Guaranteed to make you feel happy: It’s all in a day’s work

It's all in a day's work

Of all the things I have ever said to myself, this is the most potent saying.

It has saved me from suffering, it has saved me from all the nasty feelings that plague humans nowadays: belligerence, entitledness, feeling slighted, frustration, anger, laziness, yearning, wanting, and more.

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Why do I feel lethargic?

Lethargic is a way of being where there is no energy to live, to move forward, and there is not even hope.

It feels like deflated, the life force that was there before disappeared.

Tiredness that doesn't ease up with rest, a good night's sleep, isn't tiredness. It is probably lethargy, depression, or purposelessness.

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How to pick an activator, aka a spiritual practice for the fastest raising of your vibration?


How to pick an activator, aka a spiritual practice for the fastest raising of your vibration?

This is an important question, that I have not answered publicly yet, so here you are...

What raises your vibration is the spiritual practice that you are being nudged to do by the activator, and not the activator itself.

Each activator works on a certain level of your consciousness.

I will use, again, the analogy of a highrise building to demonstrate how this works:

Most people, when they come to me, live, fully, in the basement of their being. Nowadays I have received requests from people that are, at least partially, on the ground floor.
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Principles… are you fighting a train for the right of way at a railway crossing: you can only lose

I woke up at 3 am with a start from a deep dream about principles spinning so hard that I could only follow them with full concentration...

I stared into the dark for a few minutes still seeing the images of the principles, and I got the words that go with the images:

Principles are like oncoming trains... you can't fight them unless you want to crash your life.

I talk a lot about connecting the dots... and most don't know what I am talking about. Connecting the dots is a highly intellectual activity based on SEEING that things are connected by more than just similarity: by invisible cords...

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Principle guided life… OK… but what principles will make you happy?

When I wrote the article about racial, ancestral identity and its importance, I touched on something that is not valuable for most people... because I didn't go deep enough and I didn't accurately identify what it takes to be proud of who you are, where you belong.

I got on the phone with one of the people who was very unhappy about that article... I was eager to talk, because it is near impossible to go beyond the visible by yourself. It is a whole lot easier when you get input... because what is invisible to you can be visible for another.

The conversation was fruitful... And the insight to me was: it is not virtues, it is principles that form the basis of a happy life... I will elaborate...
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Why aren’t you happy most of the time?

It's not what you could see, hope to see, it is what you actually see, consciously, that define your actions and therefore your results, your thoughts, your mood...

What you see is called "occurrence" and is made up of a little bit of reality, and an awful lot of words.

Words that explain, words that interpret, words that give meaning of what is actually happening: reality.

What is Reality? Collective hunch at best, but we can define it in a funky way: everything that a just arrived Martian can see! Then stick to that definition, like the seasoned umpire sticks to his... I'll explain it later...

If I set out a caption contest, everyone would give me a different caption, depending on what they see. And you don't see things as they are (reality), you see them as YOU are... full of meaning, interpretation, drama, emotions, full of hot air. Reality is simple, a woman standing by the railing of a bridge... or maybe a balcony. No words, no emotions.

This is the job the Playground is about... to carefully peel away the veils (words and marker feelings = emotions) YOU add to reality to make you, ahem... miserable, for the most part.

The three umpires story needs to be told again here...

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Life is a lot like plate spinning… Are you dropping your plates?

Today I learned a new word.

Injecting energy into something... as a way to delay or avoid entropy. Entropy is the universal tendency of everything to move towards dissolution...

This is the nth time I heard this step in the 67 steps, but this time I heard the expression "injecting energy" for the first time.

If I missed it even though I heard it many times, how many things do you miss?

How to get out of the rut you are in?

 Simple answer: You lack skills and capacities... You can boil water, make coffee in the coffee maker, drive a car, open your smartphone... You are not quite hopeless... or are you? Not quite hapless either... or are you?

If you remember, my passion, my purpose, my reason d'etre is to penetrate the invisible portion of all knowledge. It gives me joy, and it keeps me busy.

One of the tools I use to do my "work" is the ability to see what I feel. See its size, nature, movement, and its connections to other things. I am an empath and I am (I hate the word) a clairsensar, which means what I just said... I see what I feel... blah blah blah. Continue reading "How to get out of the rut you are in?"

Read again: Is your inability to say what happened a type of mental illness?

This morning something pulled me back to bed after I got up.

I considered it guidance, and I got back to bed.

What came next was amazing: trips down memory lane, all centering around mental illness, mental stability, your TLB, and what was in common among the many people I remember so clearly, people I spent time with in mental institutions.

As an empath, other people's feelings, emotions tend to tug at me. today 99% of what I feel is not mine... But before I became conscious, before I started to climb the consciousness tree, 30% of the feelings I felt were mine. I also had a lot more noise in my head... all talking at the same time.

The only reason I know, with 20/20 hindsight, that I was hospitalized not for what I felt, is that none of the medication worked... I wasn't the person who was crazy, I just felt the craziness of others.

My theory of mental illness has always been that it is an escape... a hiding place.

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Reality for dummies

A few years ago I made a lot of money selling my Sleep Rescue Remedy. It worked, and 80% of the buyers bought it again. All I needed to do is fill and ship bottles fast enough.

Sleep is a big problem, and unless it is solved, people are getting more and more incoherent and less and less brilliant, less and less able to contain their anger, frustration, fear, anxiety, or desires...

Sleep is a lot like eating: people are unwilling to be disciplined about it, and they pay the price. A big price.

But it is a potentially big money maker.

So why am I not pursuing it? After all making money is good, right?

My answer even surprised me: because it is boring.

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