From My Correspondence: I can’t feel anything, can you help?

Dear Sophie,

Please help me if at all possible.

I know I have some emotional blocks somewhere that I can’t clear up on my own. I have tried and for some reason I just can’t do it.

Another empath has helped open up whatever gates that are closed and I could FEEL some things again. I don’t know exactly what is going on, but I know on a certain level that an empath is what I need to be able to feel alive again.

I’m tired of my emotions and actions being on autopilot and just feeling nothing all of the time.

The only real feelings I can feel at times is being neutral (to an extent), some anger, and a kind of sadness.

Where is that feeling of love, of pure selflessness, understanding and devotion that I want to feel again? For some reason, I can only feel those things while I am connected to an empath.

Please, if you can, teach me how to feel again. 🙁

Can’t feel…

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Readers ask: How do you know you are an empath?

The other day someone posted a comment on my site. I expected it to be intentionally hurtful, and I treated it as such… But in the meantime I pushed it around in my thoughts and reconsidered.

It is a valid question… He asked: How do you know you are an empath?

Really, how do I know?

Now, the question could come from:

  • 1. how do you know you have a special ability and therefore you know more than others? This was my original interpretation.
  • 2. how does one know? Really? What clues one in that what they are feeling is not their own feelings, and not their imagination running wildly away with them? This second question is what I am going to attempt to answer in this post.

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What is the keystone that holds together your life? Invisible to you…

I have a next door neighbor who feels miserable most of the time. As an empath I am forced to feel it. No escape. Can’t cloak myself, can’t shield myself.

Yesterday, at 10 am she went into massive fear mode… So I had the idea to test if I can use the Heaven on Earth to ease her distress. I downloaded and pushed Heaven on Earth, the energies, across the two driveways to her, and it eased her misery considerably. To bearable level.

But then, a few hours later, she had a new wave of misery… this time it was anxiety… so I asked Source “what’s wrong with her that she has so many bad feeling for so much of her day?”

I noticed that my question to Source already revealed a “meme”… there must be something wrong with her to feel so bad. Continue reading “What is the keystone that holds together your life? Invisible to you…”

Can you connect to Source through imagining connecting?

I did the first session of the Muscle testing course, version 2 yesterday.

There was a lot of things to unlearn and relearn for the students, things can and do prevent one from being effective in life.

Tons of the memes, everything and its opposite, no clarity.

What is Source. Where is the knowledge coming from when we muscle test for the truth? Is truth stagnant, the same today as it was yesterday? Does anything remain the same as it was yesterday?

The most successful people on earth know that only physical laws, the laws of physics apply here, and you can deal with the rest as appearances. A mirage. Maya. Not solid.

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Different types of clairvoyance and other extrasensory unusual abilities

How are you? you ask.

I don’t know. I only know how someone else is feeling… 99% of the time I cannot feel myself. And 99% of the time I don’t know whose feelings I am feeling either.

I am an empath, and a clearsentient 1 I had a boy friend who labeled me clairsensar when I could tell the chiropractor what to do to people who needed help but it wasn’t obvious what to move… I felt it. Clairsensar is not a word, but there is such a word as clairsensing… go figure.

I always despised people who claimed they had psychic abilities… because most people who claim they have them… eh… I don’t know.

Like every other person, I wanted certainty, I wanted knowing without having to do any work, I wanted to know for sure. Continue reading “Different types of clairvoyance and other extrasensory unusual abilities”

Distaste: the orienting feeling that you want to observe in yourself to learn about yourself

We all want to learn about ourselves… Knowledge is power. Understanding allows us to make sense of why things happen the way they do.

We are going to learn a new word that expresses a feeling that has been collapsed, confused with others… to take away our clarity.

One of the gems I’ve mined from the book “Feelings1 is isolating a particular feeling, the orienting feeling of distaste.

Distaste has wide range. What is common in any range is a slight desire to vomit. You feel it going from the stomach to the throat and back.

That is the essence of distaste? It is a feeling that indicates: purge because it is not good for you. Whatever the “it” is… Continue reading “Distaste: the orienting feeling that you want to observe in yourself to learn about yourself”

This is just for my empath students…

little-girl… when I snitched on my brother and he got beaten…

When you are young, and you don’t know you are an empath… life is very confusing.

It was confusing to me until, at around age 50, I decided to grow up. So it may be still confusing to you.

You feel being beaten when another is beaten. Very confusing. You feel their feelings, their emotions, and your own. It is often enough to push someone into schizophrenia. You are two people at the same time.

If you are not strong enough, you are gone.

Now, if your originating incident, the incident you made a big decision about yourself and about life, it is going to be tough…
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Being an empath is no picnic…

being an empath is a bitchBeing an empath is a bitch… You don’t only feel another’s duplicity when they allow you, you feel it when they are dead and you are reading their stuff. You feel it in a movie, when the whole movie, on the surface is supposed to be a compliment, but underneath it it is a left-handed compliment.

This whole issue always exists, but recently it has been stirred up and made personal by my temporary difficulty of handling some stuff… and it will last for a few more weeks, I can tell. Another aggravating factor was Osho’s Jew-bashing. Continue reading “Being an empath is no picnic…”

A typical day of this empath

dna difference between dogsI often find out what I have and what it does, from students, or by accident. Also some of the things are theories until proven by enough empirical data…

How the harmonizer works, really

Some of you may remember that last year I had a section on the blog that said what was the negative emotion, negative energy transmission Dark Side was spewing across the globe.

I was surprised that this year there didn’t seem to be any, until this past Saturday: suddenly deep sadness, a sense of loss, irreversible loss was coming over me… it wasn’t mine. It wasn’t anybody’s, it was a D.S. transmission. It was irresistible, and I spent the day in a funk.

Today the emotion was extreme anguish, fear, trepidation, strong pressure from underarm to underarm: No matter what I do, I can’t stop what’s coming. Phew, real bad. Then I checked and the Harmonizer wasn’t turned on on my computer in the office. I turned it on, and within minutes the feeling became weaker and manageable.
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Updated: Is Sophie something special? Does she have special powers? Why is it that all the sages, mystics, saints didn’t see and therefore didn’t teach what I teach?

Am I something special? Do I have special powers? does Sophie have special powers?Why is it that all the sages, mystics, saints didn’t see and therefore didn’t teach what I teach?

Am I better? Am I special?

I am going to share with you what I see may be the reason. Is it the truth? I’ll check, sentence by sentence, with muscle testing, if it is, and so only what was checked and double-checked will remain in this article.

I know this is a question foremost in your mind, because people I speak with, ask the same question, with a sly all-knowing smile on their face… they are humoring me… kind of.

After all I am a middle-aged woman with an accent, nothing special about me, nothing that meets the eye. I deliberately underdress, and I as much as my own soul-correction permits I make sure that everyone understands that I don’t think myself superior or special in any way.

So what is it that allows me to see things that others don’t? Because I do…
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