What capacity is missing so that you cannot recognize the same thing in a different environment?

What capacity is missing so that you cannot tell, you cannot recognize the same thing in a different environment?

I think this is the main issue for people who cannot grow... even if they keep on having private sessions, do all my courses, or all Landmark courses, or all Mindvalley courses, or use energy stuff... mine or others'.

When you put something they know some other environment, they don't recognize it in a different environment, a different context.

So what is the missing capacity, you wonder... And how can anyone dream up a method to teach it?

A little historical view of how humans evolved (or not) during their lifetimes in previous times... Continue reading "What capacity is missing so that you cannot recognize the same thing in a different environment?"

When all your efforts result in no learning

"It's easier to evaluate your results through drunken delusion than to gaze soberly in the mirror and face the truth."

I had a conversation yesterday with one of my clients, and as it is predictable in many conversations, weight came up.

Weight is a universal source of grief, effort, disappointment, and self-hate.

But why would that be so?

I can recall, in my life, four "campaigns" to regain control over my body.

The most recent one is successful and is going to last. The previous ones included one or two elements that were not sustainable. for example the first time I was on a starvation diet, and I maintained it for 10 years, until I came to the United States, where the plenty beat me on my a**. Continue reading "When all your efforts result in no learning"

More on the 10 dark years theory… or why it takes so long to succeed

Most winners in life master one thing in particular: they are astute. Astute: having or showing an ability to accurately assess situations or people.

Accurately assess... as opposed to have an opinion, have a good feel, or guess...

Is that a skill, a capacity, a virtue? What is it and how do you get it?

A have a new "most visited" post, the 31 quotes that give you chills... Why? Because it promises an experience... an experience you crave in the consistently dull and painful life you have.

Wanting to get chills without any other benefits says a lot about you and your life. What does it say? For one: you are a mystery to yourself...

I have said it before... humanity bars its way to evolution by throwing big words around. Continue reading "More on the 10 dark years theory… or why it takes so long to succeed"

Let’s build a high vibration person

Let's build a high vibration person... let's build a skill, let's build some skills

I am starting a new series that also shows a new direction I am taking my teaching/coaching practice.

The new direction is skill-building.

Obviously, if you are like most people, you have no idea what a skill is. You may say some inane things, but you still don't know. Even if you read the "what color is your parachute" famous book that has been published and every year for 48 years, with over ten million copies sold.

I have taught it. I have lead the workshop. And I can safely tell you that in all those years, there wasn't one person who learned from me, or from the book what a skill really is, and then develop skills that would take them far on the job market.

Why? Because skill is part of the invisible world.

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The Majority is always wrong and how to make decisions the majority doesn’t make

In the noise of the world, an orgy of misdirection, it is hard to feel, see, hear the guidance...

Awareness, especially Self-awareness is missing...

You have been methodically and systematically trained to be unsuccessful

Who trained you? Other unsuccessful people. Your parents, your teachers, your PhD's, your blog writers, your youtube Heroes.

And of course you buy their b.s., lock stock and barrel, as if it were the god honest truth.

I was somewhat lucky: my parents didn't talk to me... so they could not mislead me. My teachers didn't talk to me, there were no blogs...

But, unfortunately, as an empath, other people's feelings that felt like mine, did mislead me and I paid for it dearly. Continue reading "The Majority is always wrong and how to make decisions the majority doesn’t make"

Being judged

We are judged all the time. Justly, unjustly, the feeling of being judged is familiar to all of us... and some of us is bothered and paralyzed by it more than others.

What's painful in being judged is that the judgment contains a kernel of truth (or more) and the other part is the judging themselves: in judging they place themselves above us... simply unbearable to the sensitive Precious "I".

This story is about my very recent "bout" with being judged... and shows what is on the other side of judgment... how to free yourself from it so it doesn't sting quite that much... maybe not even at all.

OK, here we go:

If you've known me for a while, you know that I don't do housework, or really shamefully little. Continue reading "Being judged"

There is a secret switch at 200 vibration… so secret you miss it unless you are told

...in fact, without that secret switch you can't really get to 200 vibration, and if by accident (siphoning someone else's energy) you got there... you'll lose it... because to get to 200 and stay there... you need this capacity...

Everyone has a good firm suggestion what is the most important spiritual capacity of a person who'll go far... very far, or at least as far as experiencing the good life goes...

Because the good life is not very far... no matter what anyone says.

The main difference between someone who is living the good, the excellent life, and someone who is struggling, trying to get to the good life is not on the outside. Continue reading "There is a secret switch at 200 vibration… so secret you miss it unless you are told"

What is the difference between identity and Self? Do you have a Self?

Let's talk about identification a little more... the identification that gives you the illusion that you are a person, but in fact it what is standing between you and becoming a person.

So what is a person? A person is someone who has a consciousness, a Self, that guides their actions, their relationship to life. When you ask: who is he? show is she? what comes up is not what they do for a living, what awards they won, how well or poorly they do their job... but something deeper and constant... They are that everywhere, on the job, in the public, in the bedroom... everywhere.

If you identify yourself with stuff on the periphery of your being, on the horizontal plane, what you say about yourself, what you want people to know is that you have won an Emmy, three time...

Or that you have had HIV for twenty years going
Or that you are gay
Or that you are black

And alas, it leaves you with no Self. The stuff you identify with has no consciousness, and have no defining power on your character.

Let's do a little quiz: Which of these people/characters have a self?

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Awareness… When you are here… be here. But you aren’t…

If you found out in which quadrant you chose to live in, beauty, truth, goodness or power... and now try to argue, or you are worried, or you are resigned... consider that you are just doing what you are doing: you want to be where you are not... or more precisely: you never what to be where you are, you never what to think what you are thinking, you never want to feel what you are feeling.

So you do what you are doing, think what you are thinking, feel what you are feeling only so-so... A student of mine coined the phrase: in the neighborhood of truth.

If you can't physically stop doing what you are doing, etc. then you withdraw into the cave of your mind, and languish there.

It is a safe prison... more like a tomb. You don't have to be with yourself.

Why don't you want to be with yourself? Because when you look into yourself, you find evil inclination, you find ugly, and ultimately you find empty. Not empty as in nothing, but an abyss. You get scared and you run back to your periphery, where it is so busy, you don't have time to even contemplate that there is nothing inside... that there is no you.

One of the big interruptions, potentially, are the times when you get sick.

When you are sick, your job is to be sick. And be sick. Allow the body to do the work, it is equipped, 90% of the time, to do the work with proper nutrition, proper hydration and no medication, not even herbal. Continue reading "Awareness… When you are here… be here. But you aren’t…"

Compounding interest… the secret of exponential growth…

There is a controversial saying by Charlie Munger, who said: to get what you want, you need to deserve what you want.

This is controversial, because the verb, deserve, is bastardized in our culture. What he should have said:

to have a chance to get what you want, you need to earn what you want. And then say: to earn what you want, you need to become the person who can earn what they want.

And this last sentence is what this article is about: the kind of person who can earn what they want.

One common thread that I notice among my clients and students is that they let their life hang on one or maybe two activities, which is not to be the kind of person who can earn what they want. Continue reading "Compounding interest… the secret of exponential growth…"