Somewhere else is better than here… Something else is better than this… Someone else has it better than me

Yesterday, still recovering from my strenuous weekend, lol, I watched TED talks for a few hours, all on Emotional Intelligence.

They were all profound, and nice, and useful... and yet.

Emotional intelligence, measurable in percentages, is the ability to be appropriate to life, to dance, to get stuff done, to rest when it is time to rest, and work when it is time to work, and to love, and appreciate, and say what you need to say, when it is appropriate.

To look at things from more than just one fixed point of view, to be able to empathize, have compassion, express instead of stuff it...

You see why emotionally intelligent people get ahead in life... they are easy to be around because they are OK with themselves.

What people, psychologists, writers, etc. teach is surface.

Much like telling you to cover up chicken shit and enjoy the praline... Praline is an expensive candy... for those of you who don't know. Continue reading "Somewhere else is better than here… Something else is better than this… Someone else has it better than me"

The nature of inner guidance, or how does inner guidance work?

outer guidanceHow does guidance work?

I bet, you expect a straight line from where you are to where you want to be.

Unfortunately, nature doesn't work on a straight line.

So unless you are willing to take everything as guidance, and not stop asking, thinking you are home free... you'll make wild left right turns before nature, Consciousness, your body takes you home.

I have been observing this for decades, and tearing my hair our...

Because more often than not, the first "guidance" towards a result you crave will take you to a bad result.

Why? I have some theories, but I don't actually know why. Continue reading "The nature of inner guidance, or how does inner guidance work?"

Does negativity come from the words you speak? Does positivity come from the words you speak?

About 50% of humanity believes that positive thinking is what is going to bring home the bacon, suppressing negative thought, negative desires. I saw a video yesterday that even the Dalai Lama's talk is interpreted as positive thinking...

He says: a small positive thought in the morning can set your whole day on a positive spin.

What he doesn't say is that the kind of positive thoughts people have aren't the kind that create a positive spin... au contraire... Just the opposite: They turn your day into sh*t.

I once had a client who lived and still lives in the small upstate New York town where I live... Syracuse NY.

He said, and lived by, that Syracuse is a dark town, no sun. Continue reading "Does negativity come from the words you speak? Does positivity come from the words you speak?"

What is your time worth? What does it have to do with your worth?

what is your time worth? do you value your time?If you are in business... or even if you are only selling your time/work at a job or freelancing, pricing your merchandise, friendship, advice, companionship, your time, your service is going to be something worth looking at.

A few decades ago I published a magazine. The magazine was free, the income came from advertising.

A girl whom I knew from before, who worked at the same architect's office I worked, called me and asked if she could trade cleaning my office for advertising. Turns out she was turning tricks...

She came to the office, worked for an hour and expected it to cover the price of a quarter page ad, $200 at the time.

Why? Because that is what she got paid by her johns. lol Continue reading "What is your time worth? What does it have to do with your worth?"

Your fixed emotional response to anything and everything is the source of all your suffering

You probably haven't realized that you have a fixed emotional response/reaction to everything.

I identified it a few years ago. I only realized that it is everywhere just this morning... Why not before? Because to identify it, one needs a self-awareness number higher than 30%.

Is that possible for a homo sapiens? I doubt it.

OK, what is mine? It is what I call "personally offended". The lips slightly protruding an a pout, and the corner of the mouth turned down.

What is the age of this "mood", or this emotion? I'd say 3 years old. Continue reading "Your fixed emotional response to anything and everything is the source of all your suffering"

Emotional Intelligence and your experience of life

Emotional Intelligence is a buzz word, an expression, that no one explains, and yet, everyone pretends that they know what they are talking about.

No such THING as emotional intelligence... it is made up.

And yet: some people maneuver life better than others, have less upsets, upheavals, self-hate, than others.

They take obstacles differently than others. They are OK with themselves, and they don't worry about what other people think about them. They are not attention, approval, drama seekers. They just do what they do... and let others do what others do.

We call those people emotionally intelligent.

I guess you are reading this article because you are not like that. Continue reading "Emotional Intelligence and your experience of life"

Debunking the myth of fast

Everything that is valuable is invisible...

...when things are fast

In my flagship course, 1 some people are in a hurry to get through...

How you do anything is how you do everything... they are in a hurry to get through life to get to the good stuff.

They are missing life, they are missing the partner call and benefits it can give them: getting present to the invisible.

What is invisible for you now becomes visible when you slow down.

Unfortunately to all of us, today's lifestyle with the movies that have quick cuts, with social media, with fast cars, slowing down feels counter intuitive, so we take pride in being fast... and faster.

But being fast makes you miss everything. Continue reading "Debunking the myth of fast"

The puzzle of human evolution, of human health, how are we doing as a species?

puzzleAlmost any puzzle worth its name has a linchpin type of "catch"... that doesn't look anything worth exploring.

It looks innocuous, unimportant, just like anything and everything else.

Whether it is physical puzzle or a mental puzzle, it has one catch...

In my growth I have faced and solved many puzzles.

  • The solution didn't befall me like magic.
  • I wasn't shown the solution to any of those.
  • I had to solve them, piecemeal, one by one.

The only things that got me through are

More Bach Energies discovered…

Oy... I didn't intend this...

As I was muscle testing the Bach Profiles for my students, I ran into a snag: the "no matter what I do" attitude/feeling doesn't have a matching Bach energy... yet.

Source "says", no such flower. So I'll break tradition, and I'll call it what it is, "no matter what I do"

Now, that statement is, of course, a lie.

Why would anyone lie about that? It is because they don't want to do what they claim they are doing... Do the work. In that regard it is similar to the "being imposed on" feeling, but it is really a strategy to avoid giving... giving anything. So what is underneath is stingy. And a big "f... you"

I can download it individually, and it is now part of the Heaven on Earth, the energy bundle I infuse in your remedy.

It is not part of the HOE audio... I would have to re-record it... and I don't have time for it now. Continue reading "More Bach Energies discovered…"

Why feeling your feelings is a good thing? And how, finding your fake feelings is, maybe, even better…

Almost all Source energies, almost all my energy products are co-creative 1.

What that means is that they only work as intended if you work with them. The exception is the Water Energizer... that works on your water. But even that process works better if you are conscious, if you bring your consciousness to the fact that the water is lubricating the insides of your cells so the cells can function properly, generate energy for you, take out the trash... stuff cells are supposed to do. Like dealing with discomfort... you know... that stuff that can make our life hellish.

Why would it work better? Because when you bring consciousness to what's happening, it gets done better, and your whole being is more rooted in reality than without that.

Humans, with the introduction of mind, the disembodied, disconnected, separated way of using the brain has removed consciousness from reality, and has rendered humanity really like computer game participants, leaving the moving of them, doing life to something or someone other than themselves.

Continue reading "Why feeling your feelings is a good thing? And how, finding your fake feelings is, maybe, even better…"