Why does the future of the planet look the way it looks? Bad…

I am reading an amazing AND disturbing book. Again.

I have been heeding the words of my teacher, Robert S. Hartman, that to fight evil, you need to know evil, intimately. Be able to recognize it everywhere… in yourself and in others.

Like yourself, I prefer to look at pretty, beautiful, harmonious, happy… But if you want to tell the truth, there is not much of that, at least where humans are involved.

Even the best actions a human makes is all about them… all about desire to receive for the self alone. Their reputation, their station in the world, them feeling good about themselves at the expense of another.

I also can’t avoid feeling it… I am an empath. No matter where I go, no matter where I look, some horrid inner turmoil of some person, wholly unrelated to what I am doing, is taking over my body. Ugh.

Desire to receive for the self alone feels like a turmoil, a rift between your two selves.

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Fighting your demons, over and over, expecting to win one day

You and I spend most of our lives trying to fix something that never happened. Not only that it wasn’t wrong… but it never actually happened. Something that was never factually true. Even though you keep telling the story as if it were true. And you don’t know that you are lying.

Some people call these demons… even though there are no demons… but nevertheless, using the expression: fighting your demons is very accurate, if you don’t believe that demons are entities. There are no entities in the visible or invisible Universe.

And yet we are fighting… I call it an itch… a compulsion… something that makes you weird.

The ITCH that tells you that unless you get what you say you didn’t get in that story, at whatever price, even extorting it, you cannot be OK. Continue reading “Fighting your demons, over and over, expecting to win one day”

One of the sticky issues in life is what we think happened in the past.

Everyone and their brother say you can’t change the past… But what if you can?

One of my favorite movies is ‘Back to the Future 3’

Somehow, by magic, our hero, whose name I forgot, played by Michael J. Fox, gets that him being called a coward, makes him do things that destroy his life. So he makes a different choice, in that past, and changes his future… dramatically.

Every time I watch it, my eyes tear up… I am moved to tears. I am sooo proud of him.

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The bliss of being who you are, the bliss of being your Self

I wrote this article five years ago. But it goes well with my next… so I am republishing it… so they can be read together.

Last night I finished watching the British series, ‘The Paradise’ about the first department store in London.

I learned something I probably would not have been able to learn anywhere else.

The series is mainly about two characters, the owner of the store who created it. He came from nothing, and is a true entrepreneur.

The other character is a small-town girl, who works for him, and discovers herself as an entrepreneur. Discovers is the key word.
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In life you get what you negotiate

In life you get what you negotiate. Not what you need. Not what you want. But what you successfully negotiate.

Some truths pop out when you least expect them.

None of my students know how to negotiate. My students are a microcosm… A mirror of the whole damn world.

You demand, and sulk when you don’t get what you demand.

You expect, and you sulk, or yell, or attack when you don’t get what you expected.

Even the idea, the concept of negotiating is missing.

I have been no exception… Only lately have I started to consider that if I negotiate then the chances of getting what I want increase by billion-fold.

It started with my landlord.

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You don’t want what you say you want… It’s inauthenticity that’s speaking

Many people want to run their own business, they want to be entrepreneurs.

But when you observe their behavior, everything points to the fact that that is a pretense.

Why would anyone pretend that? Ultimately that is an expensive pretense… like the boy’s you cried ‘wolf’. Ultimately people stop believing you, and only people who are engaged in the same pretense will.

How do you know what you really want?

Simple: you observe yourself, jot down how much time and attention you give to each thing that occupies your day, and do it for a week.

What you want will stand out: that is what you give the most time to. Continue reading “You don’t want what you say you want… It’s inauthenticity that’s speaking”

Authenticity: Beware the barrenness of a busy life… ~Socrates

Beware the barrenness of a busy life. ~ Socrates

There is never a time when new distraction will not show up; we sow them, so several will grow from the same seed. ~ Seneca the elder

You better train yourself to manage your attention. Focus determines the quality of your life

These above are all quotes… We read them we nod, or not, and we continue not having a clue why our life sucks.

Your experience is what you agree to attend to. Not necessarily with words: you agree with your actions, what you pay attention to. Continue reading “Authenticity: Beware the barrenness of a busy life… ~Socrates”

Authenticity… your power belongs to you

Authenticity examined through movies…

When I watch TV series on Netflix or Amazon, or read thrillers, I working… wouldn’t you like to get a job like that? lol.

When I was in high school, I joined every group, every course, went to every seminar that spoke about movie making, the art.

When I had my high school final exams, I got lucky and I pulled question #40 on movie making… I so fascinated the three teachers that were the “jury” that I upset the exam schedule…

The trick (what I didn’t know} was that I watched the movies on all levels, auditory, visual, and kinesthetic. I felt the feelings of the characters, while I saw them and while I heard them.

360 degree experience.

My experience is that I can go to the movies with anyone, and come out and find out that we saw two different movies… Very weird.

Anyway… One of the phenomenon I can see, hear and feel, that most people can’t, is authenticity.
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Authenticity: I don’t think it means what you think it means

I am a foreigner. I learned the English words, one by one. Since the age of 10… English was my third language.

I only started to learn the beingness associated with, the beingness indicated by some big words when I came to the United States at age 38 and started the work of transformation.

The first beingness word I looked into was generosity. I was still a beginner at distinguishing.

Distinguishing is the art of precision, astuteness, of what something is and what that something isn’t. What it isn’t will distinguish that thing a lot better, a lot clearer than trying to explain what it is. Interesting, isn’t it? Michelangelo and his David… Removing, in language, the parts of the stone that aren’t David.

I had to learn the hard way what generosity isn’t, how “generosity” can and does make enemies of friends, destroys you in the process, while it builds your ego sky high.

The second beingness word was authenticity.

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Increase this number and all other numbers will rise with it

Your attention span is a reliable indicator of how well you’ll do in life

If you are not where you want to be, one possible way you can improve your lot is by increasing your attention span.

Most people have a lot of aspects to their behavior and thinking that are at odds with being happy, successful, joyful people.

A whole lot. I measure most in my Starting Point Measurements.

So the natural inclination is to declare it hopeless. And the second natural inclination is to want to handle it all at once.

This is when people spend a lot of money in one sitting… and then don’t know what to do with them.

And some people, the rare specimen, who asks: how should I start? What shall I do first? Continue reading “Increase this number and all other numbers will rise with it”