There are no good energies and bad energies. There are no light energies and dark energies. There is only energy.

There are no good energies and bad energies. There are no light energies and dark energies. There is only energy.

Good and bad, dark and light, are moral judgments, also called systemic judgments, or black and white world view.

What is prompting this topic is that today is Day or Power, which means a huge energy influx from the Light... the Energy Source of the Universe.

Energy dissipates, and for the world, the universe to keep on going, it is getting a twice a month energy infusion from where it has all come.

I am not saying this is the truth, but by all measures, this seems to match my experience, and my muscle testing through Source, also known as the Zero Point Field. Continue reading "There are no good energies and bad energies. There are no light energies and dark energies. There is only energy."

How to manage yourself for change?

manage-yourself-for changeI guess it is that time of the year... where the broken faced child comes out of the woodwork...

Life is cyclical. In addition to the visible cycles, there are invisible cycles.

They are intimately connected to some early life events... there is nothing you can do about them coming up: a cycle must repeat.

One of these cycles is the broken faced child coming out to torment you.

Rarely if ever I see someone who has something I "envy".

Envy is a sign that they have something that you want, for yourself. It is a good thing if you look at it that way.

In most of us, the soul has a warped way to communicate to us. Probably because we don't listen to gentler nudges.

So, yesterday I saw something that I'd like. In this Tai Lopez person I write about in my previous article.

So, just before I went to bed I muscle tested if his IQ is higher than mine.
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What is the connection between respect and appreciation?

unprepared... jumpingWhat is the connection between respect and appreciation? Both respect and appreciation are spiritual capacities... states of being.

I am having a lot of insights lately. Of course, it was predictable: I am running an experimental workshop: it is driving up the questions.

When you have questions, relevant questions, you are going to get insights. Irrelevant questions? no insights.

Anyway, the circumstance this morning is this: I accidentally double-paid for the Tai Lopez course. Sent a support request to get a refund, and they answered that their policy was to talk to me, to make sure I was who I said I was.

I have been fuming about this. I mean my lower parts are fuming, and I, the Self, have been observing it with curiosity. Very strong emotions, by the way...

What is it that is offending my lower self?

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What is your biggest barrier to raising your vibration?

The foundation of your being needs to change to raise your vibration.

We could say that raising your vibration is raising the foundation of your being, the foundation of your existence, the height from where you observe life.

Your foundation is set by your culture. Your culture also sets what you can hear and what you cannot.

What you cannot hear is what is higher than the level of your foundation.

You hear something... but by the time it becomes conscious, it is translated to the level of your culture. How? By hearing it in the mind, Plato's Cave.

To the naked eye, you sound kind of stupid. A is said, and you hear B. Your actions will be based on B. And your results will also be based on B. Continue reading "What is your biggest barrier to raising your vibration?"

Compassion, Morgellons, and the invisible world that can be felt

Often the only way you'll notice your attitude when it goes away.

This is exactly what happened to me today. It started yesterday with a dull distaste in my belly, and today, as I was doing some research, it flipped... and I was left with seeing clearly that my arrogance and maybe condescension was an attitude.

It is hard to see oneself... but I got a glimpse of myself in this.

I am an experimenter, in spite of the support I get from Source.

I get answers, but sometimes I have wrong questions: questions that take me on a loop.

Health is the main area of loops... A loop is when you spend time battling windmills as if they were giants, like Don Quixote.

And then I find something and I get arrogant, and self-congratulatory, forgetting that if it took me years to find it with the tools I have, I should have some compassion, cut some slacks for people who can only get stuff from the visible. From the 1% of reality, from the Tree of Knowledge. Continue reading "Compassion, Morgellons, and the invisible world that can be felt"

What is the truth value of your knowledge? How true is what you know?

Your starting point measurements paint an accurate picture of you... But here is something it won't tell me: can you ask intelligent questions? I am learning in my strategy sessions that indeed you can't.

Questions that no one is asking are very telling. They are indicative of the direction I want to go.

When everyone zigs... I prefer to zag.

Why? Because the masses are always wrong. Not only in details, but more importantly, in the direction they are marching. Continue reading "What is the truth value of your knowledge? How true is what you know?"

High desire… it must be a good thing, right?

Desire vs ambition. What is the difference? Which one should you have?

For most people words mean something... approximately. Their life reflects this unclarity. Clarity is one of the most important determinants of one's life... this is why I measure it in the starting point measurements.

I watched a guy who until his clarity went up to 3500, he was miserable.

Most people I measure have a clarity of 200-400. Puny at best, sh*tty life. Guaranteed.

Ok, desire and ambition. Let's agree what the words mean... energetically.

Desire is 100% desire for the self alone. Wanting something for yourself but not being willing, not even considering doing work to get it. If someone else has what you want, you envy it, you are jealous of them... but to match the work they did... hell no.

Ambition, on the other hand is a willingness to work, to sweat, to do for one's own fulfillment. The higher your ambition the more you can accomplish the faster.

Desire takes the energy away from ambition... Continue reading "High desire… it must be a good thing, right?"

How to raise your consciousness to the level of guru in 18 months?

How to raise your consciousness to guru level in 18 months?

This article is seven years old...

I had a conversation with a friend of mine. She was the kind of friend who was in and out of my life... she lived a dramatic life and she needed help, technical, health, money, legal... that was the basis of our relationship.

I used to be the kind of person she was, and I have compassion. She didn't bring me down, and I enjoyed her unique view of life... she was a transgendered person, was born a man, and she lived as a woman. She never changed her name... she once got kicked out of an apartment because her name said Jeffrey (not her real name.)

I was recounting to her the miraculous rise of my consciousness... and she asked what she could do to raise hers. Continue reading "How to raise your consciousness to the level of guru in 18 months?"

Intuitive, counter intuitive… what is that? Should you be intuitive?

The title of this post is tricky: what we consider intuitive and counter-intuitive, are most what answer the question: does it make sense?

And if it makes sense, then it is Tree of Knowledge, then it fits in with all the stuff that's stored in your mind, and in society's collective mind, and it is 99% certain to be wrong.

The real intuitive guidance you get needs you to be disconnected from Mind, and be connected to All-of-It... and that, for most people, has been impossible.

Most people would benefit from this story:
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Fake religiousness… why you don’t deserve to enter the Kingdom of Heaven

I am not religious. And yet, I have learned, over the years, from Christian religious booklets and articles.

This article has allowed me to understand what happens to a person when they decide to pay me for their starting point measurements... and what happens when they receive it.

Read this article, and I'll continue explaining what I learned after this quoted article.


Why Do We Major in the Minors?

from R.C. Sproul May 14, 2016 Category: Articles

The Pharisees distorted the emphasis of biblical righteousness to suit their own behavioral patterns of self-justification.

Jesus frequently confronted the Pharisees on this point. Jesus said to them, “You tithe mint and dill and cumin, and have neglected the weightier matters of the law: justice and mercy and faithfulness” (Matt. 23:23a).

On numerous occasions, Jesus acknowledged that the Pharisees scrupulously obeyed some points of the law. They paid their tithes, they read their Scriptures, they did a host of things the law required--and Jesus commended them for their actions, saying, “These you ought to have done” (Matt. 23:23b).

However, it was the emphasis that was out of kilter. They scrupulously tithed, but in doing so they used their obedience to this lesser matter as a cloak to cover up their refusal to obey the weightier matters of justice and mercy. That distortion occurs today.

It is much more difficult to measure the disposition of our hearts than it is to measure the number of movies we attend
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