. But the ripples are the surface of the iceberg... hidden, invisible...

But you can't change something that you don't know. You can't change something that you don't see.

We all want to reinvent ourselves, our world. Because what we have now is not working too well, not serving us too well. We can't have what we want, and we suffer.

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Being free to be yourself… feeling free to be yourself…

Being free to be yourself... feeling free to be yourself... The two are not the same, depending on your current level of consciousness, and your current level of WORD to being, one will work, and not the other.

I, for example, don't feel free. I am free. It doesn't feel anything...

No feeling. Just doing what I need to do, feeling nothing in the way... blockage, resistance, reluctance, or fear.

I am free to be myself, free to express what I want to express the way I feel it's the most effective, effortless and natural.

I curse, I sing-song, I laugh, I dramatize... I do what I deem effective at expressing what I want to express. I am fully and unabashedly with the people I am with, minutely tracking where they are at, where their listening is at, so I can be effective at being together. I have no rules, no morals, no niceness... If I am talking to you, I'll be fully with you because that is the only way to talk to someone... all other ways are pretense, and I have no reason to pretend. Continue reading "Being free to be yourself… feeling free to be yourself…"

10 Proven Brain Benefits of Memorization

In Praise of Memorization: 10 Proven Brain Benefits

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Memory learning catches a lot of flack these days. Informed educators are often quick to write off rote memorization as an unnecessary and even harmful exercise, instead preferring to teach creativity and problem solving. While we agree that creative, analytical lessons are a great way to learn, it’s worth pointing out that memorization can still play an important role in learning, no matter your age. Read on to find 10 great benefits of memorization in school and beyond.


      Although memorizing lines of poetry may not feel particularly essential, it’s an important task for training your brain to remember things. This type of memorization task exercises your brain, giving it strength to retain more information. Memorizing passages or poetry over time (rather than cramming) is a very effective way to make your brain more receptive to remembering.

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How reality gets lost and all you are left with is YOUR interpretation, and emotions

Most of what I do in life is to feed my curiosity, that is, (luckily?) perfectly aligned with my mission: taking humans to the next evolutionary level of humanity: human being.

There is a lot to observe if you have the right questions, but observation is one thing, the right interpretation is another...

We learn in the Playground that what you see/observe/experience comes to you, at you as a tight package that like a hand, has a front of the hand, and the back of the hand. We call that in this work "occurrence".

Give the same occurrence to a thousand people, and you'll get a hundred interpretations... but what is happening, reality is always the same, only the interpretation, the words change depending on the observer. On their life experiences, on their "case", on the number of spiritual capacities they have (that will depend on how much of what is actually happening they can see...) Continue reading "How reality gets lost and all you are left with is YOUR interpretation, and emotions"

What does they mean: ownership, deserving, and being equal to what life throws at you?

This is a long article... it explains some things everyone has misunderstood... and chances are, most will still misunderstand after reading this article...

As I have said before, one of the best ways to find out what a word REALLY means is to see how other languages say it.

Your vocabulary, your accurate vocabulary is the level of the truth value of your knowledge, of your thinking.

And judging from the puny numbers most people have for accurate vocabulary, you can take from sure that your understanding of the world, of reality, of what is being told to you, of what you read, is equally puny, equally pitiful.

I don't know what you understood until you ask a question, and then I know why my amazing articles can't, won't make a dent, won't do anything for you.

One of these words, owning, ownership is such a word.

If your accuracy is good about it, it is a transformative word. If it is what most people have... it makes no difference. Continue reading "What does they mean: ownership, deserving, and being equal to what life throws at you?"

Cyber Monday: Get Innocent… Get your emotions activated… or remain dead and deadened… Your choice.

I have been pondering what to offer you for the traditional Black Friday/Cyber week orgy of consumerism.

Yesterday, having several conversations with people, I decided that the best way to bring dead people back to life is to offer them the Second Phase Activators.

You see, when I look at people, they are soooo plagued by negative emotions, and they so hate them, resist them, hide from them, that they have no chance to feel anything uplifting, inspiring, heartwarming... Continue reading "Cyber Monday: Get Innocent… Get your emotions activated… or remain dead and deadened… Your choice."