Want to know why you can’t be happy?

Is it worth it? Will the effort pay off doing it?

Whether you are conscious of it of not, you ask this question every time you consider buying something, or doing something. Something that has some effort component… and most things do. Even if they don’t quite seem so.

I bought an equipment to massage my aching, rock hard calves about a year ago… I asked that question. I would have to sit tied to the electric current, while the massage thingie was working away on my calves.

When you do something, there is something else you aren’t doing. And the price of most things is giving up that thing that you are not doing.

Giving up, for humans, is the hardest thing of all. Even if what you are giving up is what has kept you an underachiever, a less than whole person… Continue reading “Want to know why you can’t be happy?”

The misbuttoned shirt life and what to do about it

Emotional intelligence, emotional maturity… the end of suffering, the end of life in hell is all a result of the misbuttoned shirt life

Fiction, good fiction, allows you to have intimacy with people you never knew. And what we miss most in life is intimacy. Knowing the other, being known and accepted.

It’s hard to be intimate in real life, it takes two people, two people who were hurt, maybe abused as children, so it is nearly impossible.

I listen to the partner call (from the Playground) and wish they read fiction. Reading fiction, especially children’s books, is very healing.

At least for myself.

You cry, and you don’t even know why, but you are healing.

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Are you inspirable? Inspired?

Inspiration… what is it and why do you want to have it?

Inspiration, breathing life into inert or unconscious matter… is the difference between a machine and a Man…

An inspired action, an inspired life, an inspired person is vastly different from most people, actions, lives on the planet in that what guides those is what is beyond the 10% reality, and beyond the emotional dramatic interpretation and meaning based lives humans live nowadays. 1

Inspiration, it seems, is a right-brain phenomenon. Curiosity is also a right brain phenomenon… and so are conscience, inner motivation, etc. Few even know the words.

Whether inspiration has anything to do with spirit, or if spirit is even real, is another question: I won’t concern myself with that question in this article. It won’t really matter, it is a sidetrack.

Inspiration is Right-brain… really?

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What about your negative emotions?

There is a hidden monkey wrench in the title. Emotions are neither negative nor positive, but let’s just forget that for a moment.

Depending on the answer to that question, you are either a happy, well-adjusted person, or a wretch.

Wow, Sophie, isn’t that an exaggeration? The answer to just one question?

I understand your outrage, but yes. The answer to just one question will tell me what kind of person you are. As far as everything… by the way.

I used to be a person you didn’t want around. I came from an abusive background, and spread it to others in spades. Misery loves company… lol not funny. 1

When suppressed, when denied, emotions go underground. What is unexpressed yearns to be expressed. It builds pressure and one way or another it will express itself. In self-abuse, in the abuse of others, or maybe even more violent ways.
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Is negativity in the words?

Is negativity in the words, or somewhere where it is hidden from the speaker’s point of view?

In Aldous Huxley’s book, Brave New World, written 88 years ago, we see all the elements of humanity being a puppet, unable, unwilling, incapable to face reality today, in spite of the fact that natural birth is still the norm.

If you haven’t read it, here are the salient points of the book: in the time the story plays out, natural birth was discouraged, although sex was rampant. Birth was in vitro… in tubes.

The embryos were brought up in five different conditions, creating castes, Alphas, Betas, Gammas, Deltas and Epsilons… if I remember correctly.

Alphas were individuals, Betas were clones, Gammas were hundreds from one egg, etc.

They were also fed differently: Alphas were fed nutrients, Betas: less nutrients, some poisons, and Gammas’s mostly poisons that effected their brain only.

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The tyranny of the pursuit of happiness

More books are sold on happiness than maybe even on dieting… especially because 98% diet books’ hidden attraction is happiness.

Weird, eh?

I have read my share of the books on happiness, of all kinds of psychologies, philosophies, and just inane silliness in articles, TED talks, youtube videos…

In my humble opinion no one is willing to shout out that the emperor is naked. that our desire for happiness is what causes this sea of unhappiness we are all swimming in. Continue reading “The tyranny of the pursuit of happiness”

This is, still, my favorite TED talk… Amazing TED talks to enrich your concept of emotions, feelings, and self-image

Here is one… what makes it stand out is the passion, and the using of sound effects… her own voice, really authentic… I really loved it.

But what makes it really my favorite, that my clients and students who have been in a quandary about who they are… are starting to see the importance of recognizing the pattern this TED talk introduces: how you make up a new identity that is wholly inauthentic to you.

I am on a roll… I will be watching, and posting if I find the TED talk useful.

Two things about this coming TED talk: the more views a talk has, the more the talker speaks the common man’s language, beliefs, and stuff… words that are inaccurate.

Regardless, this is a good talk. Not excellent, but good, and worth your time.

I always check if my female students will relate to it… and if it is a yes, I’ll post it.

This one passed the test… Even if you never got anything I said in The Playground, you’ll benefit from this one… so please watch it. It can change your life, and start you on the path to what you always wanted: freedom, easy, power… Continue reading “This is, still, my favorite TED talk… Amazing TED talks to enrich your concept of emotions, feelings, and self-image”

I am starting to change my mind about Jordan Peterson. Here is a 60% truth value video

Yesterday I found a quote that shook me to my core… So I want to start with that. You could say: that quote accurately expresses my attitude about life… and I am moved by that 1

It is 60% truth value, not because 40% of it is not true, but because it doesn’t quite distinguish the path, doesn’t look at the invisible dynamics of life it a way, that people can catch themselves as they make themselves miserable…

It is never circumstances, nor other people that make you miserable, it is your inability: lack of distinctions, to see exactly what creates your attitude and behavior.

You can’t catch what you can’t see! And lack of distinction is the cause of it.

Distinction is the ability to tell two things apart, even if and when they are very similar.

Until you can… and to the degree that you can’t… everything is the same for you as everything else… you are a bumbling idiot when it comes to life. Continue reading “I am starting to change my mind about Jordan Peterson. Here is a 60% truth value video”

The bumbling idiot’s guide to living a life worth writing about

“The only thing worth writing about is the human heart in conflict with itself” said William Faulkner. I agree, even though the language, the vocabulary is imprecise.

The “heart” is one self, and the other self is the precious “I”, the delusional “I”, the lower self.

The conflict, the struggle to make those two selves align, as William Faulkner says, is worth writing about… because it is like a hero’s journey.

I call it “soul correction” because I am firmly rooted in Kabbalah’s view of life. But it is the same thing: bringing the two selves in harmony so they cause synergy that allows living a life worth writing about.

This pretty much the context for the next quote: “Either write something worth reading (about) or do something worth writing (about).” – Benjamin Franklin. I added the word “about” in brackets for clarity. Continue reading “The bumbling idiot’s guide to living a life worth writing about”

The Michelangelo Method of becoming you

As I said it before, I have a strong affinity to the dramatic… in every area of life. This may be part of my bipolar personality… taking things to the extreme.

I do that with food… I call them experiments, but largely these are experiments taken to the just too much…

And, or course, I pay the price. With my health, mainly.

But… as in everything, there is a silver lining, a benefit, that I would be amiss not to appreciate.

I have discovered almost everything in the area of health this way. Or in the area of training, self or others… or in anything else.

So my latest “fad” thing has been sorghum. I cooked up a huge vat of sorghum seeds with sauteed (fried?) onions and butter… delicious. Continue reading “The Michelangelo Method of becoming you”