A counter-intuitive strategy you’ve been missing…

build the habit firstSometimes you just do what you do... but you can't see the forest for the trees... until someone puts a label on what you do... I am talking about myself...

This is what happened today... what a glorious day!

Because unless you see the forest... you may be doing the right thing, but

1. cannot teach others to do the same
2. cannot start a new "forest" in a different area

Create the habit first... That is the principle... Unless you know the principle, you can't teach it... Unless you can teach it, it is not conscious enough... it is not guiding enough.

Most people start doing things wanting instant results. It is like building the penthouse first... It is not going to work.

Why is this revolutionary?

When you tackle one thing at a time, you are doing simple things easy. That is another principle: do simple things easy! Continue reading "A counter-intuitive strategy you’ve been missing…"

Marker feelings, or knowledge is power

You are going to understand this article on the level of your current accuracy... Be warned... it is probably less than 10%. Reading it more than once won't help, only getting more distinctions into your tool box... accurately.

People don't like to read... read and think... forget about it. The ones that do read and think will be the ones who win...

The English language uses feelings and emotions interchangeably. Anyone who believes that, looks through that lens has a clarity of less than 10%. It's not a judgment: it's a measurement.

Your effectiveness in life is a function of your clarity.

To increase your clarity, I'll attempt to separate feelings from the emotions.

Feelings are sensations. They are for the survival of the species, including the individual. The terminology and the science for this article come partially from Margóczi's book, Feelings, and partially from my internal observation on myself and on my clients. Because I am a True Empath, or however you'll label me... I can feel and identify inner processes accurately, including the processes Margoczi has opened up for me about 16 months ago.

The purpose of feelings is to let the individual specimen know that there is something to pay attention to. The feeling also accurately identifies what to pay attention to... when life and Life are in harmony. All feelings intend the species' survival and sur-thrival. Following the edict of Life: wanting more life.

The signals of feelings are worth learning... It's a forgotten language largely overwritten with confusing and unclear signals. Continue reading "Marker feelings, or knowledge is power"

An exercise to begin to raise your awareness so you can start on the path to the good life

look at your world through the camera to increase your awarenessAwareness is the number one predictor of how your life will turn out. High awareness: a much better life.

In essence, awareness is a number that shows how much of your time you spend outside of the mind... how much of reality can get through to you.

I just had an insight.

Most people can't see anything that they didn't already see. Nothing new can penetrate their awareness... No changes even, nothing... One way mirror. And you are on the mirror side. I can see you making faces at your reflection, picking your nose, etc. What i don't see you is seeing what is on the other side of the mirror. And when I say, hearing works the same way.

Seeing what you have always seen, hearing what you have always heard is not useful.

Most people are on this site because they want to raise their vibration. And raising your vibration means seeing what you haven't seen before, bringing conscious awareness to all areas of life.

Some people have a real difficulty with that.
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What is the level of your awareness? awareness of what’s going on, inside and outside

you don't know your ass from a hole in the groundFirst let me digress... If you search this question of google, you'll find out that not many people even know what this question means, what awareness means... They confuse and collapse consciousness and awareness... It's like they don't know shit from shinola...

OK, back on track: If you went back to your high school class and were given the opportunity to pick one person. And you would get 10% of their earnings for your lifetime. How would you pick? Would you pick yourself?

There are many criteria you can choose by.

According to the 67 steps, the level of awareness is the most telling of how well a person will do in life. Continue reading "What is the level of your awareness? awareness of what’s going on, inside and outside"

Why is meaning missing from your life? A meaningless life means you are unhappy

My methodology to lead you to become a human being is simple, and step by step.

First you become conscious of the machine and start taking control over your own life... by the Amish Horse Training Method, The memes finding, The A is A. And then fourth and final step is finding/creating the wind you walk into... The purpose. The meaning.

In the Nazi concentration camps, people who had a meaning to their lives, survived, people who didn't... died. The guy who I learned this from is Victor Frankl, an Austrian Jew, like Sigmund Freud, and not much less significant. In my experience his discovery is the golden key to a happy existence. Continue reading "Why is meaning missing from your life? A meaningless life means you are unhappy"

Blind chicken syndrome part two. There is some serious teaching in this article

In some way I was born to be one of these blind chickens. It takes me conscious and deliberate thought not to close down a looking process, not to jump into a conclusion. It does not happen without deliberate thought.

And when i forget, or I am too tired, or when I am on a roll... god save me from the consequences. My life, my business, my relationships could be twice, three times as good if I had the presence of mind of remembering not to jump into conclusions all the time. 1

Yesterday someone posted a question that triggered a way of looking that is important: Continue reading "Blind chicken syndrome part two. There is some serious teaching in this article"

Can you tell when you are stupid? dull? incoherent? Or do you wait until someone points it out to you?

One of the remarkable things in the book, Flowers for Algernon, is the new awareness Charlie (Charly) has about his mental state.

When he was just a retarded person, he could see the shadow of the mental feebleness, but once he got smarter, when his mental abilities decline, he can see it directly... not only the shadow.

Once you raised your cell hydration, which translates for most people to a brain surgery similar to Charlie's, you have a higher factual IQ. You should move to the same position as Charlie: when your cell hydration drops, you should notice it.

Of course, if you never realized that cell coherence increases your IQ... (mostly because you don't habitually acknowledge the source of any result, you take things for granted, no capacity for appreciation, etc.) you won't check your water... Continue reading "Can you tell when you are stupid? dull? incoherent? Or do you wait until someone points it out to you?"

Coaching that gets results vs. coaching that sounds so transformational!

Being a coach is easy if you have no idea what they are doing, because you have never done it.

You just do what everyone else does, and hope for the best.

A "normal" coach only knows what they learned. Tree of Knowledge. Not worthless, but not authentic.

Most coaches have a mixed bag: they did some things, and learned others.

And a master coach is someone who not only has done it, but has done it successfully... and has produced success. Continue reading "Coaching that gets results vs. coaching that sounds so transformational!"

Why do you choose the shotgun method that doesn’t work, while you know that the process method works?

I am reading this guy's book. I say "this guy" because I don't want you to read it. I want you to read my blog...

In a lot of ways he and I teach the same things, even though we use different words. He uses words from psychology and woowoo science... I use words like Amish Horse Training Method, Memes, Marker Feelings.

He is a money/marketing man. His vibration is 200, his accurate vocabulary is 600.

He is proof that you don't have to have a very high vibration to be able to look from high enough so you see enough to make millions and even teach others to make millions. Continue reading "Why do you choose the shotgun method that doesn’t work, while you know that the process method works?"

Why you rarely get what you want…

The biggest challenge for a person with high vibration is to be able to stay relevant in the eyes of people who have low vibration.

Exactly the way the rich gets richer and the poor gets poorer, the high vibration person begets (give rise to; bring about.) higher vibration, and the low vibration begets (give rise to; bring about.) lower vibration.

  • Low vibration is, in essence, means that you know very little, and even what you know is not quite true.
  • You see very little, and your cone of vision is narrow.
  • You are unwilling or unable to consider widening your knowledge, truing your knowledge, and your view... because it threatens to devaluate your precious "I". 1

I am committed to learn how to train people, you, to do what I have done: raise your vibration... and that means, in a very fundamental way, is to widen your cone of vision. Continue reading "Why you rarely get what you want…"