How to manage yourself for change?

manage-yourself-for changeI guess it is that time of the year... where the broken faced child comes out of the woodwork...

Life is cyclical. In addition to the visible cycles, there are invisible cycles.

They are intimately connected to some early life events... there is nothing you can do about them coming up: a cycle must repeat.

One of these cycles is the broken faced child coming out to torment you.

Rarely if ever I see someone who has something I "envy".

Envy is a sign that they have something that you want, for yourself. It is a good thing if you look at it that way.

In most of us, the soul has a warped way to communicate to us. Probably because we don't listen to gentler nudges.

So, yesterday I saw something that I'd like. In this Tai Lopez person I write about in my previous article.

So, just before I went to bed I muscle tested if his IQ is higher than mine.
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What is the connection between respect and appreciation?

unprepared... jumpingWhat is the connection between respect and appreciation? Both respect and appreciation are spiritual capacities... states of being.

I am having a lot of insights lately. Of course, it was predictable: I am running an experimental workshop: it is driving up the questions.

When you have questions, relevant questions, you are going to get insights. Irrelevant questions? no insights.

Anyway, the circumstance this morning is this: I accidentally double-paid for the Tai Lopez course. Sent a support request to get a refund, and they answered that their policy was to talk to me, to make sure I was who I said I was.

I have been fuming about this. I mean my lower parts are fuming, and I, the Self, have been observing it with curiosity. Very strong emotions, by the way...

What is it that is offending my lower self?

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A counter-intuitive strategy you’ve been missing…

build the habit firstSometimes you just do what you do... but you can't see the forest for the trees... until someone puts a label on what you do... I am talking about myself...

This is what happened today... what a glorious day!

Because unless you see the forest... you may be doing the right thing, but

1. cannot teach others to do the same
2. cannot start a new "forest" in a different area

Create the habit first... That is the principle... Unless you know the principle, you can't teach it... Unless you can teach it, it is not conscious enough... it is not guiding enough.

Most people start doing things wanting instant results. It is like building the penthouse first... It is not going to work.

Why is this revolutionary?

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Breaking into a new field… how to do it right… or wrong

breaking into a new careerUpdated on April 17, 2018

It seems that many people have learned a profession they don't like. And many people don't have a profession and are afraid to pick one.

In yesterday's money workshop we had both kinds...

Interestingly there was some commonality in the underlying attitudes.

One attitude was something I could call stingy, but it may not be the right word.

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What’s the opposite of fear? What is the opposite of stinginess? Updated

raucous-laughterWhen you ask someone: what is the opposite of fear, they say "courage". But they are mistaken. Courage will never take you to the other side of fear... fear won't disappear with courage.

The opposite of fear is neither fear nor courage, it is abundance.

Fear is like a flower closing its petals. Courage is still trembling, still closed, still fearful.

But a fully open flower, blooming, fully knowing that a day later, a week later it will be dead, is throwing oneself into the whole big beautiful world, and living life with abandon. With wonder. With gusto. With dance.

When you look at your life, look at the people you know, you rarely, if ever, see anyone like that.
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How to become someone who can make good decisions that really serve you?

Is it worth it? Is it worth the bother, the effort, the work? Will it get me finally what I want?

One of the reasons people don't like to try new things is because they cannot judge whether they can do it or not. Whether it will be easy or not. Whether it will be pleasant and enjoyable or not.

How come? Why is it so difficult? Life is complex, and most of us have no tolerance for complexity. Complexity, ambivalence, ambiguity are normal, but the capacity to hold them becomes available to you in only at a certain brain development age... If you got stuck in young child brain development, that is most people, you have never developed the capacity.

Can you develop this capacity now? Of course you can. What is preventing you from doing it? Your low TLB number... you are a Twitchy Little Bastard... and you can't deal with complexity, confusion, or looking long enough to actually see something.

Some of my students, when they learned about my habit of looking long and more than just once... as a way to deal with my dyslexia, have started to practice the same... and their ability to hold controversy and ambivalence has increased... because of that practice. But if you fancy yourself smart, quick, etc. Looking long and hard is going to be difficult, because your precious "I" will tell you that only stupid people look long and hard.

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Unflinchingly… Authenticity is a level of integrity. A high level of integrity.

lying-is-comfortableI just finished a webinar... One of my students wrote an email to me wondering why I don't lie to me before and doing a webinar, saying it is going to be easy, it is going to be piece of cake.

It took quite a bit for me to learn that trying to outwardly act like a Buddha won’t make me a Buddha.

The above line (The vulnerability that honesty requires isn't something everybody can handle. Lying allows people to be comfortable) is from one of my students.

Really smart guy, isn't he?

And I bet you can see that the next step he would take after making this really smart statement is to start... start what?

You see, most of what sounds smart is not that smart. Most of what sounds smart is a smoke screen, to hide something.
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Approximately… the price you pay for being casual and democratic

I have been telling you, telling my students, telling my clients, that you hear what I say... approximately. You follow instructions... approximately. You read... approximately. You keep your diet... approximately. You live... approximately. You got up this morning because you didn't die the night before.

I am re-reading The Baroque Cycle by Neal Stephenson. 2600 pages... What can I say, I like long books. lol.

I have started to check every word in the kindle's built in dictionary some time ago. Maybe a year ago, maybe two. I originally read the Baroque Cycle four years ago.

The book has plenty of words I needed to check. And to my dismay, I found that the first time around I only understood what happened... approximately.

Approximately is missing 90% of what you read, and you are left with the inconsequential 10%. The stuff you already knew. The gossipy stuff. The mundane stuff. The stuff that allows you to remain the same, your world view to remain the same.

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Bridging… how to inch your way to your dreams

As a rule, I don't have many marker feelings in a day.

A marker feeling is a feeling associated with a set of words... like "you are stupid" and then you feel bad.
Or "you are making a mistake" and you feel fear.

This morning I wanted to work on my presentation on tomorrow's webinar: the remarkable system of getting to a life worth living... or whatever i called it in the email...

So, as it is totally normal, not a single cell of mine wants to do that work. It's normal.

Doing something new, doing something public, upsets the ess... it's not comfortable... it is not what I normally do day in and day out.

Now, if the work were to write an article... none of this would happen. But the webinar format is different... I cannot pause and think between sentences like when I write an article. It has to flow... and there is a fear... A fear of mucking it up. A fear of losing some subscribers. A fear of losing face. A fear of looking bad.

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I grew up hating America

I grew up hating America. I cringed when I heard the actors speak in movies.

Today, in the "rabbit hole" of the Monday Morning Memo, I was lead to Paul Harvey, a famous radio broadcaster. I listened to a couple of his audios, and that searing, deep hate came back.

So I am sitting here and contemplating.

The hate reaction was instantaneous, but what to think... that needs to be cogitated, contemplated, in silence, without taking sides.

I look if it is the content and yes and no... so it is not the content. It is the audio.

The radio style copied by many, including Roy Williams of the Monday Morning Memo. Continue reading "I grew up hating America"